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"Paper Brain, Yorkshire from Self-titled Album`"

Bands that sound hungry-where a singer pushes himself to force a higher note or the guitar struggles to find its perfect fit within a song-are difficult to ignore. Hungry bands are earnest and honest: They make the music they want to make, hoping that whoever listens to their music will recognize the effort behind it.

Local indie-trio Paper Brain's hunger is palpable on the song Yorkshire (and on most of the band's self-titled album). When vocalist Mike Wroblewski strains while singing the chorus (You're suffocating/ Because you lost control�), you can hear a touch of Stephen Malkmus off Pavement's first album Slanted and Enchanted. Back then, Pavement was still shaky and unsure, but there was a sense of possibility in Malkmus's voice, like he knew he was onto something if only given the chance.

Yorkshire is evidence that Paper Brain has potential to become a staple among PacNW music: Jeni Wroblewski's keyboards pound out clean melodies while drummer Adam Zavala keeps a steady rhythm-if the band can draw out that same hunger behind Mike's vocals in every song. - Willamette Week: Local Cut

"Live Music Review"

Aside from the muggy temp, Paper Brain took the stage, opening up the event and rocking my brains. Bands, only allotted four songs, had to pick a perfect line up and I believe they did. They not only played my favorite song Body Said off their debut, they also ended with a lovely, long, and languid How Could I Leave? which I will no longer be skipping over on my ipod. - PDX Pole

"Paper Brain"

Shows like this should make Portlanders proud. Every band on this bill is Portland-based, and every band plays haunting, touching music. Paper Brain's rhythmic indie rock chanels early Pavement. - Willamette Week

"MISH MASH Mandate: Hazy Shade"

Paper Brain has a simple and straightforward style that takes me back to the early days of indie rock, when jingle-jangle guitar rock was the name of the game. They have an almost British Invasion type of pop that is both melodic and melancholy, all the while avoiding the structural cliches of traditional pop songs.

The Portland-based trio makes the most of their numbers by incorporating keyboards with the guitars, mixing it thick into a wall of sound that has an almost lo-fi quality to it. The result is an aural haze in which nothing stands out in sharp clarity. It's all kind of abstract and fuzzy around the edges, where vocals, guitars, keys, and drums meld in and out of each other throughout the record. - Mishmash Music Reviews

"Paper Brain, No Go Know, Power of County"

[GRAB BAG] Three of the main acts from local label Union Records join forces for tonight’s lineup, despite playing three different styles of rock. Paper Brain offers pleasant, British-inspired pop; No Go Know’s post-rock moves from bombastic, volcanic explosion to smooth lava flow; and Power of County is a been-around-the-block cowboy-punk fistfight. These three bands may hail from disparate genres, but all are skilled at what they do, so it makes sense to pay the Towne Lounge a visit for just one of ‘em—you may be pleasantly surprised by the other two. JIM SANDBERG. - WW Local Cut Dec. 13, 2007

"Recorded Review"

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Paper Brain-Paper Brain (2007)



Paper Brain is a lo-fi indie rock trio based out of Portland, Oregon. Their debut album has received regional, national and international media attention, earning them the title of an "upcoming staple...the the PacNW" music scene.

These Oregon natives combine influences of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and early indie rock to create a soapy pop sound that is raw if not honest.

Paper Brain will be recording in May 2008 their anticipated sophomore album.

"Paper Brain has a simple and straightforward style that takes me back to the early days of indie rock" Mish Mash Music

"Paper Brain offers pleasant, Brit inspired pop" The Local Cut

CD distributed through Catapult and is available at online (Itunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc).