Papa Chango

Papa Chango


Just Add: 3 parts Horn; 4 parts Vocal; 2 parts Percussion; Hammond Organ with lashings of Rhodes; Guitar and Generous amounts of Bass. Allow to mix naturally and devour once you have your groove on. Enjoy a Dub drenched Afro-beat delight, great for lazy lunchtimes or piping hot evening sessions.


In mid-2006 a mutual love of rhythm-driven grooves and epic horn lines brought together 8 muso's from the Melbourne scene to form Papa Chango. Based heavily on the influence of Fela Kuti and his afrobeat movement, along with deep dub-reggae sensibilities, the band have been working on their formula of heavy dancefloor rhythms and intense arrangements to bring a new audience to Fela's vision.

After stepping onto the local scene with regular gigs upstairs at Bar Open, Fitzroy and shows all around the city, late 2006/2007 saw Papa Chango make an entry into the festival circuit, holding down spots at the St Kilda Festival, Darebin Community festivals, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival, The Melbourne Fringe and the Maldon Folk Festival. So far this has garnered them a small but loyal following of punters, which is looking to grow with more and more exposure.

Papa Chango have just put the finishing touches on their debut 5 track EP, recorded and mixed with John Castle at Shed Studios, (The Bamboo's, LABJACD,) which was first aired at the Maldon Folk Festival and attracted big interest from the community there. Taking the listener on a trip through down-tempo dub to upbeat floorfillers, the band are looking to make a strong start in 2008 with a launch of the disc and a string of dates to follow, while working on material for a full length album later in the year.


* Papa Chango - Self Titled EP (2007)

Check out songs from the EP at

Set List

Song List:
* Papa Chango - 6:35 (Avaliable @
* Take What You Need - 5:23
* Kingdom Come - 8:15
* Heavy Load - 6:07 (Avaliable @
* Mother - 6:45
* Dirty Skank - 7:00
* Happy Pants - 3:45
* Good Morning - 6:00
* Kalashnikov
* Stop Pushin (SOS)