Papalegba provides both haunting melodies and delicious grooves- all highlighted by the soaring vocal talents of Chris Kinsey.


Papalegba is a Philly based rock band. They bring quite a mixture of styles to the table to create what a reviewer calls "laid back, interesting rock." Good enough. Some of their songs are bluesy, bitchin guitar rock, and some are melodic and sad soul bearers. Singer Chris Kinsey and guitarist Jeff McCard are the founders and main writers. Guitarist Jason Alburger is their irreplacable third wheel. Maury Spadoto (bass) and Todd Rengal (drums), provided a solid backbone on Papalegba's self titled record and many shows in 2004 and 2005. 2006 has been quiet, as the members have been working on other projects. Chris and Jeff vow to play some acoustic gigs in the near future.


Self Released-2005
Track Listing:
1. Sun Will Rise
2. Tragedy
3. Coronation
4. Finally
5. Star
6. Another Day
7. Imagination
8. Just a Girl
9. Blackfish
10. Liz