Smooth R&B/Soul with a touch of Hip Hop is the "Balance" Papasean brings to the World of Music & Entertainment. Get ready for a Phenomenal Experience!


Sean “Papasean” The new sound for the next generation – that is “Papasean”, vocalist, songwriter & producer. This North Carolinian music mogul is here to rescue RnB Soul from its tasteless pessimism. Majority of the music they call RnB today isn’t true RnB! Ninety percent of the stuff we hear is just some fake negative wanna-be hard-core experience that is meaningless. But don’t worry Papasean has the alternative, to change things, with his unique blend of soulful rhythms induced by Soul, RnB, with a touch Hip Hop is sure to bring real music back! “Inspirational,” “peaceful” and “refreshing” are just a few words used to describe “Papasean”. He will serenade you with lyrics that embody the TRUE meaning life & love. His eclectic style will reflect many of the artists who’ve influenced him and his music. “Papasean” has been singing in church choirs since the age of seven. Before embarking on his solo career “Papasean” was a member of Format, an RnB quintet out of Greensboro, NC. He toured and recorded several projects with Format. In addition, he performed concerts with artists such as Bobby Brown, KC & JoJo, Christion, Big Pun, The Temptations, Tavarius Polk, OverFlow, Jesse Powell, and many more. He has since continued his journey and collaborated with several mainstream artists. BUT NOW.. He’s focused on his future which is the project you’re about to hear and what is destining to come. Everyday “Papasean” works diligently as an independent artist to infuse the hearts of all people with great music. Don’t miss your chance to connect with “Papasean.” Let yourself be captivated----- I Hope You’re Ready!


"Balance" (c) 2006

Set List

It depends on the type of performance, venue & promoter. For small performances with live band we typically do a one hour set with a short intermissions. For bigger shows we typically do different sets showcasing the band with individual & collective performances. We can do covers but normally we don't, but we can.