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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"TODAYS EDITION: Paper Bullets"

Paper Bullets is a punkish band with a truly innovative angle: They actually have talent.

What’s more, its singer doesn’t have “That Voice.” You know, the Green Day-ish, almost-with-an-accent voice that nine out of ten “punk” MTV-hip bands now boast? In fact, she’s a rather hot broad, and foul-mouthed to boot (which, ethically speaking, allows me to get away with calling her “broad”).

They have a song called “Trick or Treat,” and it’s a delight, adequately addressing the theme instead of just slapping on a catchy title.

Oh, and their Web address is, which just adds to the delight.

Dot-nets, you see, are the finest sites around. Dot-com is too mainstream now, folks--tell one, tell all. - The Daily Limerick


Paper Bullets (2005)
self titled debut album on vinyl & cd


Feeling a bit camera shy


It all started over 3 years ago. I wanted to start a band with my boyfriend. He told me we could do it only if I found a guitarist who had a practice space and a drum kit. The next day I looked in a Chicago paper called New City and there was the ad, “guitarist with rehearsal space and drum kit”. I felt that this had to be my destiny. Adam and I immediately clicked. My boyfriend on the other hand did not. So, I dumped my boyfriend and kept playing with Adam. Then it was a bit of a struggle finding the right drummer, but after many months, Chris Ott came into the band. Don’t let his angry drumming face fool you. He is one of the nicest and most enthusiastic people you will ever meet. I started out playing clean bass, then slowly but surely I delved into finding the most awesome distorted bass tone possible and it is a staple of our sound. Adam also plays various distorted riffs. He’s amazing, a lead guitarist and rhythm guitarist in one.

Anyway, I guess what sets us apart from most of the bands first and foremost would be the fact that I lead the band and that there aren’t a whole lot of bass playing girls doing that and if they are they don’t have balls like mine (figuratively speaking). Our sound is very unique and very full. A lot of people think there are more than 3 of us when they listen to our music. Another thing about Paper Bullets is that our sound continues to evolve. We have a broad range of song writing, but playing live is really where the most enjoyment comes from so brings us out and we promise to rock like hell.

Traci Trouble