Papa Groove

Papa Groove

 MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN


A Montreal Afro-funk collective exsisting for the past six years, Papagroove is a collective of thirteen musicans from a diversity of well known groups (La Chango Framily, Dobacaracol, Jean Leloup, Lococ Locass, Syncop, Oztara, Kaliroots). Papagroove came to life during weekly, improvised jam sessions in autumn 2001, while its founding musicians had commitments to various other musical projects. Gabriel Lajoie (bass), Sylvain Plante (drums), Martin Lizotte (keyboards), and Didace Grondin (guitar) brought together friends, sharing their talents and common passion for funk and Afrobeat music.

In the following months, the 'collective' began to take form. An imposing brass section was added, made-up of Jean-francois Ouellet (baritone saax), Philippe Dalpe (tenor sax) and Mario Allard (alto sax), the trombonist Matthieu Van Vliet as well as trumpter Jacques Kuba Seguin. The family continued to grow with the arrival of Marc-Andre Paradis on percussions, Maxime Audet-Halde on the guitar, Francois Therrien on keyboards and Sebastien Francisque on vocals. Papagroove was born, eager and impatient for its sound to be heard.

We're not blind (Anubis / Outside Music), the fisrt album prduced by the group, was officially launched in July 2008 in the frame of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, where Papagroove made its mark with a memorable performance the year before. Also collaborating on this album were the sound engineer David Sturton (Branvan 3000, Jean Leloup) as well as Camerooian David Ngohddefikko, member of Fela Kuti's legendary group, Egypt 80. The critics are unimaously full of praise: Papagroove, with all its diversity, orginality and power of its lyrics, is a promising project,

Strong through the rich experience of each of its members, the group has created a new sound, ranging from the the groove of funk the intensity of rock, the momentum of soul to the eloquence of jazz, all firmly rooted in a sturdy afrobeat. They display their uniqueness particluarly on stage, where on can experiment with all talent. The artists of Papagroove are true, energetic performers. inspiring crowds as they allow the music to take hold of them!