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Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Asheville, North Carolina, United States | SELF
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"Papadosio Fall Tour Continutes"

"If you were lucky enough to catch Papadosio this summer then you know what I mean when I say this band is a force to be reckoned with and is not to be missed." -

"Papadosio's Thogmartin: Band has 'no style'"

"...the band comfortably melds electronic, jazz, progressive, ambient and even industrial in what has been dubbed in some circles as “livetronica” – in an effort to define the style.

...A binding cord is the use of technology, both in the studio and on stage. " - This Week Community Papers

"Papadosio: Adding bleeps and bloops to jam music, Ohio group’s shows offer spectacle"

"Papadosio, a group with unparalleled creativity...

...The band’s live improvisation not only keeps songs new and interesting, but also makes each concert a unique and unpredictable experience. The group’s playful, fluid tracks create a trance-like environment, spurring relaxation, dance and various other artistic expressions for its listeners." - U Weekly @ OSU

"Unique local jam band plays ‘wonderfully weird show’"

After plunging myself into various watering holes last Saturday, I meandered to Casa Cantina in search of a foreign flavor to satisfy my ravishing taste for unabashed chaos and confusion.

Fortunately, I found something better: deranged tones with half-crazed adherents jumping and swaggering to the beat of their own drum....

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- The Post Online

"Review of Album: Magreenery"

It is rare for Bands to have such control, understanding, and objectivity as
they create and produce their music. Young, freakishly mature, and wise
beyond their years, Papadosio has just released a sophisticated work of
art. This skillfully orchestrated jamatronic record refreshes, rearranges
and gracefully does what is impossible for most bands. And That's why
Papadosio's self titled release is happening in a big way.

The record moves with pushing and pulling arrangements which blend it
electronic sound scapes that bloom into guitars and rock and roll and back
again. Downtempos and arrpegiations emerge within each other, which wrap
and twist into the hieghts of the record. Layers of depth and space are
constant throughout. Front to back and between tracks, every seem is
manicured and treated with sonic brilliance. The result is a slick
integration of electronic and organic textures that blend and blur with
precission and feeling.

This release just goes to show that the forward thinking rock band has very
few limits to their sonic desires. With taste, patiences, and grace, this
record is a showcase of Papadosio's hip sensibility.

adam j fox
Universal Studios - Adam Fox : Universal Studios

"Papadosio's Debute Release, Magreenery"

Papadosio's latest release, entitled Magreenery, showcases the band's unique attempt to blend your grandfather's favorite jam grooves into an contemporary electronic soufflé. Forcing these two divergent forms of music into a viable chimera is no easy task. Typical jam fans do the elbow-spin-dance for organic grooves, organic clothing, and organs played by organisms, like humans. Electronica, on the other hand, rewards those who posses the technical skills to program clever loops, patches and the ability to push sound-processing apparatus to the limit of their design. Electronica artists often create sonic soundscapes unachievable by the human hand or analog instrument. The trick to appreciating Papadosio is to not think of their music as strictly jam or electronica. Instead, one needs to focus on the properties shared by both worlds. For example, both forms of music inspire listeners to dance and they both inspire trance-like mental states. Simply put, Papadosio creates music to dance and trance to.

For the most part, Magreenery is a successful concoction. Tasty tracks like "Fuse"--hey, there is that "blending" theme again--use angelic keyboard patches to back tribal drum rhythms which bridge into techno drum beats that could have been directly taken from Radiohead's Amnesiac album, or perhaps Tom Yorke's solo début, The Eraser. "Curve," my personal favorite on the record, blends an amazing bass groove with arpeggiated keyboard loops and chill guitar riffs. It is a perfect example of how Papadosio inspires dance and trance. It also wins the award for the cleverest lyrics "Subatomic particles know how to have a good time." I'll have to take their word for it, because by simply observing subatomic particles, you change their outcome. "PhDeeze," which sounds at time like a lost Guest track, is an infectious purely traditional jam nearly devoid of any electronica flavoring. Still, the boys of Papadosio find a way to blend the track's standard funk and Latin riffs into a new dish.

Magreenery was recorded, produced and mastered completely "in house" by the members of Papadosio. Technically, the record was flawlessly recorded and produced. It stands as a testament to the amazing technical skills of the band, all of whom could easily transition into the studio and production aspects of music should their performance careers ever go on hiatus. Some or all of the members of the band have some mighty good ears for production.

Papadosio's freshman début, Magreenery, is an impressive dish for the contemporary hippie. The band has formidable talent for both production and performance. Yet, it is obvious that Papadosio is still developing their electronica and jam recipe. One or two tracks sound like they could have been better served by putting them on another album. Almost all the tones used on Magreenery are pristine and clean. I would have liked to have heard the occasional fuzzy guitar or dirtier bass tone. All this means is that the band has room to grow. Judging from their consistently packed performances at local establishments, they will have the local support they need to perfect their sound in the years to come. Three out of four stars. - Matthew Toledo - AthensMusician.Net

"Local jam-band wants to explore where no band has gone before"

Papadosio, a local jam and electronica band, is celebrating the release of their first album, "Magreenery," Friday night at the Blue Gator.

Over the past year, the band wrote, recorded and produced "Magreenery" entirely on their own, said Anthony Thogmartin, guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist for Papadosio.

Papadosio's ability to infuse jam music with electronica components shines on "Magreenery," an album that reveals the capabilities and creativity of this up-and-coming psychedelic group.

The nine-track album features many songs Papadosio fans have enjoyed jamming out to over the past year in a cohesive and thoughtfully produced collection. Though the band had to pick and choose which songs from their growing catalogue to include on the release, many favorites such as "The Big Smile," "Polygons" and "Curve" made the cut.

"Magreenery" opens and closes with nature sound bites recorded in the band's own backyard, and includes many other local sound bite samples and ambient noises recorded around Athens.

The theme of "Magreenery" is electronics and nature, said Thogmartin, who recorded and incorporated many local and natural samples for the album. "We're combining the nature of rock 'n' roll with the electronic element, " he said.

"Everything that is created by us is natural, whether it is electronica or not, because it happens," said Thogmartin, who noted that adding technology to rock 'n' roll is a natural process and tool that should be explored.

Papadosio's members met two years ago through the open jam atmosphere at Jackie O's. For the past year and a half, they have been making music together and building a loyal fan base in and around Athens, though they have played at many venues and events around the state as well.

This band includes Thogmartin, Rob McConnell on bass and vocals, Billy Brouse on keys and vocals, Kostas Alexiou on guitar and Mike Healy on drums.

Bands such as Sound Tribe Sector 9, Pink Floyd, Radiohead and Les Claypool have influenced Papadosio's jamtronica style. According to Thogmartin, the band thrives during live performances, which are heavily improvised on occasion and more structured on others.

Over the past two years, the band has been adding to their musical arsenal and finding their own sound. "We had all this material all over the place, so we've been trying to figure out who we are as a band," said Alexiou.

Last September the band began working on "Magreenery," though in the last two months they intensively endeavored to work out the kinks and finish recording in anticipation of Friday's release event.

Though the band thrives on live performances and the energy in the crowd, they hope their first release will open up new opportunities for more music engagements.

"When we do things right during a live performance, there's an exchange between us and the crowd that you can't get from any other experience," said Thogmartin. "We have something in store in the world of music that hasn't been tried yet. We're going to try to do everything that hasn't been done yet."

In addition to exploring musical frontiers, Papadosio is gearing up for a new season in their musical career, one that will include a lot more touring, including an extensive tour next summer.

Tomorrow's CD release event at the Blue Gator kicks off with The Works at 10 p.m. The CD will be available for purchase at the show and on their Web site in the near future. - athens News


Magreenery (2007)
By the Light of the Stars EP (2008)
Observations (2009)



For the past 5 years, Papadosio has been creating conscious, mind expanding dance music that purposely defies classification. In an attempt to create an inspirational environment for progressive and positive thinking, this year of 2012 will see the addition of some very exciting and integral means of expressing their artistic message. Papadosio asks that everyone reevaluate the role of music and take a less nostalgic view of what has been and a more enthusiastic view of what is and what could be. As the year unfolds Papadosio encourages fans to come with open ears, minds, and hearts, and help them wake the world.