Papa's Delicate Condition

Papa's Delicate Condition

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Imagine Rage, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Bob Marley had a baby. Then imagine that kid was the funnest F'n person you ever met. That is the PDC experience. Rock N Roll with an upbeat, head bobbing vibe and slick musicianship. Whether you love music or not, everyone has a good time when PDC hits the stage!


It all started many moons ago by college buddies Nate & Spencer, 2 awesome dudes with common musical influences. Jammin in their rented basement in Oakville was great but the two had such great chemistry and Spencer's guitar playing was too good to be kept down there for long. They continued to practice and perform at the odd open mic with other musical friends but it was when they moved to the heart of Toronto and found a hidden gem of a bass player that the band took on a life of it's own. Matt fit in right away in both style and attitude (you just have to hear that laugh once and you're hooked). Papa's Delicate Condition was fully a band but yet was missing one key piece. A kick ass frontman. It took a couple of years but they were able to convince Matt's cousin Edmond that PDC was his destiny. His raw, earth shattering power made the band full and his Zack De La Rocha impression is so spot on, it'll make you think Rage themselves is on stage. This band is no copy cat though. They've managed to combine some of their favourite artists like Bob Marley, Led Zepplin and Stevie Ray Vaughan in with the Rage to form a truly unique sound. There is nothing like the energy that comes from a Papa's Delicate Condition show!!


Eats it Big Time (EP)
Papa's Delicate Condition (yet to be titled, will be released later this year)