Paper Mountain

Paper Mountain


We're a three piece from Glasgow that plays nice music that you would like to listen to.


Paper Mountain started off life as a five-piece in Glasgow during 2008. Natalia Franklin-Pierce and Adam Campbell added flute and melodica over the core sound of vocals, guitars and drums provided by Derek Reid, Scott Forsyth and Rob Smith.

In 2009 other comitments saw Adam and Natalia leave the band and it left Paper Mountain to focus on a slightly different sound, giving them a rockier edge whilst retaining a strong melodic base.

Still a young band, Paper Mountain have been constantly evolving since their inception, drawing influences from bands such as Grizzly Bear, Mew, Death Cab for Cutie, Islands, Low and Volcano!

Summer 2010 will see the release of their third single. Having been a three-piece for a year, this single sees the band’s song writing in a much stronger position, with each member fully contributing to the process.


Lost at Sea/Lifeboats (single) - 2008

Everyday (EP) - 2009

Set List

We like to play for 25 - 30 minutes and we play all our own material.