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"Interview with PaperFaces"

New bands - Brighton Unsigned Magazine

"PaperFaces Headline the Brighton Unsigned Magazine launch Party"

PaperFaces local up and Coming band - Brighton Unsigned Magazine

"PaperFaces second awesome review from Entertainment focus"

Tracklisting: 1. Take Me Away 2. Passing By 3. The Good Ship Flo

Back in April last year I was handed a five track, self titled EP to review by a band named Paperfaces. My love for the band was almost instantaneous as I ran through the southern scented tracklisting.The shortplayer, with its sultry female vocals provided courtesy of frontwoman Marie Dance and backed up by a band with the confidence of delivering a simplied yet unwatery musical perfection, gave us a glimpse into a band to keep an eye on.Drenched in a bluesy, folk layered rawness to challenge the best that the swamp rock genre offers, Paperfaces EP portrayed a band well lived, well structured and oozing with a talent to rival many of the commercial heavyweights that grace the charts weekly.Now, nine months later, Paperfaces are back with a follow up to that EP.Take Me Away is the band’s latest single and sees Paperfaces doing exactly what they do best. Revved up and given a more upbeat outing, Take Me Away is a musical delicacy of tingling guitarwork, smoky and confidently laid back vocals and a horn section that compliments the track from start to end and fills out Take Me Away with splendour.In addition to the lead single the band also offer up a further duo of B-sides in the form of the Americana influenced Passing By, with its euphorically rich guitar fingerings and the piano led closing of The Good Ship Flo which rounds the single off with a bold, syrupy and gorgeously harmonised ballad that allows the perfect opportunity to show off the fact that the band is no one trick pony when it comes to musical style.

- Entertainment focus

"A great review in full from Entertainment Focus !!!!!!!!!!"

Paperfaces - Paperfaces EP
Submitted by Brandon on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 16:12
Tracklisting: 1. Full Moon 2. Slow Daze 3. All Our Lives 4. Swamp Rock 5. Home
On my first listen to Paperfaces new EP I wasnt too sure what to make of it. Second time around however and I was in love with it and have had it on my iPod playlist ever since.

The trio made up of frontwomen Marie Dance, Percussionist Paul Moseley and Bassist Chris Baigent have strung together a rather nice little EP of captivating and really quite sublime folk pop numbers with a hint of jazz that instantly induces the feeling of sitting in a candlelit cafe for all the right reasons.
The songs are very well pieced together and Maries delivery gives the songs a uniqueness and emotion that is scarce these days in the music industry.
Full Moon introduces us to the band and is a bass strong track, confidently sung with a delinquent 70's feel.

The EP showcases the bands talent in composing some intelligent and invigorating tracks particularly in the form of the sax laden Slow Daze with its rawness and persuassive hooks and the promiment EP highlight All Our Lives. Swamp Rock gives the EP its most american addition. The title probably gives it away before even a first listen. This one is a great track – lyrically going through whats found in Maries garden the tune really puts to use the bands instrumental talents thrown over some lighthearted lyrics.

Home rounds the EP off. Its light and acoustic folk with complimenting backing vocals. This is a nostalgic gem of a track – one that could leave anyone feeling quite homesick with lyrics like 'I could almost see home in the distance, I can almost feel home in the air'.

The sultry vocalist fronting the band is well travelled and you can hear the influences on the EP. Joined by the talents of Paul and Chris these guys are impressive in what they are doing and its a real breath of fresh air to come across some genuine and heartfelt emotive tracks like the ones found on this EP – its just a shame its not a full length album because it gives you a taste of something great so hopefully it wont be too long before we see an album from these guys (hint hint). - Entertainment Focus

"EP Review from loud mouth"

EP Review from loud mouth

Paper Faces takes you back to the 60's American Folk Music era, a flowery, hippy lifestyle of love & peace. With a very free-spirited, bohemian energy, Marie Dance's voice invites you on a peaceful journey through feel-good music. The two standout tracks for us are "Slow Daze" and "All Our Lives", featured below.

"review from Chuck Hinson – the rock relic in the states."

PAPER” FACES — “SOLID” GOLD!You know, yer Cuzzin’ Relic always tries to intro the best new acts oneitherside of any of the ponds, right? Well, over the past few days, I’ve found a band that totally blew my socks off with their lively folk/rock sound!
They’re called PaperFaces and hail from the UK. To try and describe their fresh, somewhat “retro” sound (with all-new, self-composed material!) would be like trying to describe strawberry ice cream — ya just gotta taste it yourselfto dig its unbelievably-groovy flavour!
I’ll tell you this, though: If Uncle Lloyd were with us right now and heard Marie, Paul, Chris, Matt and crew, he’d love ’em! And if Ed Sullivan were still around with his ”really big shew”, I could guarantee that this troupe would be headlining the broadcast.
Okay … that being said, are ya ready to feel GOOOOOD?? Then catch this vid of the band doing Crazy Sometimes (PS I’m gonna try to finagle an interview with these dynamic talents next week, so stay tuned …):
according to your kind remarks, the PaperFaces are definitely star-bound! Wouldn’t be surprised at all to hear them all over stateside radio soon … - Chuck HInson


First EP - Slow daze - On Spotify, Itunes, Streamed on Brighton Free Radio, Splash FM and Other Local Stations, Also Played on BBC 2
Second EP - Take Me Away - On Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Played on Local Radio Stations. Played on BBC 2 Spotted by BBC Introducing.



PaperFaces have been creating a huge buzz around the Worthing and Brighton area, they already have lots of gigs booked for the year ahead and have been drumming up interest from local radio stations, songs from there First two EPs, have already been played on Splash Fm, Brighton free radio. BBC2 and a few other international radio Stations

PaperFaces began with two Songwriters, Marie dance and Paul Mosely, There Paths Crossed when Marie Dance returned from Three years in the north of Thailand playing in a rock band across South east Asia.

She decided to settle back in the UK and to form a new band in 2008 when she met drummer and songwriter Paul Moseley.

Together they have created a Stripped, Back to basics sound using only two Guitars bass and Drums, while letting the songs do the talking and catching peoples minds with there meaningful Lyrics, sweet melodies and three part harmonies.

Since then they have Built up a set of heartfelt original Material which has been classed by Critics and reviewers as a kind of 'Swamp Rock' Genre. They may be gentle at times but they can also pack a punch with Deep Bluesy sax and thumping drums.

After playing many gigs around the South Coast the band began to pick up interest, mainly on the Brighton Music scene. Consequently PaperFaces gained radio Airplay/Interviews across America Canada and Scotland Promoting their first EP and Second. Around this time in 2010 the band also headlined the Heart Festival on Brighton beach after winning a public vote. Followed by a steady flow of raging reviews from Entertainment Focus and rock Critics Such as Chuck Hinson. BBC Introducing have also shown some interest by playing the popular track ‘Full Moon’ from there EP on BBC Radio 2 In 2011.

Following a Front page feature and headline slot at the launch of an up and coming ‘Brighton Unsigned Magazine’ PaperFaces then took off for a two month tour of Bangkok and North Thailand, South East Asia, From November 2011 to January 2012.
Once they returned they took some time out to work on there new Material and search for the perfect people to complete there line up, In the Summer of 2012 PaperFaces found there two missing members Ben Willett on Bass and Michael Bickers on Lead guitar.

The band are now working on there third EP with a full and complete line up and are sounding better than ever before. Whilst working towards the launch of there EP they are also lining up Gigs in London supporting some great acts which will be announced on February 18th.

With a list of festivals. support slots and local gigs being lined up PaperFaces are a truly stunning and Unique band who generate energy and excitement where ever they perform.