Papa, a combination of Morphine, Beck and splash of Tom Waits with a twist of Leonard Cohen on the rocks.


Papa, a band fronted by Papapill, is guaranteed to stop the breath of any finicky music critique.
The carefully selected combination of pop culture influence is just the right blend of uppers and
downers with no need for a prescription to swallow. Every song is like a pill that sets you free from pain.
One to get you up one to make you sleep. A pill to make you feel rich and beautiful or one to kick you to the
streets. This band is sure to make any brain with ears attached a pillhead for life. These dolls are just easy
to swallow. They pop, they hit fast, hit hard. These are the only pills that leave you free from the guilt of addiction.
When the show is over don’t be surprised if you find yourself scavenging the shag carpet for one last morsel or
shaking down grandma’s medicine cabinet for just one last taste. So sit back and take your medication from
Papa and their pills.


First cd released in march of 2002.
Big as the Sky and Everything.

Set List

we currently play 17 songs out live.
typical set would consist of most of our cd right now.
Gimme More
Butter Honey
Mans Ruin
Dont Panic
Cent of a Woman
Love bug
Feel the Love
Blood Cuddle