Paola G

Paola G


Paola G's music can best be described as a combination of captivating melodies and meaningful lyrics. She creates concept discs that allow the music to be heard, to be seen and to be fully experienced by the listener thanks to the connecting themes that make up the discs. See & listen for yourselves


Paola G's story maybe an unusual one in the musical indie world; she is not a musician although music has always been a part of her life; music is not her profession, it is a means of communication, a magic channel through which she can express what is otherwise impossible to express in just words. hence her search for a holistic way to present her work: through music, lyrics, artwork and storytelling. Her songs are like a string of pearls: each one is connected to the other through a story.

She was born in Italy, was raised in Brazil, grew up in the USA, finished her studies back in Italy, has worked in Switzerland Portugal, Italy and has travelled extensively around the world


The Sounds of Freedom - CD released in 2004
Take A Leap - CD to be released shortly

Set List

The typical set list covers the 2 CDs which include 22 original tracks. This means about 2 hours of performance which can be cut to 1.5 hours depending on location, time available, set up, etc