New York City, New York, USA

Panzie* - Dark, Heavy Guitars, Thunderous Pounding Drums, Menacing Bass, , Sexy Growls.....


Panzie is New York. Johnny H hails from Long Island, Pete Eiselman is from Westchester, Jon Rockit hails from Manhattan (chelsea) and both DC and Warren are from The Lower East Side of Manhattan as well. Panzie started off as Rockit and Hawaiian Meeting up in NYC in 2008 at Greenhouse NYC. after a fifteen year hyadeous!! Then As Johnny requested Pete,. an old friend to play, Rockit Requested DC and War to hop on board. Now it's 2009 , Panzie* is starting to make a Buzz on the east coast,. and parts of South America!!! so here is to Panzie,. Kings Of BIG ROCK!


Trash Can Diaries: Release date,. 8/31/09 Avalable to hear @

Set List

We have 2 sets ,. one for a 30 min set, one for a 45 min set.

1:Rock n Roll Hammer
2:Dance Mofo
3:All American
4:Alphabet Soup
5:Seasons of Crying
7:Angry Man