Paper Genius

Paper Genius


Energetic Blues/rock Storytime with a funked out reggae twist.


Jason and Martin grew up together, sharing a passion for music. They both began playing their respective instruments in grade school, and many years later decided to put a group together. Samantha stepped in to play bass and offer a unique perspective to her male counterparts. The sound created is distinct to the individual experiences of each member. Classic rock, blues, reggae, jazz and indie genres have all combined in the melting pot to create Paper Genius.


Black Curtains, Glide. Both of these tracks are on the cd and the airwaves.

Set List

Our typical set list consists of 10-13 tracks, depending on the circumstances for the show. We always try to play as many songs as time will allow, with little or no down time in between. They usually last 40 minutes to an hour. We try not to play covers. If we do, it is usually CCR or Weezer.