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"The Patriot Ledger, Jay Millar"

Music critic Jay Millar called PAPERMOON , " a rare bird in today's music scene." He added (the band's sound)..."had a guitar sceen Petty's Heartbreakers would be proud to call their own"...adding also that lyrically (the band) "...examines the puzzlement that romantic matters bring, with a kind of Nick Lowe jaunty wit" - The Patriot Ledger

"Emergenza International Mag"

" You must see PAPPERMOON live they are the epitomy of rock and roll"-

Emergenza Mag - Emergenza International Mag

"Northeast Performer Sept 07"

From Northeast Peformer Sept '07

Things start strong with "Last Laugh," where the band immediately states their case with a well-crafted piece of rock pleasantry. It is here where the listener realizes that Papermoon has an underappreciated skill — each song is instantly memorable via the title. This harks back to a time where the song title was a recognizable phrase from the chorus and not some random string of words that may or may not even be in the song. Papermoon plays to their strengths by putting the focus where it belongs — squarely on the shoulders of their choruses. This is also true in the second track, "Build It Up," a gentle-yet-potent swinger that calls to mind The Band. Papermoon takes a load off the listener's mind and keeps delivering an easy melody in the song's chorus.

None of the songs on The Greenhouse Effect are going to hit you over the head on first listen. They have a gradual, creeping action that's hard to measure until it's too late — much like the actual Greenhouse Effect. By the time the record has ceased spinning, one realizes that each song was a winner and it is time to reset and start again. Papermoon never wanes, always waxing with well-written songs and tight performances. (Self-released)

-C.D. Di Guardia - Northeast Performer


2001 - American Electric
2003- The Electric Caper
2007 - The Greenhouse Effect - singles "Laugh Laugh", and "Build It Up" receiving airplay on terrestrial and XM radio. "Last Laugh" recently used in a Boston Red Sox montage. "Awkward Smile" is spun extensively on alternative stations.



In the Boston area PAPERMOON's music can be heard everywhere; whether you are at Fenway Park as "Last Laugh" plays between innings to images of the audience dancing, listening to Rock and AAA stations, or visiting one of the city's major venues, its becoming impossible not to catch one of Boston's hottest tickets.

Jangly, Jaunty, Alt-Country, Pop-Rock; Papermoon is all of these things. A fiery four-piece, crafting songs that seamlessly blend all that is good in Rock and lost in today's musical landscape. Papermoon's bare-bones approach to creating simple but provocative songs has been moving the bodies and minds of listeners since their 2000 release, "American Electric". The release of their sophomore effort, "The Electric Caper" in Nov of 2003, found the band selling out Boston's "The Middle East", touring NYC, VT, CT, RI, and MA, as well as receiving extensive exposure throughout the northeast on radio, in magazines, on television and all over the world wide web.

This success drew the attention of producer Paul Santo (Aerosmith, Ringo Starr, Rocketscience) and soon the band had entered a production agreement to make another record.

With the release of their 3rd independent album in Mar of 2007, "The Greenhouse Effect", PAPERMOON has solidified their position as an unwaivering mainstay on the rock scene. To see PAPERMOON live is to see a band playing each show as if it were their last. Singer/guitarist/songwriter David Messier drives the set, transforming the club from juke-joint to church to rock club, engaging everyone in the room with his powerful voice. Splinters fly from the sticks of drummer/vocalist/songwriter Nicky "The Greek" Margarite, Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Andre Cantave adds harmony shaking his volcanic hair, dripping with sweat and slinging his Bass. The recent addition of lead guitarist/songwriter Billy Thompson has seen the band extending songs and sets, as he brings their music to another exciting plateau. Thompson turns every head as each night he leads the group through often spontaneous extended versions of fan favorites.

The band calls this music "Throw-Back Rock", as their attention to all the things that made classic rock so powerful - songwriting, production, harmony, showmanship - sets them apart from contemporary music and audiences have been yearning for it. Rock fans bored by the mediocrity of the mainstream, still dreaming of an Indie scene that seems to have left them behind have found Papermoon's music an authentic alternative.