Paper Cities

Paper Cities


Grooving, melodic, heavy Instrumental Music that focus' more on song structure. We take influences that stretch much farther then post rock such as Jazz, Metal, Electronic, Drum & Bass and even pop.


Paper Cities is an Instrumental trio from Brooklyn, NY that assembled in late 2005. Although the band is a relatively new project, the members of the group have been long time friends.

Bassist Adam Bernstein was in a band known as HongKongathon from 2001-2003. He is also a founding member of this Brooklyn based ensemble.

While Adam was working on this and various other projects, guitarist Matt Hopard and drummer James Cucinotta worked with vocalist/guitarist Andrew Salter in a group known as Dramatic Structures. The band existed from 2004-late 2005, where the boys parted on good terms.

At this point, these close friends finally could work together on a band with a new, more instrumentally driven sound that drew from influences as diverse as metal, jazz, pop and post-rock.

The band would describe they're writing approach as more song driven then most other instrumental bands. Most songs are written as if there was a vocalist, with a voice all they're own.

The trio has finally self-released they're self titled debut album available for only $5. It will see iTunes release by early Aug 2007. Collectively and individually the members of Paper Cities have played numerous venues including North Six, the Orange Bear, L'amour, Freddy's Pub in Brooklyn, CBGB's, the Knitting Factory, and Seton Hall, gaining a steadily growing fan base each time.

Now that the album is done, Paper Cities are excited to play out, and are always working on new material, including some for a couple friends who are aspiring film makes.


Self Titled, Self released album. 7 Tracks, 4 of which can be heard at or The LP will be also available on iTunes by the end of the summer.

Set List

we have 8 songs in rotation. 7 on the album: Blood-Fest-Island-Man, Pray for Comets, Sentinel, Sleepwalker, Sunset In Prospect Park, Echoes (of a Stranger) and Blood On The Strings. with one new one (Trophy) and 2 more that are almost ready to be added to the roster. Our shortest song is 2 minutes and our longest is about 6:45. We've played anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour.