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Athens, Ohio, United States

Athens, Ohio, United States
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"Papadosio at The Hideaway Saloon in Louisville, KY"

Walking into one of my favorite local bars on Saturday March 27th, I knew it was going to be a fun night as Lotus and STS9 were playing through the PA. It also seemed very fitting that in the same weekend that Miami would be hosting one of the largest Electronic Music festivals in the world, that Louisville, KY would be throwing its own private dance party with one of those bands, who’s name and reputation you will certainly be hearing a lot more of for a long time to come! It was my first time seeing Papadosio and it will be far from my last. In the past year I went from not even knowing who this band was, too hearing their name spoken every where and more importantly by everyone who’s musical opinions I truly respected. Let me say people the hype is very real, and honestly probably does not even do them enough justice! I truly believe these guys will be one of the next major Livetronica acts that sweeps the scene! The music has a darker rock sensibility mixed with a totally saturated and absolutely transcendent electronic twang. It engulfs you quickly, taking you on a ride through a barrage of completely unique and powerful motifs combined together to make some truly epic songs!
The show at the Hideaway Saloon was as packed as the EOTO show I saw this past October, but to be honest I expected it to be. Papadosio has grown so big this year that in Ohio they are playing The Newport Music Hall which hosts about 1,500+ and these guys are turning out 750+! This is not a small accomplishment and should indicate where this band is heading. I was very unfamiliar with the majority of the band’s material, but within the first 10 minutes, I knew I was in for one serious dance marathon. Once again the Hideaway Saloon acted like a giant sweat box, packing people in like sardines! The crowd became more like one organism moving together than it did individual people dancing. Everyone thought they were in for the long hall and sure enough the guys took full advantage of Louisville’s lax 4am curfew! This of course came by a little bit of encouragement from the crowd, including one fan who politely said “Put that damn bass back on, this shit ain’t over.”
Papadosio combines live instruments with computer processed and manipulated sounds so seamlessly. They are creating a textured sound scape as much as they are creating individuals songs. Their improv is also quite phenomenal and often hard to pick out, as they continuously seemed to push each song into new territories that flowed perfectly back and fourth between pre-arranged sections. With Mike Healy, who kept making hilarious facial expressions to the crowd while laying down some very fresh and funky beats on Drums and Rob McConnel, who was like wild beast dancing around while whaling on the bass, Papadosio had an absolutely nasty and engaging rhythm section. Add on top of that, the super sly guitar work and sample/loop manipulation of Anthony Thogmartin and the brilliant out of this world key/synth textures of Billy Brouse and you have a very powerful monster that can hold it’s own amongst much more established touring acts. Needless to say there was honestly never a dull moment in the two set show that Papadosio played in Louisville, KY.
I think it is safe to say there was a certain energy in the crowd, almost as if something was going around. The band fed off that intensity all night long, laying down one of the most powerful performances I have seen this year! Standing on the sidewalk after the show it was obvious that people were left utterly speechless by the performance and were still wound up with the urge to boggie down! Watch out for Papadosio, it is the best decision you can make any night of the week and if they come around your area do not hesitate because next time they play you can bet the crowd will double in size. For being such a young band, I must say these guys carry themselves like veterans in the industry. Check them out now!
SETLIST: 03/27/10 – The Hideaway Saloon, Louisville, KY
Method Of Control
You + Yourself
All I Knew
I’m Not Alone (DEADMAU5 Remix) [Calvin Harris cover]
Improbability Blotter
By The Light of the Stars
The Unparalyzer
Night Colors
Giving You Up
[untitled new song]
Apache [the incredible bongo band cover]
The Eyes Have Eyes
John “The Grizz” Grisanti - Resonant Vibes

"Papadosio Brings Fresh Sounds to Savannah"

Last night at the Wormhole Bar, Savannah was introduced to not only a relatively obscure genre of music, but a whole new approach to creating it.

Everything about Ohio based band Papadosio is strange and intriguing. From their name to their sounds, this group approaches music from an entirely different avenue. Self described as a jam band, they have “[...] added electronica and applied it to rock and roll.” Tony Thogmartin (guitar, keys and vox) told me that there has to be an element of honesty in music. He said that, “We write music we feel no matter what it is,” and that they, “Don’t change the style of music to cater to what the audience wants.” Papadosio is all about their own auditory journey and self discovery.

Because of their maverick attitude on creating a following, Papadosio didn’t intend to be more than just four friends creating sounds together. “Honestly, we didn’t think we were going to go anywhere,” recounted Thogmartin. However, Papadosio’s sincere nature has garnered them national attention in the underground. They are currently on an extensive tour of the U.S. with their next stop being tonight in Atlanta.

I was impressed with Papadosio’s frank approach to their musical intentions. The fun and passion that they have for simply doing something meaningful to themselves translates well into their songs. Anyone looking for a refreshing outlook on music and a unique experience, check out Papadosio. More info and tour dates can be found on their website. - South Magazine


Magreenery (2007)
By The Light of the Stars EP (2008)
Observations (2009)

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Papadosio Biography:
Some music, because of its originality, timelessness, mass appeal, or perhaps because it is just plain odd, will always be destined for the hallowed halls of cult classicism. No band fits this criteria better than Papadosio. In just 4 years Papadosio has wowed crowds from Denver to NYC, Cleveland to Atlanta, shaking the earth at festivals and clubs alike.
Papadosio's music is all about unexpected combinations. From Rock/House to Jazz/Hop to Dub/Breaks and so on, every song has a unique approach to attaining originality. Long improvisational interludes and vocal harmonies quickly set this group in a new category of mass appeal.
...with an amplified message of transcendence, unity, and universal understanding, Papadosio's mission is clear: To combine eclectic musical traditions with modern Electronica to stir the heart and fuel the mind.
Adam Fox(Universal Studio's): "It is rare for Bands to have such control, understanding, and objectivity as they create and produce their own music. Young, freakishly mature, and wise beyond their years, Papadosio has just released a sophisticated work of art."