Paoli Mejias Latin Jazz Quintet

Paoli Mejias Latin Jazz Quintet


Grammy nominee Paoli Mejias fuses straight-ahead jazz with African, Mediterranean, & Caribbean rhythms to create a new dimension of Latin jazz that is energetic, intriguing, & moving.


Grammy nominee Paoli Mejias fuses straight-ahead jazz, with African, Mediterranean, & Caribbean rhythms to create a new dimension of Latin Jazz that is energetic, intriguing, and moving.

Renowned for his innovative vision, global style and unique sound, Paoli is a distinguished master percussionist and is ranked among the best in both Latin jazz and salsa. Performing for more than 20 years along side Latin jazz legends like Tito Puente, Dave Samuels, Dave Valentin, Paquito d'Rivera, Chick Corea, David Sanchez and Danilo Perez, who all have called on Paoli for his unique blend of melodic sensitivity and blinding technique. Paoli also gained international recognition while touring the largest jazz festivals as Eddie Palmieri's side-man for more than a decade.

Now at only age 38 Paoli is at the vanguard of Latin jazz as leader of his own Quintet. Paoli made his successful debut as a bandleader with his self-produced record Mi Tambor which received a Latin Grammy nomination for Best Latin Jazz Album. Showered with positive press and accolades from the worldwide jazz community, Paoli's transition from sideman to focal point was explosive. His 2006 follow-up release Transcend features some of the New York Latin jazz scene's finest: Luis Perdomo, Miguel Zenon, Jaleel Shaw, Hans Glawischnig & Antonio Sanchez, all of whom also recorded on his 3rd CD JAZZAMBIA released November 30, 2008.

�A historic recording� It�s searching jazz, flexible, and at this point so much modern jazz has taken on the Spanish tinge that it�s hard to separate this as Latin jazz; it�s just modern, part of the geometry of invention that includes Havana, Puerto Rico, New York and a good part of the rest of the world. Hard to find a clich�; this is the sound of the modern world. Again, historic.� - CD Review JAZZAMBIA, DESCARGA

"Transcending Expectations" - DOWNBEAT

"Paoli Mejias transcends the conventions of mainstream jazz, creating a rich tapestry of original, Latin-flavored, improvisational music" - JAZZ IMPROV

"This exceptional session [Transcend] is his follow-up effort to his 2005 Latin Grammy nominated release Mi Tambor, and it exceeds all expectations" - JAZZIZ

Complimented by the best jazz musicians, Paoli�s Quintet is creating a new style of Latin Jazz that goes above and beyond the genre in the traditional sense, incorporating unexpected elements of Asian, Greek, Flamenco, and African influences. The result is intriguing and exhilarating; the public becomes enveloped in the tight ensemble�s passion for music that is a delight to hear, and remarkable to witness in a live setting.

Paoli's Quintet has received high accolades from live audiences at Seattle's prestigious jazz club The Triple Door, the San Juan Heineken JazzFest, international music festivals in Venezuela, the En Clave Jazz Festival in Chicago, and other music festivals in St John, USVI and Puerto Rico.

"The [HotHouse] festival�s biggest surprise was PAOLI MEJIAS AND HIS QUINTET. This group took everyone by surprise with their musical skills and energy in their interpretation of modern jazz and fusing it with Caribbean and Latin music. Paoli Mej�as is truly becoming a recognizable figure as one of the most talented percussionists on the planet. This group brought the house down." - Carlos Flores, PuertoRicanChicago.Com Newsletter, November 2005.

"On the second night of the [San Juan Heineken Jazz] festival, something transpired that left the audience in awe. What happened was that LP artist Paoli Mejias was booked in the prestigious Tito Puente Amphitheatre to open for two acts that will remain nameless. Paoli came on with his quintet and delivered such an inspired performance that the audience was left wanting for nothing. He and his band put on a show that was difficult, if not impossible, to follow.�- LP Music.

Consistently, the reviews acclaim the ability of Paoli�s Latin Jazz Quintet to fill a venue with their charisma and energetic Afro-Caribbean rhythms creating an infectious energy that brings the public to their feet and often moved to tears.




Marvin Diz, 2008, Habla el tambor
Bobby Valentin, 2007, Evolucion
PuertoSax, 2007, Puerto Sax
Yub�-Ir�, 2007, Esta es mi rumba
Tito De Gracia, 2007, Atmosphere
Daniel Ram�rez, 2006, Orbitz
Julio Sanabria, 2006, Trova con salsa para el bailador
Ricardo Pons, 2006, Segundapiel
Rique Col�n, 2006, Sentido Tropical
Various Artists, 2006, Vol 4 Master of Percussion - Compilation
Steve Guasch y su Orquesta Nueva Era, 2006, Siguiendo la tradicion
Carlos Cascante y su tumbao, 2005, Recuerdos
Anthony Carrillo, 2005, Guaper�a Rumbera
Paoli Mej�as Quintet, 2005, Live at San Juan Heineken JazzFest
Puerto Rican All-Stars, 2004, Viva la salsa
Various Artists, 2004, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights Soundtrack
Andr� Avelino, 2004, Aliento de vida / Breath of Life
Luis Mar�n, 2004, Live at Nuyorican Caf�
Chick Correa, 2003, Live at San Juan Heineken JazzFest
Ram�n V�zquez, 2003, On The Move
Charlie Sep�lveda, 2003, Feeling Good Again
H�ctor & Tito, 2003, Historia Live
Kip Hanrahan, 2002, Pinero
Orlando Poleo, 2002, Lo bueno de la vida
Luis Mar�n, 2001, Live at San Juan Heineken JazzFest
Nelson Gonz�lez, 2001, Pa� los treseros
Jos� Nogueras, 2001, Cada loco con su tema
Tito Puente & Eddie Palmieri, 2000, Masterpiece, Grammy Award Winner
Alex Acu�a, 2000, Acuarela de Tambores, Grammy Award Nominee
Kip Hanrahan, 2000, Deep Rumba
Dikan, 1999, Olvida Corazon
Steven Falcon, 1999, Conquista
Plena Libre, 1999, Juntos y libre
Humberto Ram�rez, 1999, Puerto Rico Jazz Jam
Eddie Palmieri, Mariano Morales, 1998, Live at San Juan Heineken JazzFest
Humberto Ram�rez, 1998, Treasures
Kip Hanrahan, 1998, Shadow Nights, Vol. 2
John Santos & The Machete, 1998, Machetazo! Ten Years on the Edge
Eddie Palmieri, 1998, Rumbero del piano
Kip Hanrahan, 1997, One Thousand & One Nights
Eddie Palmieri, 1996, Vortex
Eddie Palmieri, 1995, Arete
Tito Puente, 1995, Live at Heineken JazzFest Puerto Rico
Seis Del Solar, 1995, Alternate Roots
Elliot Feijo, 1994, Live at Heineken JazzFest Puerto Rico
Jos� Nogueras, 1994, Para tu fiesta
Elba Ramalho, 1993, Devora me

Set List

Perferred 1 long set of 90 minutes

1. Diaspora, Miguel Zenon
2. Jiborology, Nestor Toro
3. Logos, Nestor Toro
4. Fragment, Robert Rodriguez
5. Hello Nany, Yan Carlos Artime
6. Lo cierto que es lo incerierto, Ricardo Pons
7. Encomienda, Miguel Zenon
8. Oye como va, Tito Puente / Arrangement by Miguel Zenon

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