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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Jan 10th @ Great Scott"

"Niiiice. If this show is any sign of what to expect in 2007, we're putting the rope back in the shed. Imagine lending rock music to your friend, who in turn lends it to their friend, and so on an so forth until you get it back as a battered (and sentimental) tatter of its old self. That's this show. There probably aren't three better ways to get your face smashed tonight."
- the Weekly Dig

"Phoenix Review of Jan 10th show at Great Scott"

An all-local weeknight show isn’t always worth writing home about, but the lineup that played at Great Scott last night proved that some of the city’s best bands are still tucked away, playing shows before getting up for work the next morning.

The first band on the bill was Paparazzi, who play a mix of post-punk somewhere near the intersection of Les Savy Fav and the Cramps. Their songs achieve the lofty ambitions of their influences, but the group’s set lost momentum as a result of a series of broken strings. However, on the sole basis of being the only band I’ve ever heard cover Los Angeles punk luminaries Gun Club, Paparazzi comes out on top by default. - the Phoenix


Paparazzi Demo


Feeling a bit camera shy


“This age is a new age!”

Paparazzi creates a mosaic of traditional and unconventional auditory aesthetics within the realm of punk influenced, indie-rock. They aim to fill every basement, club and bar in the world with their catchy, cacophonous tunes. Their tenacious and indefatigable DIY ethic has garnered them a workhorse reputation in the northeast, brewing pandemonium wherever they leave a trace. Recently, they have been (or will be) playing with Pitchforkmedia referenced acts such as Japanther, Parts & Labor, Enon, etc. They intend on recording a debut album this fall, with a release date scheduled for winter/early spring.