Papa Coyote

Papa Coyote

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Funkcordion afrospace jams! Papa squeezes and bellows out a spicy blend of afrocuban funk, reggae and a dash of zydeco.


Papa plays swampy funk, reggae, and latin songs dished with a heap of accordion attitude. Their witty lyrics, rockin' accordion, soaring electric guitar and singular but approachable songs will rock the boat and shake the island.

Papa's songs inspire and often amuse, his beaming stage presence is infectious. Papa says "Everybody knows I'm having a great time up there!"


1995 Rub the Buddha
1998 Welcome: The BuddhaHood
2010: Harmony and Unity: Papa Coyote

Set List

A Papa Coyote show is a dance-funktasia of rhythm, melody, and positive energy grooves.

Papa Coyote entertains non-stop, with well over four hours of:

- Original funk / Latin / reggae-rock songs
- Zydeco classics and the occasional traditional songs from Appalachia

Papa's original and traditional songs from the world over spice up the sound and turn any club, festival, concert, or party into a tribal family hoedown!