Paper Pills

Paper Pills


As in life, moody, intense, and beautiful! A sound that frequents on the side of experimentation, noise and beats. The music speaks for more than the moment.


So how about the band? How about the 2 guys from LA and the one guy from Detriot? How about the 1 and 1 and 1, that make Paper Pills? How about the eclectic, pretty, explosive, moody and progressive moods that weave their way in and out of this band and its music? So how? It just happened, it just came about, it just became and now is.


Carrageenan (self released)
Streaming on 10 Years, Instantly, The One With No Name, and Will You See.

Set List

A typical set list runs between 40-45 minutes; approximately 7 or 8 songs. All original songs.