Papa Cherry & The Blumpking

Papa Cherry & The Blumpking

 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
BandComedyHip Hop

A vulgar comedy rap duo from the suburbs. Papa Cherry & the Blumpking utilize clever, sharp and witty lyrics to address topics such as Sexting, Meth, wearing animals, and looking at porn.


Papa Cherry recorded his first song in the Spring of 2009. While he had never touched a microphone before, it seemed natural for any underweight adolescent to be able to rap a few lines about facefucking. What Papa Cherry didn't realize at the time was that there was actually a market for such ridiculous content. His first single "Fuck You In The Face" remained popular among his friends, but it was not until his producer returned from a prestigious music camp that Papa Cherry's career really took off.
"Dude," said his producer "people actually like this stuff. Like... I met tons of kids from across the country, and they dig it, plus I fucked this one french bitch in the face, so she MUST like "Fuck you in the Face."
From that point on Papa Cherry was determined to master his microphone skills, as well as create a selection of music unlike anything anyone had ever heard before... but he knew he couldn't do it alone.
Enter Captain Cumshot, a towheaded white kid from the suburbs who looked like every successful white rapper in existence. Together, the two of them got in the studio and recorded what was to be their most vulgar, shocking tune for a while: “Dead Girl”. Aside from establishing the two of them as rather twisted MCs, the song's third verse also established a conversational style of rapping that would be used in many of their songs to come.
Time went on and the two of them recorded more songs, including: Bondage- an ode to BDSM, Brazzers-an ode to “The World's Best Porn Site”, Methlab- a tribute to everyone's favorite drug and Stranded- a song about finding a girl stranded on an island, fornicating with her and making her walk the plank. While all of the songs varied in content, they all had one thing in common. They were not too kind to Captain Cumshot. The Captain eventually got fed up with the constant ridicule he was subjected to, and quit rapping. 5 days later, he realized he had nothing better to do and he returned as The Blumpking, a gifted lyricist with impressive technical abilities and polysyllabic rhyme schemes. Together with their producer, Papa Cherry and The Blumpking formulated a concept for a new album. They would call it “Jug Life”, a play off of “Thug Life” that corresponded with the Juggalo culture that made up such a large part of their fan base. The album would be a comedic reflection of rural America. The crew dropped their synth-centric hip hop beats and turned to more organic sounds, including guitar and banjo. Production of the album was slowed when the group began playing its first shows, however now that Papa Cherry, The Blumpking & Co have found their bearings in the realm of performance, they are back in the studio crafting more lower class lullabies and alligator wrestling anthems.



Written By: Papa Cherry & The Blumpking

I'm Nasty, Oh So Trashy
I showered last week.
Got some girl named Ashley preggy-
She begged me to stay with the baby
I said maybe--

5'0 clock. Step out my trailer
wave to my neighbors
I'll see you later.
Check the chain, yeah it hangs to my knees,
but not from my neck, from the pockets of my jeans
I'm Trashy bitch. Check the flannel
I dress my kids in Slipknot pajamas
Bitch I'm Trashy wouldn't put it past me
don't like my lifestyle kiss my asscheeks
My father was a plumber
In the summer mom's a prostitute
and Uncle Stu owns 2 methlabs
the cops are now in hot pursuit
Yeah... My other Uncle pushes crawfish
You can thank my family for keeping Bush in office.

I'm Nasty, Oh So Trashy
I showered last week.
Got some girl named Ashley preggy-
She begged me to stay with the baby
I said maybe--

Now I'm the captain and I'm from Kentucky
My cousin wants to fuck me, so I'm getting lucky.
My job as a plumber? Don't pay shit
Can't afford the rapist that I pay to babysit.
I got my girl pregnant at 13 man what was I thinking?
The babies turned out stupid because the cunt was always drinking.
My brother died from a nasty ass staph infection
But it's all good cause I get his musket collection
but now it's just me, my musket, and my bottle of rum
I'm a trashy ass bitch
Hell yeah

I'm Nasty, Oh So Trashy
I showered last week.
Got some girl named Ashley preggy-
She begged me to stay with the baby
I said maybe--


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