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Papa Reu

Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Solo Hip Hop R&B






Trinidad & Tobago born and Houston,TX-based entertainer Papa Reu is a musical tour de force. He is innovative and true to his art. His style is distinctive and trendsetting. His music is realistic yet cutting edge. Papa Reu has been paving his musical lane since 1994. His first claim to fame was being featured on 8Ball and MJG’s 1994 album “On the Outside Looking In.” The former cash money records artist sat down with us for a candid interview to bring people up to speed about his movements.

The Source: You started off with the Rap/sung style that was later adopted by such artists as Akon. Describe that style in more detail.

Papa Reu: I am originally from Trinidad & Tobago. I was one of the first artists to bring the Caribbean/Hip Hop sound to the South. My style is universal and it represents “uniqueness.” My music reminds me of ‘Gumbo.’ For example, the main ingredient for gumbo is “Rue.” Different assorted meats, veggies, and rice are added to complete the “unique” taste of gumbo. And that’s how I would describe my music. It’s flavorful. I was the first Mr. International. And my sound is still very relevant and current. With all due respect, I was “Akon” before “Akon” was on the scene. And the reason why I say that is that we were both international artists with in the underground Hip Hop music lane.

Source: Many know you as being part of the original Hot Boys camp. Recently you attended the Hot Boys reunion during Weezyana Fest . What was that like?

PR: It was an incredible experience. It was nostalgic. I was originally featured on The Hot Boys’ “Shoot First,” The Big Tymers’ “Lick Them Up Shots,” Juvenile’s “Rich Ni**az,” “Lil Wayne’s “Not Like Me,” and more. I hadn’t seen some of my Hot Boys brethren in a while. The vibe and energy was great. Juvenile, Turk, Mannie Fresh and most of the whole crew were there. Everyone was ecstatic to see me. In fact, while Lil Wayne was on stage performing, I was on the stage enjoying the set on the side. Wayne came over to where I was standing and Mack Maine alerted him that I was standing there. When he saw me, Lil Wayne briefly stopped performing and fell to the ground and then got up and gave me a bear hug like embrace. That’s love. There’s a possibility that you may see a remix of one of my new singles featuring Wayne in the future. Things are moving. Anything is possible. Source: What is your relationship like with Baby of Cash Money now?

PR: We haven’t spoken in a while but it’s cool. If we bumped into each other today then we would just sit down and have some drinks. I respect what Baby and his brother accomplished but I had to move on and create my own zone. I’m all about growing and expanding. I started my own record label called Reu Muzik, Inc. Also I built a full-fledged studio in Houston, Texas and added a production company called Reuster House Productions.

Source: You are back with a vengeance. One of your big records was with Rick Ross on “Put It In The Air.” Remind the people about some other major collaborations you did.

PR: Well the truth is I never left. Over the years, I have collaborated with hundreds of artists like Bun B and Elephant Man on “Big Shottas,” I was featured on the H-Town track “Buss One”, Solange Knowles’ track “Don’t Fight the Feeling,” The 504 Boyz‘ track “Tight Whips” also featuring Slay Sean, 5th Ward Weebie, and Lil’ Romeo.. I also worked with artists like YZ & Gemini on “Hold on,” Lil Keke on “Diamond and Pearls” and as you mentioned Rick Ross on “Put It in the Air,” which was my record.

Source: You appear on the new Scarface album “Deeply Rooted ,” which is getting critical acclaim? Tell us about that.

PR: First off Scarface is a legend. And he has created a masterpiece with his new album. I am featured on two songs. I am on the songs “Rooted,”which is the title track and “Dope Man Pushin.” Make sure you go out and support quality music from a classic artist such as my big bro Facemob.

Source: Your new movement is called Born2Win. What is the philosophy behind that?

PR: The philosophy involves “Principle” and “Integrity.” It is all about creating music that has a message with positivity and motivation that listeners will enjoy and feel a connection to. My new video is called “Born2Win.” I talk about my trials, tribulations and then my triumphs. Positive people view other people’s success as inspiration. There is a winner in each of us. You just have to harness the champion within you. Respect the grind and join the movement. - The Source Magazine


To make it in today’s competitive world, you must have a winning mindset. Winning is not just an attitude; it is a way of life. And Papa Reu appears to be winning in every sense of the word. He has developed a strong following with his explosive lyrics and dynamic music videos. Check out the incredible visual for his song “Born 2 Win” - The Source Magazine

"Exclusive Interview: Papa Reu"

We interviewed Pape Reu to give fans a little more incite to this world renowned star.

HHD: Where do you currently reside?

PAPA REU: Currently reside in Houston, Texas

HHD: What is your ethnicity?

PAPA REU: I am Black

HHD: How have you been so successful selling albums independently?

PAPA REU: By learning from the best independent companies that I was proud to work with like rapalot, cash money and no limit just watching how they strategicly build their platforms for selling their products.

HHD: What advice can you offer other artists looking to take the independent route?

PAPA REU: What I advise other artist is to acknowledge that there’s a higher power in charge that’s first and formost also u have to believe in yourself before anyone can believe in u also stay focused in what u believe in and never take no for answers when it comes to your passion and for artist taking independent route I advise u to hook up with og’s or vets that’s been successful putting out independent records reason being experience and knowledge is the key and that comes from time and one thing we could never cheat is time so skip all the troubleshooting and go to players that been in the game successfully to help brand you as an artist and don’t think it’s a walk in the park because it’s not.

HHD: How did you link up with Rick Ross for your song “Put It In The Air”?

PAPA REU: Well me and Rick ross hooked up fist and foremost we were fans of each other and the rest was history.

HHD: With success early on in your career with Cash Money, what is your relationship like now with Cash Money Records?

PAPA REU: Well me and everyone that was over at cash money records are all good with each other reason being I never got caught up in mess or any small talk I always thanked everyone over there from then till now for the opportunity and experience I had while at CMR.

HHD: With your routes in Trinidad & Tobago are there any artist from back home that we should be on the lookout for?

PAPA REU: Well I got couple I will be signing but for now we all just staying focused on kicking the door all the way down with my source code album which opens every other opportunities for the REU MUZIK movement. PAPA REU: I love messing with customizing cars that’s my getaway from music and hobby.

HHD: Are there any artists that you have not collaborated with that you would like to work with?


HHD: What are some of your favorite new artists out right now?

PAPA REU: My favorite artist right now is really myself I really don’t listen to too many new artist music right now but I jam those classic sound tracks above the rim murder was the case oh it just came to me one of my favorite artist is patty labelle and slick rick I alway was crazy about their music.

HHD: What new projects are you currently working on?

PAPA REU: Well right now I have the reudboy vol 1&2 on iTunes and online now single working right now is on iTunes “Born 2 Win” video also available on YouTube soon to b on Vevo Also I have 2 songs on the new Scarface album releasing this year 2015 also a lot of touring and appearances scheduled for the rest of the year to make everything a success.

HHD: Any last words, shout outs or info you would like our viewers to know about?

PAPA REU: I want to say shouts out to the GOD first cause without him nothing is possible,the whole reu muzik staff, the management team ,fans,and all the underdogs I rock with the underdogs that’s why the theme this year FOR ME is all about winning BORN 2 WIN BELIEVE IT, SEE IT , SAY IT , ACHIEVE IT , BLESSUP. - Hip H op Dose

"Sanctuary Urban Snags Southern Rapper Papa Reu"

NEW YORK (Sanctuary Records) - Sanctuary Urban has sealed a deal with Papa Reu's Reu Muzik to distribute and market his third effort, marking his official major label debut. Sanctuary Urban is the home of Michelle Williams (Destiny's Child), Jon B, Ray J, Bizarre (D-12), Keith Sweat, Sunshine Anderson, O-Jay's and Da La Soul.
Papa Reu hails from Houston Texas by the way of Trinidad. Reu has been grinding on the independent scene for a few years. I love reggae music, but I don't do reggae music. I like to think of my music as Thug Hall, Reu states. At the age of fifteen, he left his native land of Trinidad, and settled in Houston Texas. While in Houston, he completed high school at Jack Yates High School. In school, he began to sign up for talent shows, ultimately earning his stripes as a performer, Reu caught the attention of Memphis natives 8Ball and MJG, who enlisted the fifteen year old rapper on their Hip-Hop classic- On The Outside Looking In Lick Em Up Shots.

Reu hasn't looked back. Reu released his debut independent album Excuse Me, ultimately selling over 50,000 units in the south. Then in 2001, he followed that success with his sophomore effort- U Know Me. Unfortunately; the promising album was release on 9/11. That was a day I will never forget, states Reu. Since then, he has written and collaborated with a host of Hip-Hop and R&B royalty, Tight Whips by Master P & The 504 Boyz, H Town's Baby I Love Ya, Buss One and Rock It Steady, Lil Wayne's Like Me and Solange Knowles on The Fighting Temptations soundtrack.

On his new effort Life and Music, lets the world know he has arrived. Life and Music features a bevy of melodic cuts, Mr. GoodBye, the uptempo groove Streets Calling and the lead single Hold On that features a familiar Shalamer sample. Also, the album features guest appearances by Lil Flip, Cash Money's Juvenile, Lil KeKe, Hawk and Cazual.

Tailoring a pattern of southern success- of previously released, independent records later picked up by major companies- like Master P, Nelly, Three 6 Mafia, The Cash Money Click and Lil Flip, Papa Reu is the next one to become a household name. - Top-40


Xcuse Me!  4 versionsUpstairs Records (4)Reuster House Music Inc.2000U Know Me ‎(CD, Album)Reu MuzikRZR-3052001Certified ‎(CD, Album)Reu Muzik Inc.RZR-03062003Life & Music ‎(CD, Album)Sanctuary UrbanMusic World Entertainment (2)Reu Muzik06076-87530-22005Da Original  2 versionsScrewed Up ClickReu Muzik Inc.2010Reu'D Boy Vol. 1 ‎(CD)Reu Muziknone2012Reu'd Boy ‎(22xFile, MP3, Mixed, Mixtape, 192)Reu Muziknone2013

Certfied CD (2003)

Xcuse Me! CD (2000)

rap artist has been featured on albums by Juvenile, Hot Boys, Lil Wayne, Bigtymas, Eightball & MJG & the Luniz - here he comes correct outta the Lone Star State with this bumpin' debut bomb; features Shine & Diamonds and

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Fighting Temptations CD (2003) Original Soundtrack

Reflecting the thin line between sacred and secular music that's particularly prevalent in the world of soul, THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS soundtrack modernizes this dichotomy, which has been tackled by legends like Prince, Sam Cooke, and Al Green. Given that the

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Field Mob 613: Ashy To Classy CD (2000) Enhanced CD

This is an Enhanced audio CD which contains regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files. Additional personnel includes: Mr. Keith, Suthern Klick, Papa Reu, MK, Dana Davis (vocals); Pop (drums, percussion, programming); Ole-E (programming). Field Mob certainly displays many of the characteristics

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Lil' O Food On Tha Table CD (2003)

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Big Pokey Evacuation Notice CD (2008)

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Screwed Up Click Making History... CD (2005) Chop

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Lil Wil Dolla$, TX CD (2008)

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Xtasy: The First Roll CD (2002)



Raised in Trinidad before he made his move to Houston, TX, as a teen, Papa Reu blended the soundtrack of his early upbringing with the hardcore Dirty South music he discovered later in life, and created a new urban genre he likes to call "thug hall." Reu first presented his unique blend of dancehall reggae and hip-hop at talent shows and open mic nights around Houston. He was only 15 when legends 8Ball and MJG caught his act. The duo enlisted Reu for an appearance on their 1994 album On the Outside Looking In. A few independent singles hit the streets during the late '90s along with appearances on albums by Mr. Coop and Field Mob, but it wasn't until 2000 that Papa Reu broke out on his own with the full-length Xcuse Me! on the Upstairs label. A year later his own Reu Muzik released U Know Me, and while the album sold well regionally, it was his 2002 appearance on the 504 Boyz's hit single "Tight Whips" that would make him a Southern rap player. High-profile rappers like Daz Dillinger, Juvenile, and Lil' Flip were guests for 2003's Certified, the last album he would release on his own label before being signed to the Sanctuary family. The major label coupled some of Reu's classic cuts with new tracks and released Life & Music