Paper Owls

Paper Owls


Paper Owls is an ethereal and stunning result of a series of accidents and experimentations involving some of Omaha’s most talented musicians. Songs transition from haunted folk to progressive pop to ambient rock while maintaining a sense of continuity and undeniable magnetism.


(Nearly five years ago...)

In a little white house, on a snowy white hill, Paper Owls was born... An odd musical collision of long-time friends and songwriters April Twist and Cricket Kirk. They sat in their attic introducing Bjork to Billy Joel, Radiohead to Connie Francis and Tool to Frank Sinatra. After much clashing and meshing, their first full-length album was made. Now, it was time to fill some musical shoes. After months of playing shows as a duo to pre-recorded drum tracks...

Enter: Ben Zinn. One of the best and most innovative guitarists in Omaha. They explained their philosophy of creating good music for the sake of creating good music, and he was up for the challenge. Although he was in many other successful bands in Omaha at the time, he decided that he wanted a creative outlet without boundaries, and Paper Owls was just that.

(Drummers came and drummers went, as they often tend to do, until we met Tim Hillyer... we made a believer of him too.)

Paper Owls started playing many shows - in and out of Omaha - and slowly started to find their voices and people that appreciated them. Opening for Days of the New and various other regional and local bands of success, they caught the ear of a studio engineer named Ian Aeillo (who has worked with Bright Eyes, Cursive and The Faint, among others). So into the studio they went, recording their first full-length collaboration with the full band. With local radio play and much press, Paper Owls' audience started to grow.

And so they travel. And write. And grow. Will you listen?


A Collection of Songs (released 2005 - LP)

Leaves, Trees and Galaxies (released 2007 - EP - recorded at Black Lodge with Nick Day)

Myths (released 2008 - LP - recorded at ARC Studio with Ian Aeillo)

Set List

Set lists are typically 45 minutes to one hour, with various songs off of our two LPs.