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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
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"Cover Story: NYC Indie Band PaperDoll"

PaperDoll - You Can't Stop Them
By Loren Chaffee

The New York-based band PaperDoll brought a little piece of NYC to China in October of 2011 on their NY2CN: You Can't Stop It!!! tour. I had the privilege of sitting down with Paper Doll's Teresa Lee (vocals and keyboards), Patrick Moloney (guitar), and Will Haywood Smith (drummer) for an interview and some Taiwanese snacks and bubble tea at TKettle on St. Mark's in the East Village. We discussed the future of the band, adjusting to a new drummer, life on the road, their reception in China, and their exciting upcoming new album.

Fresh off their third tour in China, PaperDoll is excited to get back in the studio this winter to work on their second full length album, which is expected to be available Spring 2012. With the two singles "You Can't Stop It" and "Can't Concentrate" complete with videos in anticipation of the new album, fans simply cannot wait for the other new songs to become available. The album will be produced by well-known musician Michael Moloney of the Irish art rock quartet, Director. The collaboration isn't coincidental. Patrick and Michael happen to be brothers from an extremely musical and accomplished family.

Let's start with a little bit of history. Who is the lovely Teresa Lee? Our cover girl, Teresa Lee, is of Chinese by-way-of-Taiwan and Thai decent. Growing up in Virginia, Teresa always wanted to sing ever since she was a little girl, but as any responsible Asian parent would do, her mother made sure she mastered the piano before receiving voice lessons. After Teresa finished her studies at the University of Virginia, she made her way to New York City. While in New York, she met Patrick Moloney. A native of Ireland, Patrick had already played and toured with his father's band as a teenager before coming to America – what a way to earn your allowance! The bassist, Steve Paelet, joined the band later to fill the void that the original bassist, Jack Koch had left behind. The newest addition to the lineup is drummer Will Hayward Smith from England, filling in for former drummer Chip Thomas.

Their sound has matured over time into a well-established indie rock vibe with an infectious dance beat. When you see them live, you can't help but get up on your feet and dance. Having played legendary venues all over New York City such as Crash Mansion, Mercury Lounge, and the Knitting Factory, PaperDoll has gained quite a cult following with a fan base that crosses ethnic divides and age gaps. At the World Leisure Expo in Hangzhou, the ubiquitous popularity of the band was extremely evident from little kids bouncing up and down to the music to seniors up on their feet and dancing to the music.

PaperDoll's first tour in China garnered international attention drawing massive crowds to the US pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo. This attention brought them back to China for a second tour with more bookings in and around Shanghai. On this, their third tour of China, they were invited to Hangzhou for the prestigious World Leisure Expo. The band sold out of every piece of merchandise they had on them and were surrounded by fans seeking autographs and photographs with the band. A great story from one of the performances was when Teresa introduced each musician. It was a bit of a contest. Each band member greeted the crowd with a phrase or two in Mandarin. When Teresa asked the audience to make some noise for the band member with the best Mandarin, Patrick swooped in and stole the show with a spot on "I speak very good Mandarin." in Mandarin. The audience went absolutely wild. It goes without saying that Patrick won that contest.

This was the first time Will Hayward Smith had ever been on tour with a band. As for his first experience on tour with a band with some notoriety, "it was grand." On tour, he learned how to autograph going from [Will Hayward Smith] down to just [Will H S]. He also showed off in front of his bandmates by taking on the chef's challenge of killing a chicken for their dinner. The chef had the band choose which chicken would become the evening's hot pot guest. As a lark, the chef asked Will to do the honors. Like an expert, Will picked up the chicken by the feet, grabbed head and beak with the other hand, and quickly got the bird ready for the hotpot.

This winter, paper Doll will find themselves in the studio. Spring 2012 will be dedicated to promoting the new album with the possibility of returning to China and perhaps a tour in Taiwan. The future is bright and certainly busy for Paper Doll. For more information about the band, the music, and the shows, checkout their website at - Asian Fusion Magazine

"PaperDoll es “The Killers con No Doubt""

PaperDoll: El Corte Inquisitivo del Papel

PaperDoll es “The Killers con No Doubt,” y un poco de escuchar disimuladamente. “La canción ‘Can’t Concentrate’ es sobre una señora al supermercado que habla por teléfono, sujeta sus niños gemelos y paga para la comida,” Teresa Lee dice. “Grabamos las voces en mi closet en Nueva York – los microfonos, los cables y más. Lo hicimos porque fue más barato, pero la canción es increíble.”
El grupo es un descendiente de la credibilidad de rock – el padre de la guitarrista Patrick Moloney abrió para U2. PaperDoll incluyo el bajista Steve Paelet y ha abierto para Joan Jett y ha tocado al New York Gay Pride Parade y New York Fashion Week. Los músicos que se inspiran son Metric, Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The Smigits, Muse, Mick Jagger, The Fratellis, No Doubt, Katy Perry, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder…y la vida de Nueva York. “No puedes encontrar una cantante asiana, con un guitarrista irlandes, un bajista de Brooklyn y un batería inglés en un otro lugar en el mundo. Sólo en Nueva York,” dice.
Lee es una aficionada de Tori Amos, estudió la ópera antes de su título de inglés y los economicos y dice, “Espero que nuestras canciones creen el sentimiento de podre, como sentir sexy con ‘Get to Know Me’ o usar su voz después de un abuso de confianza con ‘How Perfect.’”
“Por supuesto, estoy frusrtada cuándo la gente no me llama o cambio mi ropa en un baño sucio, pero merece la pena porque conectamos con el público al nivel personal. Vivía una vida doble. Trabajó en la oficina durante el día y toqué la música por la noche. Era Clark Kent y vivía una mentira. ‘¿Por qué me atasco detrás de el escritorio cuándo quiero viajar todo el mundo? Dije, ‘Quiero tocar la música todos los días.’ Y justo entonces, dejé el trabajo.” Y justo entonces, PaperDoll entró el mundo.
Ballad Nerd Pop está en iTunes.
PaperDoll: The Inquisitive Paper Cut
PaperDoll is “The Killers meets No Doubt,” with a bit of eavesdropping. “The song ‘Can’t Concentrate’ came from seeing a lady at a grocery store trying to juggle twin toddlers, paying for groceries, and talking on the phone,” Teresa Lee says. “We recorded the vocals in my closet – running mics, wires, headphone, etc. into my actual closet in New York. We did it to save some money, but it ended up sounding amazing.”
The band descends from rock street cred – guitarist Patrick Moloney’s father even opened for U2. PaperDoll, which includes bassist Steve Paelet, has opened for Joan Jett and played at the New York Gay Pride Parade and New York Fashion Week. Inspired by Metric, Black Keys, Mumford and Sons, The Smigits, Muse, Mick Jagger, The Fratellis, No Doubt, Katy Perry, The Beatles, Stevie Wonder…and New York life. “Nowhere else in the world will you find an Asian-American girl singer with an Irish guitarist, a Brooklynite bassist, and an English drummer. Only in New York,” she says.
Lee, a Tori Amos fan and the band’s singer who originally studied opera before earning a college degree in English and economics, says, “Whether the song’s about feeling super sexy like ‘Get to Know Me’ or finding your voice after a betrayal in ‘How Perfect,’ I hope our songs leave people feeling empowered.”
“Of course, its frustrating when bookers don’t call you back or when you have to change clothes in a gross bathroom stall, but it’s all worth it when we perform and connect to the audience on a real level. I used to live a double life. Working in an office during the day and playing gigs at night. I felt like Clark Kent living a lie. ‘Why am I stuck behind a desk when I really want to fly around the world?’ It got to a point where I was like, ‘Screw this! I’m ready to do music full time!’ And just like that, I quit.” And just like that, the world heard of PaperDoll.
Ballad Nerd Pop is available on iTunes.
Facebook: - Elle En Espanol

"PaperDoll is Here"

Headed by American born Chinese (ABC) Teresa Lee, Paperdoll Band is back in China on their third tour. Their previous visit saw them closing the Shanghai Expo where they had to find a larger stage for them to perform. The crowd kept growing and growing and eventually they needed more room. It was alright for them as the coverage got them fired up all over Weibo, on the evening news, and in People’s Daily. Make sure you follow them at

Their NYC rock roots show strong as the band has a pumping and playful hold on their crowds. The songs are soulful, fun, and rocky and keep everybody bouncing. Some of the songs are multi-lingual but all of them rock. We caught up with Teresa Lee to hear some of her thoughts on everything from where the band formed to where to eat in Chinatown.

NG: How long have you been together and how did the band form?

TL: We all met playing music on the Lower East Side in NY around 2006.

NG: Who are some of your influences?

TL: Muse, Metric, No Doubt. Personally, I’m loving Robyn, the Black Keys, The Sigit, and Adele right now.

NG: Is this your second tour in China?

TL: Third!

NG: You closed the Shanghai Expo last year. Can you tell us a little about that experience?

TL: It was amazing. The crowds were so fun and into the music. We work really hard at playing live and the audience really appreciated that. We really fell in love with China last year and cannot wait to visit more cities – like Ningbo!

NG: What do you find different / similar about the crowds in China versus NYC?

TL: I would say that Chinese crowds are less inhibited than US or Ireland (we toured there in 2009). If they like you, they will show you by dancing and shouting almost immediately. American audiences dance, but it might take like 3 songs to get them started. Ireland…4 or 5 songs.

NG: Can you give us a quick rundown of who plays what and the backgrounds of the members of the band?

TL: Patrick Moloney (guitar) – from Dublin, Ireland. His brother is lead singer of Irish Grammy-winning band Director and U2 once opened up for his father.

Steve Paelet (bass) – from Brooklyn, NY. Formerly of the punk-klezmer World/Inferno Friendship Society, he used to tour all over with Jazz bands.

Will Haywood Smith (drums) – from the Newcastle, UK – performed at the Royal Albert Hall broadcast live on the BBC.

I’m Teresa Lee – a proud American Born Chinese (ABC) from New York. Trained in opera, in love with rock.

NG: What kind of show can people expect when you play in Ningbo?

TL: Kickass.

NG: Was it difficult to set up your tour in China? How did you go about starting that process?

TL: Like you mentioned, last year we were invited to play the Shanghai World Expo. During our first show at the Expo, I noticed half way through the set, the crowd doubled. By the end of the set, the crowd quadrupled. The crowds got so big, they had to move us to a larger stage. It was on the evening news and in the People’s Daily. A lot of bookers and promoters heard about it and our phone hasn’t stopped ringing. It’s been pretty sweet.

NG: Where are you based, in NYC? What borough? What train do you take?

TL: Half of us are in Manhattan (East Village), half in Brooklyn. So depending on where we’re going, we’ll take the L to the West side. A C E to rehearsal. N R to Canal Street for good Cantonese and Sichuan food. 7 to Flushing to get Taiwanese food. But mostly I walk everywhere.

NG: What do you eat when you come to China? And, where should I eat when I go to Chinatown in NYC? I had good baozi there.

TL: In China, we usually have a show every day in a different city, so we eat wherever we can. Last year, we found this amazing noodle place. It was super low-key. Just 4 tables and a few stools. Two guys out in front hand-making noodles. It was the most amazing noodles and broth I’ve ever had. Slow-cooked, home made, everything that’s good about food. I dream about it. I also had their tomato eggs with rice. So simple, but to die for! I’d love to find more places like that; like hole-in-the-wall places.

In NYC – go to Congee Village and The Chinatown Icecream Factory. In the East Village – go to Tkettle for lots of cute snacks and milk tea. There’s decent baozi in NY – but you have to get it from the people selling it on sidewalks on Canal Street in Manhattan and in Flushing, Queens.

NG: Where do you normally play in NYC?

TL: Mercury Lounge, Knitting Factory. In LA – The Viper Room. Colleges sometimes too. I love those gigs.

NG: And finally, what’s the last song you’d listen to before you die?

TL: Hopefully, the sound of my future great grand kids…and… “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” by the Darkness.

NG: Thanks so much for your time Teresa, we’re looking forward to the show! - Ningbo Guide

"PaperDoll is on Fire!"

PaperDoll's high energy shows have ignited the dance rock scene from Shanghai to New York and they've gained fans throughout the international music-loving community. While the band has toured the US and Europe, this month they will be returning to China ... (PAGE 6) - Yellow Magazine

"Local Band Breaks into Chinese Music Scene"

Energizing the dance-rock scene from Shanghai to New York, PaperDoll's high-octane shows are gathering them friends from all over the globe.

PaperDoll returns to the China October 2011 on their NY2CN: Can't Stop It!!! tour. They've toured the US, Europe, and are happy to be back in China. Last year, the energetic four-piece grabbed TV headlines with record-breaking crowds during the Shanghai World Expo.
Their music is on NIKE ads, MTV, films and TV. Though they all live in New York City, Patrick (guitar) is originally from Dublin and Will (drums) is originally from the UK.

Dates include stops in Shanghai, Suzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, and a residency at the highly anticipated Hangzhou World Leisure Festival (full list below).
The band promises to bring authentic New York City energy to their fans in China. As a thank you to their fans, next week PaperDoll is offering free downloads of 13 songs including hit single "You Can't Stop It" on their douban page. Last year, the energetic four-piece grabbed TV headlines with record-breaking crowds during the closing of the Shanghai World Expo. They also made history as the final guests on EXPO 360, a show highlighting the best of the World Expo. PaperDoll’s music is currently featured in a NIKE campaign airing in Greater China. Fronted by Chinese American, Tereasa Lee, PaperDoll is known for their uninhibited, high-energy shows.

Saturday, 10/01/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Sunday, 10/02/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Monday, 10/03/11
West Lake Festival - Main Stage
Hangzhou, China

Tuesday, 10/04/11
West Lake Festival - Main Stage
Hangzhou, China

Wednesday, 10/05/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Thursday, 10/06/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Friday, 10/07/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Friday, 10/07/11
9 Club
Hangzhou, China

Saturday, 10/08/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Sunday 10/09/11
Bund Bridge Bar
Ningbo, China

Monday, 10/10/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Tuesday, 10/11/11
World Leisure Expo
Hangzhou, China

Wednesday, 10/12/11
Shanghai, China

Friday, 10/14/11
61 House
Nanjing, China

Saturday, 10/15/11
Whale's Livehouse
Kunshan, Suzhou, China

Photo credit: Vinh Luong (location Flat Iron NYC)
Logo credit: Sarah Allison - Asiance

"PaperDoll On Developing A Fan Base In China"

Manhattan-based band, PaperDoll, is about to go on a major tour in China, and it’s not their first. In fact, this is the band’s 3rd major tour in China. Fronted by Teresa Lee on vocals, with Patrick Moloney (guitar), Steve Paelet (bass), and Will Haywood Smith (drums), PaperDoll uses different marketing tools for effective fan outreach no matter the continent. Read on to learn how this energetic and dedicated band has worked hard to acquire such a following many miles away.

Without using the words “rock,” “pop,” or “alternative,” describe your sound.
Kick Ass

So how did this New York based band get such a big following in China?
Last year we were invited to play the Shanghai World Expo. The World Expo was a big deal in China–half a million visitors a day on average so it was a huge chance for exposure. We were playing at an outdoor festival type set-up. During our first show at the Expo, I noticed half way through the set, the crowd doubled. By the end of the set, the crowd quadrupled. The next day it happened again. Eventually the crowds turned from a few hundred to a few thousand, and they had to move us to a larger stage. I’d love to say “Chinese crowds just love us!”… but here is why the crowds responded so well and grew so large:

- We work very hard at our live show.
- I sang a few lines of our song “Anything At All” in Mandarin and told people it was up (in Mandarin) on youku (chinese youtube). On that note, all our Chinese sites were updated with new music and information.
- The audience weibo-ed (Chinese twitter) during our set, attracting more and more people…we could literally see people on their phones weibo-ing, more people would show up, then they’d be on their phones, then more people would show up.
- We always made sure we had a helper in the crowd getting emails and passing out stickers, buttons, and postcards while we were playing. The idea was (and still is) that everyone in the crowd goes home with something that says “PaperDoll” on it.
- Finally, the crowds saw me (the singer) as “home-grown.” I’m Chinese American and that counts for a lot in a country that’s very proud of their culture.

During the first tour in August 2010 we ended up booking more and more shows while were there–sometimes doing 2 or 3 shows a day at the Expo and booking extra club dates at night. As soon as we got back to New York we were contacted about returning for more Expo shows in October and decided to go back and tour some other cities. It’s just the 4 of us in the band, so we just hustled as best we knew how. We ended up booking shows in Hangzhou, Suzhou, Beijing, and Tianjin as well as Shanghai, and we appeared on Shanghai TV with write ups in People’s Daily (China’s largest newspaper) and Time Out Shanghai among others. Through hustling our butts off, we grew our fan base and got a distribution deal for “Ballad Nerd Pop” with Loft Records in collaboration with General Lee Records (our own label). Now we’re going back a third time to promote the release and tour some new cities.

What differences do you find touring China vs. touring the U.S.?
I would say that Chinese crowds are less inhibited than the crowds in the U.S. or Ireland (we toured there in 2009). If they like you, they will show you by dancing and shouting almost immediately. American audiences dance, but it might take like 3 songs to get them started. Ireland…4 or 5 songs.

Other differences:

- Bathrooms in China are…complicated.
- It’s easier in China to eat healthy foods on the road, even at KFC! I once got a vegetable soup at a KFC in Beijing. I saw them hand-chopping fresh spinach and carrots for it.
- In China the boys in the band are “exotic.” In smaller towns, people stop them on the street to take photos of them. Especially Steve (bass player) because he has a full beard.

All in all though, it’s not that different from the U.S., but we definitely have to adjust our sleeping patterns a bit since the promotional interviews are on China time.

Do you prepare differently promotion-wise for tours in China?
We promote on social networking sites, but for China its douban, weibo, sina, etc. We post videos up on youku. Getting everything translated correctly … “correctly” being the operative word, is sometimes a challenge. You can’t just google translate directly. Besides promo material (postcards, posters, emails, stickers, etc…), this time, we have a commercial airing in Shanghai so that was a new translation element we had to deal with.

We have a bigger following in China than in the U.S., so the scale of things, I suppose, is larger.

How do you continue to engage with your fan base in Asia when in the U.S.?
I post at least once a week to weibo and we always try to give some free music away on douban every once in a while. Some Chinese fans are also on facebook which is banned in China, but people find ways around it. I always give them special attention because they’ve worked extra hard to get access to us.

I read that your music is part of a NIKE campaign now in greater China. How did that come to be?
Like with the Expo, someone working on the NIKE campaign just really liked our music and asked if they could use it. Then we hustled and made it happen. It was the same thing with the Dayquil commercial that aired in the U.S. last year. We’re totally independent so we rely heavily on word of mouth and the support of our fans. We’re not opposed to signing with a label or manager, we just haven’t found the right fit. But in the mean time, we’re not waiting around for someone else to make things happen for us. We like keeping busy.

Is your fan outreach different depending on what country they’re in?
The strategy is the same, but the tools are different (weibo as opposed to twitter etc). You just want to connect with people and to be accessible. Doing that in Chinese is sometimes a challenge, but my Chinese is getting a little better and my Chinese-speaking friends and family help a lot.

Aside from your upcoming tour, what projects do you have on the horizon?
This winter, we’re back in the studio with Michael Moloney who produced our last three singles. We’ll also be playing a few college shows. Early 2012, you’ll hear our music in a few indie films. Then it’s back to China for the festival season next Spring–hopefully promoting a new album with songs in Mandarin. - TuneCore

"PaperDoll in Shanghai!"

If Jimmy Eat World, The Killers and Gwen Stefani had a musical ménage a trios, the result would be PaperDoll. Fully embracing the “indie rock” label, PaperDoll’s music triumphs with clamouring guitar rhythms, delightful hooks and catchy lyrics. Even if you’re not a fan of rock’n’roll, even if you don’t like music, you’ll find yourself dancing to their infectiously earnest songs. - Shanghai Talk Magazine

"New York indie band PaperDoll to play at USA Pavilion"

The USA Pavilion announced on July 29 that local New York indie rock band, PaperDoll, will be traveling to Shanghai next week and performing on the USA Pavilion and America Square stages.

The band's debut performance is on August 5th at 9 p.m. in Shanghai's Yuyintang, NO.851 Kai Xuan RD. The band is also scheduled to perform at an international evening gala named FREXH 2010, featuring emerging talents and creators from the music, fashion, arts and food and beverage industries. Their gala performance will be followed by a two day performance in the Expo Park.

From New York City, PaperDoll's high energy live shows - featuring an uninhibited front woman style - have secured them a cult following in the dance rock scene. Their new song "Anything At All", sung in Mandarin, recently won the band acclaim from Kollaboration NY, a contest showcasing Asian American and Pacific Islander talent in 10 major US cities.

The quartet, comprised of Teresa Lee (vocals/keyboard), Patrick Moloney (guitar), Steve Paelet (bass) and Chip Thomas (drums), have been featured on MTV, The Today Show, Maxim Radio, and Blender Magazine. Their debut album Ballad Nerd Pop will be released in 2010 and brings them to China on their six-day Global Citizens Tour starting August 5.

At over 60,000 square feet (6,000 square meters), the USA Pavilion is one of the largest national pavilions at the Expo. With the theme of "Rising to the Challenge", the United States presence showcases American culture, values, innovation and business in one of China's most dynamic cities, while celebrating the friendship and cooperation between the United States, China and the rest of the world.

"Buzz band PaperDoll playing Shanghai!"

One of the most buzzed bands in Manhattan is making their way to Shanghai to perform at the Expo. After wowing crowds at Mao Livehouse last Friday for the FREXH charity concert, they will be performing at the USA Pavilion stage. It's a free show (though you still have to pay the Expo entrance fee).
7:30pm, World Expo grounds C section, USA Pavilion, closest entrance is Gate No. 8 near the Houtan Lu subway station on Line 7

- Time Out Shanghai

"PaperDoll on Good Day NY!"

PaperDoll performs on New York's #1 morning show - Good Day New York with Greg Kelly. - Good Day New York

"Interview with PaperDoll"

PaperDoll gets interviewed on Shanghai Today after international event Frexh!

The interview is 35:20 into the clip… - Shanghai Today

"Paper Doll hits Shanghai"

Fresh off New York's indie-pop-rock scene, Paper Doll (Teresa Lee Chaisiri, Patrick Molony, Steve Paelit, Chip Thomas), hailing from the Lower East Side of NYC, is set to perform at Shanghai's Frexh 2010 and World Expo on August 6th at Mao Livehouse and August 10th at the USA Pavilion, respectively. They will also blast out a free performance at Yuyintang on the 5th. In preparation for their tour to China, they've already created a Mandarin version of their single, Anything At All. Check out to hear some tracks. Here Talk interviews frontlady Teresa Lee Chairisi:

1. How did you come up with the name Paper Doll? It was from a song I wrote in school. the lyrics were "I'm not your PaperDoll can't dress me the way you want..." Oh god - it sounds so cheesey written out! It was a week before our first gig and promoters we were like "What are you callled?" - we didn't have a band name! So we looked at our set list and said "Uhh...PaperDoll"

2. What does each member bring to the band?

Wow - good question...hmmmm well, this is just my opinion...

Patrick (guitar) - Patrick brings amazing guitar playing, great hair, brooding Irish good looks and a cool Irish accent which our lady fans love!

Chip (drums) - Sick drummer. He brings energy and charisma - he smiles a lot which girls love. He was also one of Gothamist Magazine's top 100 Bachelors - his photo was next to Justin Timberlake! :)

Steve (bass) - His bass playing is steady and witty. steve brings his cool, nothing-gest-to-me-laidback, low-key vibe. And girls love his scruffy beard!

Teresa (vocals/keys) - I'm a good writer. I usually bring snacks.

3. If I asked you to pigeon hole yourself into a genre or two, how would you describe your sound?

I guess some people say The Killer meets Pat Benatar - which is pretty flattering. We're a fun dance-y indie rock band. I call us Nerd Rock 'cause nerds are thoughtful and get really into things even if other people don't think it's cool. We always create music that we like and think is fun.

4. What aspirations do you have for the future direction of the band?

We'll be recording this fall and hopefully have a new record out by next year. We'd love to tour more and perform live more. We'd do it everyday if we could.

5. Backstage essentials?

Teresa - Water, a bathroom, Safety pins and band-aids

Patrick - guitar strings, picks

Chip - white m&ms and crystal champagne (jk!)

Steve - snacks

6. What’s your favorite kind of gig?

Anywhere there's people - we'll perform. We love it when people dance!

7. What inspires your lyrics?

Everything. The song If Nothing Happened - I overheard a girl on the phone fighting with her boyfriend and she kept saying "Nothing Happened? If Nothing Happened..." and I was like - ooooh that sounds like a song!

8. How have you evolved as a band?

I think just getting to know each other and trusting each other's intentions and trusting that we're all in it for the long haul - I don't know if that's evolving - but it feels like growth of some sort. Anyway - that makes our music better.

9. What kind of audience do you usually play for?

audiences with great taste in music! jk...Every kind of audience. A lot of students and young professionals in NY. All different shapes and sizes and colors. Our fans are really diverse...I have moms that email me saying their 3 year old refuses to go to bed unless he watches our If Nothing Happened video.

10. What do you have in store for your shows at the Expo and Frexh this summer?



August 5th

Venue: Yuyintang, 1731 Yanan Xi Lu near Kaixuan Lu (entry on Kaixuan Lu behind the Metro station)

Time: 9:00pm-11:00pm

Price: Free

August 6th- Frexh Shanghai Night 1

Venue: Mao Livehouse, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu near Hongqiao Lu

Time: 8:00pm-

Price: 150 RMB in advance (, 200 RMB at the door

August 10th

Venue: USA Pavilion Stage, World Expo

Time: 10:00am, 11:00am

Price: Must have expo tickets- Standard day single day admission (160 RMB), Standard day special admission (100 RMB), Peak day single day admission (200 RMB), Peak day special admission (120 RMB), Evening admission (90 RMB)

August 10th

Venue: America Square, World Expo

Time: 7:30pm, 8:30pm

Price: Must have expo tickets- Standard day single day admission (160 RMB), Standard day special admission (100 RMB), Peak day single day admission (200 RMB), Peak day special admission (120 RMB), Evening admission (90 RMB)

August 11th

Venue: USA Pavilion Stage, World Expo

Time : 10:00am, 11:00am

Price: Must have expo tickets- Standard day single day admission (160 RMB), Standard day special admission (100 RMB), Peak day single day admission (200 RMB), Peak day special admission (120 RMB), Evening admission (90 RMB)

August 11th

Venue: America Square, World Expo

Time: 7:30pm, 8:30pm

Price: Must have expo tickets- Standard day single day admission (160 RMB), Standard day special admission (100 RMB), Peak day single day admission (200 RMB), Peak day special admission (120 RMB), Evening admission (90 RMB)

- Shanghai Talk Magazine

"Interview: PaperDoll"

New York-based indie-rock band PaperDoll is tearing up Shanghai this month with three performances: August 6 at Frexh at MAO Livehouse and August 10 and 11 at the Expo. Frontwoman and keyboardist Teresa Lee tells us everything we need to know before we see them rock Shanghai’s stages.

How did the four of you meet?
Patrick [guitarist] and I met on the open mic circuit and we decided to start a band. We met Jack, our old bassist, through my roommate and then met Chip [drums] through Jack. Jack left and so we found Steve [bass] on Craigslist.

You were featured on the soundtrack of Canadian sex-comedy People I’ve Slept With. What’s it like seeing your music in a film?
It’s awesome. I haven’t actually seen the movie yet, but I’ve seen the trailers and it looks great. It’s edited to look really cutting edge and it really fits the song. It’s bizarre to us, because we’re just a bunch of nerds, and to see our music in this hip, risqué indie film is just amazing.

What’s been your proudest moment so far?
I think it was finishing our CD Ballad Nerd Pop. It felt really good to finish something we all worked very hard on. The album art was created by my brother and it’s perfect. Then again, anytime we play live it feels really good. Just seeing the crowd sing along is amazing.

Do you think you’ve reached more people because the four of you have varied backgrounds?
I think people are hungry for an Asian-American music scene. I feel it in my bones [laughs]. But I think the first thing is that we play good music; it’s an added bonus that people think, “Oh they’re multicolored!”

What’s your favorite song to play?
I like playing ”Anything At All.” I get to sing some Mandarin, and it’s so hilarious to see the different nationalities singing in Chinese.

Who came up with the Chinese?
It was actually my mom and aunt. The whole process was great because I learned how poetic my mom is. My Chinese is not great; I have a 4-year-old’s vocabulary [laughs], but my mom came up with this great line in Chinese and I was like, “Daaamn Mom!”


Who: PaperDoll

When: August 5 - August 11

Where: August 6 at Frexh at MAO Livehouse and August 10 and 11 at the Expo
- City Weekend Shanghai

"New York indie band PaperDoll to play on USA Pavilion stage"

The USA Pavilion announced on July 29 that local New York indie rock band PaperDoll will be traveling to Shanghai next week to perform on the USA Pavilion and America Square stages.

The band's debut performance is on Aug. 5 at 9 p.m. in Shanghai's Yuyintang, No. 851 Kai Xuan Rd. The band is also scheduled to perform at an international evening gala named FREXH 2010 featuring emerging talents and creators from the music, fashion, arts, and food and beverage industries. Their gala performance will be followed by a two-day performance in the Expo Park.

From New York City, PaperDoll's high-energy live shows, featuring an uninhibited front woman style, have secured them a cult following in the dance rock scene. Their new song "Anything At All," sung in Mandarin, recently won the band acclaim from Kollaboration NY, a contest showcasing Asian-American and Pacific Islander talent in 10 major U.S. cities.

The quartet, comprised of Teresa Lee, on vocals/keyboard; Patrick Moloney, guitar; Steve Paelet and Chip Thomas (drums), has been featured on MTV, The Today Show, Maxim Radio and Blender Magazine. Their debut album "Ballad Nerd Pop" will be released in 2010 and brings them to China on their six-day Global Citizens Tour starting Aug. 5.

At over 60,000 square feet (6,000 square meters), the USA Pavilion is one of the largest national pavilions at the Expo. With the theme of "Rising to the Challenge," the U.S. presence showcases American culture, values, innovation and business in one of China's most dynamic cities while celebrating the friendship and cooperation between the United States, China and the rest of the world.
- People Daily

"American Band Overwhelms Expo Visitors"

PaperDoll made such a splash at the World Expo, that the evening TV news came to report on them!

Watch the clip: - International Channel Shanghai

"Warped Tour"

By Tiffany Razzano

Vans Warped Tour turned the back parking lot of Nassau Coliseum into a punk rock playground on Saturday, August 5. This was the first time the rock festival came to Long Island, leaving behind its long time home at Randall's Island.

Though the numbers of attendees at Warped Tour have waned over the past 11 years since it began, and despite the fact that the festival and punk rock has become more mainstream over the years, the punks still came out in droves to Nassau Coliseum to check out over 100 bands, both veterans and newcomers on the scene, on over 10 stages.

Paper Doll, from New York City, performed early on the Shira Girl Stage. Their tiny lead singer, dressed in a school girl outfit accented with hot pink accesories, belted her energetic vocals that went well with the group's fusion of punk, funk and rock.

- Perpetual Toxins

"Indie Week comes to the Roisin"

Wednesday, 01 July 2009

Indie Week Ireland, a weeklong nationwide tour of hotly tipped Irish and international bands battling it out for a shot at the much hyped Indie Week Toronto, comes to the Roisin Dubh this Thursday, 2 July.

The four bands on show are Walter Mitty & The Realists and Vesta Varro (both from Limerick), Canadian trio Bella Clava and American four-piece Paper Doll.

A female-fronted four piece from Brooklyn/Manhattan, described as 'Pat Benatar meets the Killers', PaperDoll gained recognition stateside with their debut album 'Ballad Nerd Pop'.

Featuring a opera-trained Virginian, a traditional Irish musician (the band's guitarist Patrick Moloney is the brother of the lead singer of Director, Michael Moloney) and a lacrosse-playing drummer, Paper Doll's incendiary live shows and nerdy rock pop are gathering them friends on both sides of the Atlantic.

Doors at 7.45pm
- Galway Independent

"Up and Coming Artist: PaperDoll"

Allkpop has been getting good feedback from our new segment on up and coming artists. To continue with our new segment, meet PaperDoll. PaperDoll’s sound can be summarized as The Killers, Pat Benatar, and Dancing Robots all wrapped into one. Teresa Lee Chaisiri, Jack Kock, Patrick Moloney, and Chip Thomas make up the New York City based band. PaperDoll is high-energy pop at its best, blending shrewd instrumentation, solid hooks, and the undeniable charisma of front woman Teresa Lee Chaisiri. Their debut album Ballad Nerd Pop was produced by Nic Hard (The Bravery, Aberdeen City) and is available on iTunes and Amazon. They’ve sold out shows in NYC at legendary spots like the Knitting Factory, Crash Mansion, Arlene’s Grocery, and the Mercury Lounge. We were able to catch up with Teresa Lee Chaisiri and ask her a few questions about the band.

Since many of our readers might not be familiar with PaperDoll. What genre of music do you consider yourselves in?
Our sound is Nerd Rock. The four of us listened to everything growing up so it's really a blend.

Where did the band's name, PaperDoll, come from?
One of the first songs I wrote had a line in it "I'm not your paperdoll - can't dress me the way you want..." We got the band together and booked a gig a week later, didn't have a name, until Jack was like - what about PaperDoll? We were like - cool. Done. That's our name.

Who have been your main influences?
The four of us had a lot of different influences growing up - I grew up listening to and playing classical music and opera. Patrick used to play in a traditional Irish band, I know Jack grew up on Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Chip listened to Led Zeplin and Michael Jackson...I'd say PaperDoll's music is a mix of everything from Muse, The Killers, anything from the 80's, and Pat Benatar. Maybe a little bit of No Doubt and Arcade Fire mixed in there too?

After releasing the album, Ballad Nerd Pop in 2008, what are your plans for 2009?
We're going to play out like crazy! We love playing live! We're constantly booking In NYC and hoping to play in other cities around the East Coast. We're also planning on recording some more stuff in a few months. We have a bunch of new songs that we'd love to record, but it takes some serious cash to do it right. So, we're saving up!

Any last words to our readers that might not know you too well?
We're 100% independent (no manager, no promoters, no label...yet) so we depend on our fans to spread the word. And our fans really, REALLY have been responsible for so many people finding out about us. It's amazing how much we've accomplished with just word of mouth and emails. We usually have 100+ people showing up at gigs and I'm still always amazed when I hear the crowd singing along. It's a great feeling. We love allkpop!

- allkpop

"What I'm Listening To: PaperDdoll's Ballad Nerd Pop"

I recently got turned on to the music of PaperDoll, and damn, I wish I had heard about this band sooner. Hailing from Brooklyn/Manhattan, and fronted by ex-opera singer Teresa Lee, their album Ballad Nerd Pop was released last year. I'm listening to it right now, and really digging it.

They've been described sort of like Pat Benetar meets the Killers. "Nerdy pop" with a rock edge. And based on what I've heard so far, they kind of kick ass.

Like I said, I regret not giving PaperDoll a listen much sooner. They were recently chosen to play Indie Week Ireland 2009 (the only American band selected). To learn more about PaperDoll, visit the band's website here, and their MySpace page here. And check out the video for "Anything at All."

February 2010 - Angry Asian Man

"PaperDoll at Snitch"

by Kavitha Vignarajah

In the sweltering summer of 2005, CBGB’s closure was imminent. Owner Hilly Kristal had sworn to fight for the venerable institution, but the situation looked bleak. The kings and queens of punk rock-— and hordes of lesser known bands-— had graced this stage, so I went, longing to catch a glimpse of greatness before it was lost to the annals of rock history. CBGB did not disappoint-— that night, Paperdoll performed.

On a bitterly cold January evening in 2007 Paperdoll takes the stage again. This time, the venue is Snitch, an elongated space featuring a stage bizarrely positioned along the right side. Co-owned by Velvet Revolver bandmates Scott Weiland and Duff McKagan, Snitch epitomizes “Appetite”-era Guns n’ Roses-— plastic cups juxtaposed with red velvet banquettes, ostentatious yet raw.

Paperdoll frontwoman Teresa belts out pitch-perfect tunes with the effervescent energy of Gwen Stefani circa “Tragic Kingdom”. She’s always relished crowd interaction and tonight’s no exception. Teresa beckons the audience closer to the stage and briefly dances among the throng. The band works through a selection of old and new songs, each one a crowd-pleasing pop-punk anthem infused with rich vocals and exhilarating guitar riffs. Patrick, the guitarist, appears to be the introvert of the group-— until he lets rip an electrifying solo. By the midpoint of the set, the rhythm section, consisting of Jack (bass) and Chip (drums), look like they’re enjoying themselves even more than the audience-— who are now dancing on tables. The band finishes with “Paperdoll”-— the eponymous song embodying the defiance and joie de vivre that define rock music. Teresa pulls enthusiastic fans on stage; they giddily play the role of her back-up dancers. The crowd goes wild as the show draws to a close. CBGB lives on.

Submission to the “I’m From Rolling Stone” writing competition posted on -

"Ballad Nerd Redux"

By William Hong

What's old is new (and fun) again in PaperDoll's debut album Ballad Nerd Pop.

While listening to Ballad Nerd Pop, I had alternating feelings: it felt familiar and different at the same time. Somehow, PaperDoll manages to find a refreshing way to incorporate various music styles from the past two decades. Think Pat Benatar, incorporate a slight sampling of The Killers, add a dash of No Doubt, and you'll have an idea how PaperDoll sounds. This equation all comes together to create catchy melodic hooks, deliver solid musical performances, and showcase a very charismatic vocalist who performs with raw, emotional power.

The New York based group is comprised of lead vocalist and keyboard player Teresa Lee Chaisiri, Patrick Maloney on the guitar, Jack Koch on bass, and Chip Thomas on drums. The band's setup is reminiscent of No Doubt: one girl, three guys, and a set of energetic pop punk songs driven by the mood-defining front woman.

Chaisiri doesn't mind the comparisons.

"The No Doubt comparison is very flattering. Chip looks great in those belly shirts we make him wear, so yeah, I see how's we're very similar to No Doubt," she laughs. "Seriously though, I think people see one girl three boys and automatically think No Doubt. Which is cool -- I love them."

Their style will appeal to both fans of 80s New Wave music and also contemporary music listeners, thanks to the infectious rhythm and melodies that accompany Chaisiri's commanding vocals. The second track on the album, "I Know," encapsulates PaperDoll's best attributes: the emotional, catchy lyrics are accentuated by the strength of vocals and her bandmates' solid musical proficiencies. It's not surprising that the band draws their musical inspiration from classic rock.

"I studied opera, classical piano, and dance," says Chaisiri, "and I always loved oldies rock, like Sam Cook and Dusty Springfield. The guys in the band have all different musical interests, from Led Zeplin to Nirvana to The Roots. Hopefully all those influences are reflected in our album."
The album's title is derived from the band's style of play, which alternates between playful pop punk rock ("If Nothing Happened", "Everything is Fine") to emotional ballads ("How Perfect", "Nothing Has Changed") that reflect on heartbreak, loneliness, and self-discovery. Despite the more serious lyrics, the album's ballads are just as catchy, thanks to the vocal and melodic hooks. Chaisiri explains the inspiration behind the lyrics:

"[They come from] either personal experiences or things I hear from friends, their bad breakups, etc etc," says Chaisiri. "Sometimes phrases get stuck in my head -- I overheard a conversation one day, and this girl was on the phone with, I'm assuming, her boyfriend, and she kept on saying 'If nothing happened! If nothing happened...' So, the first song [coincidentally titled "If Nothing Happened"] on Ballad Nerd Pop is based on my eavesdropping."

Even though high energy pop punk ballads might not be in vogue now, Ballad Nerd Pop's melodic hooks, catchy lyrics, and strong vocals make it an irresistibly fun album to listen to, regardless of which musical generation you grew up in.

"Featured Artist February 2009"

Simple truths, simple thoughts, folded into congruent shapes can make great music. Easier than it sounds, when it’s hard to let go of the desire to do well. Origami is like music in a lot of ways. An art based on perfect timing and precision. But, if you tried to construct a PaperDoll like the one we found in the big apple; I think you would have missed the point.

Listening to PaperDoll, I think “Why can’t more bands make music like this?” Formed in 2004 on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, this quartet wills solid jams with beautifully sung lyrics. Teresa Chaisiri sounds very similar to a Gwen Stefani jamming out with the Coldplay of the Killers. PD just recorded a 10 song album with producer Nick Hard (The Bravery, Aberdeen City, The Perfects) and executive producer Bryce Wilson (Brandy, Beyonce, Big Boi, Hillary Duff, Whitney Houston, Groove Theory).

A band that has truly come into it’s own. Taking NYC by storm playing Pianos, the cutting room, CBGB, & the Knitting Factory frequently. PaperDoll even made the Van’s Warp tour and is looking to do even bigger things in 2009. So their influences have made the choice to construct this musical origami a very “Beautiful Face” to listen to on Upstream Radio. Enjoy :)

- USA4real

""5 New Songs We Love""

"If Nothing Happened," PaperDoll

Another in a long line of songs featuring lovelorn lyrics disguised by chiming guitars and soaring choruses, but that doesn't mean that PaperDoll's "If Nothing Happened" isn't welcome. The band is currently a regular in New York clubs but, the song's hook-laden tune and campy-but-fun video might soon bring the quartet a much larger audience. Ballad Nerd Pop is out now.

Watch on youtube:

- March 2010 - Blender Magazine

"Paperdoll Good For your Health!"

Scientific studies show that a small weekly dose of power pop is good for you - in particular if you suffer from SAD symdome. Your third week of February should be covered by Paperdoll, who are playing Mercury on 02.19. - Paperdoll's efficacy is not verified by the Food and Drug Administration, side effects include jumping uncontrollably, heavy drinking, loss of sexual inhibitions.

February 2010 - Deli Magazine

"PaperDoll triumphs at Kollab New York 5!"

PaperDoll and Kollaboration – if you’ve been following allkpop for a while, both terms are probably quite familiar to the eye.

As you may recall from our artist feature from last year, PaperDoll is a New York City-based indie rock band composed of Teresa Lee Chaisiri (vocals/keyboard), Patrick Moloney (guitar) and Chip Thomas (drums) and Steve Paelet (bass). From touring Ireland to featuring in indie films, this fearsome foursome has done it all – and now they can add ‘Kollab NY 5 Grand Prize Winners’ to their track record.

If you haven’t heard of it before, Kollaboration elevates Asian-American/Canada performers by showcasing their talents in shows in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, San Francisco, Atlanta and more. Notable names including BoA, Far East Movement, Quest Crew (ABDC), Fanny Pak (ABDC), David Choi (Youtube), Kina Grannis (Youtube) and more have participated as guests; you may recall that our friends of the indie rock quartet Seriously also won Kollaboration back in 2006.

On June 26, this non-profit organization held their fifth show in New York City. Last Saturday, NYC’s Highline Ballroom was filled to the brim with an eager audience that celebrated the Asian-American movement and enjoyed performances from competing talents Alfa, Rian Hong, Cate Song, Eugenia Leigh, Jen Kwok, Meghna Prasad, Part Time Models, Rhythmology and Sheng Wang. At the end of the evening, PaperDoll was announced as the Grand Prize Winners of Kollab NY 5.

Watch PaperDoll’s performance of If Nothing Happened off their album BALLAD NERD POP here. Even if indie pop isn’t really your thing, I suggest giving this track a whirl; it’s pretty addicting!

Want to see PaperDoll live? Check out their summer show in NYC and grab free tickets!

Saturday, July 17th, 2010
Crash Mansion
199 Bowery St (at Spring St)
New York, NY 10003
8pm – SHARP

- Email Your Name by 7/16 to
- Subject Line “PaperDoll Crash Mansion 7/17/10 RSVP”
- Arrive by 8p
Or…pay $10 at the Door

- All K Pop!

"Paperdoll Wins Kollaboration New York"

Big BIG congratulations to Paperdoll, who took home the top prize at Kollaboration New York over the weekend. Their win just confirms what we all already knew -- Paperdoll is a kickass band! Here's video of their performance:

For more information about Paperdoll, including upcoming shows and free downloads, go to the band's website here ( For more information about Kollaboration New York, go here ( - Angry Asian Man

"PaperDoll is playing in Shanghai!"

Who is PaperDoll? From New York City, PaperDoll’s high energy live shows – featuring Lee’s uninhibited front woman style – have secured them a cult following in the dance rock scene. They’ve been featured on MTV, The Today Show, Maxim Radio, and Blender Magazine. 2010 sees the debut of their album Ballad Nerd Pop and brings the band to China on their Global Citizens Tour.

China August 2010: New York indie band, PaperDoll, travels to Shanghai to play at the World Expo and Frexh 2010.

Recently, the band made a live TV appearance on FOX on the Good Day New York morning show and won huge praise by winning Kollaboration NY at the Highline Ballroom this summer. They recently released a Mandarin version of their single Anything at All in anticipation of their tour of China.

Like what you just heard? You can catch them in Shanghai at Brown Sugar (Xintiandi Plaza) and Frexh 2010 (Mao Livehouse) as well as at the World Expo USA Pavilion Stage and America Square from August 5- August 11!

And here is some perks for ChinaHush readers, if you happen to see them in Shanghai, go up to them and tell them you heard PaperDoll on ChinaHush and they will give you a free CD album!

- Chinahush

"Benatar + Stefani + Nerd Pop = PaperDoll"

It’s been forever since I last listened to indie music. Though my taste in music has changed since my young’un days when I blasted The Killers or the next up-and-coming band, I can still appreciate it — the power blast from the lyrics and amazing guitar riffs, especially if it’s catchy enough to push repeat.

PaperDoll, an Asian American girl-fronted indie rock band, just conquered Kollaboration NY and is on their way to play in Shanghai at Frexh 2010 and the World Expo.

Reminiscent of No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani’s vocals supported by a steady stream of drum and bass and everything in between, Chinese-Taiwanese-Thai American vocalist Teresa Lee Chaisiri packs a powerful punch. Her voice soars above the intermingling melodies and the steady pound of the percussion as it heralds lyrics that pull you into the music to create an incredible blend of punk soul.

Rolling Stone said they “embody the defiance and joie de vivre that define rock music,” while MTV World described them as “Harder than The Killers and tighter than Pat Benatar ever was. Pure post-punk energy with a melodic heart.”

PaperDoll kicked butt at Kollaboration NY last month (how could they not with a front woman in such a cute, retro get-up?). - Audrey Magazine


When I reviewed Paperdoll's self-titled EP last year I knew they were a band to keep an eye and ear out for. Now they've released their full album titled Ballad Nerd Pop and it meets all of my expectations and then some. Vocalist Teresa Lee Chaisiri takes the 80's rock sound and brings incredible feeling to the songs. If this were the 80's she would definitely be compared to the likes of Pat Benatar, Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons), Terri Nunn (Berlin), and Kim Wilde.

Almost certainly, lovers of the 80's new-wave era are going to find Ballad Nerd Pop to be as energetic, playful, and fun as anything they can remember. But will this appeal to today's younger music listeners? I would say yes. Paperdoll keeps the music simple with infectious rhythms and guitars that are the perfect accompaniment to Chaisiri's outstanding vocals. It isn't common these days to have such raw emotional power in vocals but Chaisiri delivers.

There really is no bad song in the bunch on this album but my favorites are "She Said," "Beautiful Face," and "Everything is Fine." Those three songs alone transport me back to my 80's parachute pants, thin ties, and checkerboard Vans shoes. Yes, I'm showing my age but this is music that is just simply good for a new generation and beyond.

The Ballad Nerd Pop album is currently only available as a digital download via iTunes, Rhapsody, eMusic, and Amazon but will be available on physical CD on May 16, 2008. It's my pick for a must-have in your 2008 music collection.
Nelson Wong
AArisings - da entertainment resource
- AA Rising


out 4/24/11

If Nothing Happened
I Know
Get to Know me
Anything At All (English)
Anything At All (Mandarin)
How Perfect
She Said
Nothing Has Changed
Everything is Fine
Beautiful Face

You Can't Stop it
Can't Concentrate
Moon Represents My Heart (Mandarin)

PaperDoll: Spinning on iRadio LA, ImaginAsian Radio, SF 96.1 FM, WPKN 89.5 FM , Last FM, Pandora, Grooveshark, Spotify, Radio China, ImaginAsian Radio, ChinAmerican Hit Radio, Delta In Flight Radio



PaperDoll delivers good old fashioned dance-till-you-drop music to the international dance-rock scene. With new singles "You Can't Stop It" and "Can't Concentrate" - crowds from Shanghai to New York are jumping to the PaperDoll beat.

PaperDoll returns to the US in 2012 after their third critically acclaimed tour of China. Following headline-grabbing performances at the Shanghai World Expo, the energetic four-piece dominated China's music scene on their 2011 NY2CN: Can't Stop It!!! tour. Amping up crowds so much that actual TV headlines about PaperDoll exclaimed..."US Band Overwhelms Expo Visitors!"

Stateside, their infectious dance-rock sound can be heard in NIKE, Dayquil, Good Day New York, The Today Show, MTV, Blender, Maxim, Gotham, and a slew of films including critically acclaimed "The People I've Slept With" and upcoming "White Frog" starring Boo Boo Steward (Twilight) Harry Shum Jr. (Glee), BD Wong (Law and Order), Joan Chen (Last Emperor), and Kelly Hu (Xmen). Fronted by charismatic cover girl Teresa Lee, they've brought their uninhibitedly raw live show to NY Pride in Central Park and have opened up for OhLand, Mos Def, and Joan Jett.

Recorded in their home base of New York, their highly anticipated sophomore album with Meteor-Award winning producer Michael Moloney is out April 24th 2012.

"PaperDoll is tearing the city a new ars*ole!" ~ Weekender Shanghai

PaperDoll: Teresa Lee (vocals/keyboard),Patrick Moloney (guitar), Jack Koch (bass), Will Haywood Smith (drums)