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"Finally a Singer!"

About the song "Infinite Sadism"|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSkZVO-Y2k

I must say even though you dont ask for it thats it's refreshing to get a metal song to review that has a singer. The drums are obviously tight and the double bass is very nice. In addition to that, the drummer uses the snare to create a groove beat at other times which breaks up the song well. The intro and chorus are good examples of this groove beat. The ending was really awesome and reminded me a little of Iron Maiden in the vocals and I can't think of what on the drums. Listening through a second time the only advice I can give is that since the song is very in your face the snare should have more punch to it and be a little more forward in the mix but thats just my opinion. When you listen to the verse its hard to hear the snare over the double bass which is another reason why I think it needs to be a little more powerful. Other than that though I would say flawless. - sentineljitn @


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Too many places to play, too many songs to sing, never enough time. When my full time band isn't taking up my weekends along the North East Coast, I'm looking for gigs in the NYC/NJ area to keep up my chops. Give the mp3s a listen, they should speak for themselves.