Papa Smiley and The Brain Bananas

Papa Smiley and The Brain Bananas

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Papa Smiley is a jam band from St. Louis, MO. Influenced by a wide range of musical styles, they have been moving crowds around the midwest for about three years. While still a young band, Papa Smiley has established a large base of dedicated fans.


Originally formed from a diverse group musicians within the St. Louis music scene in 2006, Papa Smiley and the Brain Bananas has seen many changes in their line-up, but not to their vision as a band.
Papa Smiley and The Brain Bananas has always been a band dedicated to the art of free jamming. In the original spirit of the jam band, nothing is set in stone and nothing is off limits. Improv-based music needs to be spontaneous, challenging, and fun for both the musician and the audience. Through live performance, they are constantly pushing themselves as artists. Papa Smiley owes its success thus-far to the journey they are able to take with an live audience. As stated on one local St. Louis radio staion's website, "Their name may be utterly ridiculous, but when it comes to stretching jams to epic levels, Papa Smiley and The Brain Bananas are all business." (
Combine this love of improvisation with well-crafted songs, tight vocals, and a flair for the absurd; and you have Papa Smiley and The Brain Bananas.


"Live @ The Pageant" live demo circulated for free trading and online streaming. Recorded 2007 at The Pageant in St. Louis.

Set List

Papa Smiley sets are mostly original rock/blues/psychadelic songs with a healthy dose of covers from such artists as The Band, Grateful Dead, Ween, Pink Floyd. But every sets leaves room for spontaneity and improvisation.