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"The National Student"

To all music buffs, your new music radar is definitely on the blinker! The current rising band that is missing from playlists around the country is by far the best new sound to come out of Halifax.

Their first gig may have been for an 18th birthday party back in 2008 when they had no written material and no professionalism about them, but they have certainly come a long way with a growing fan base in the UK and Sweden.

Playing live Jack Bennett's voice has a raw quality which can only be described as powerful and recognisable with soft and husky tones – you will definitely want the tracks on repeat.

Their influences come from well known bands such as Brand New, with Jack even having the same guitar as Vincent Accardi to achieve a similar sound, Biffy Clyro and Enter Shikari. Other inspiration comes from Emarosa, City and Colour, and Fightstar. Anyone who has a powerful, energetic presence and can please the crowd is an instant role model for the boys.

Beginning to take the band seriously in 2011 they worked for the best part of a year on their debut album Draw Your Own Holes, released on the 30th July 2011. Unfortunately they lost their drummer shortly after recording for personal reasons and are currently trying out new drummers. However, they are hopeful to make Callum Connell a more permanent fixture this year.

Singer and guitarist, Jack Bennett said: “We wanted our album to be as live and real as we could get it to represent us. We write either solely and consult each other mixing in both our ideas or just play around with a sound which turns into something."

The album launch, on the 30th July at the Victoria Theatre in Halifax, showcased their talent and hard work individually and together. The venue filled up with 300 plus fans, family, friends and onlookers with nothing but positive praise and excitement for the band. The lucky lads even had girls queuing to see them outside their dressing room after the show had ended.

The nineteen year old added: “There was a lot of preparation, but I just wanted to get on the stage and play."

Bassist Kristian Arak, 19, said: “It was surreal as we have played gigs before but nothing as meaningful as this. It was one of our bigger projects, but positively attracted more people to our music.

Their album can be found on popular online stores such as Itunes, Spotify and BigCartel for download. So far they have managed just over 400 physical sales and 1400 streams through ITunes and Spotify.

They are not only talented but very modest as Jack said that they find it hard to take compliments and positive feedback because they feel saying thank you to people isn’t enough.

He added: “It’s amazing when they like us for what we have produced and who we are as a band.

June 2011 also saw PaperPlane touring around UK venues with Swedish band You Ate my Dog. After the success of the tour and of course with their gentlemen like ways they were invited over to Sweden to play at Pepp Fest at the end of November. They gained a slot on the main stage and received the warmest of welcomes from the Swedes.

The boys were shocked at the immense reaction and Jack said that he just wanted to hug everyone to say thanks.

Kristian added: “They seemed so appreciative of us coming out there, we were so lucky.

The trio also recently organised and played their own tour, around the UK, in September of 2011, making contacts along the way.

Jack added: “It’s so easy to organise events as long as you have the effort to do so.

Career wise for a band it can be a long process especially in today’s market. Money is an obvious issue and for many the reality is too tiring, but PaperPlane have a more positive, professional and upbeat outlook.

Jack said: “It’s not about the money for us, if we wanted to make money right now we wouldn’t be doing this, we want to work our way up. The fact we have so much support from our families is amazing, they want us to succeed.

Their songs have also been played on local BBC radio stations around the West Yorkshire area and Kristian said that it has been a pretty steady year with a lot of opportunities along the way so hopefully this year they can push the band further.

So far the band has accomplished a lot. Their next steps and goals for this year are firstly to, hopefully, return to Sweden, release a smaller album and most importantly release a video for their new ep which they are currently working on. There has also been talk of them playing in the West End of London with a Big Band, on the 26th February, which will be recorded and produced by Local TV stations.

With every band gigging is the main way to get noticed and PaperPlane intend to continue with more dates and more destinations- definitely ones to look out for!

Jack added: “with our passion and support we can hopefully make it. It’s class to see the reaction on a small scale right now so hopefully we could reach that on a bigger scale. Everyone has to start somewhere”

Photography: Luke Beevers.
- Louise Swift

""Leeds O2 Academy 1 Live review""

Grungey post-rock trio PaperPlane were the penultimate act of the night, and from the off, you could tell they were serious. After a brief ambient opening that set a dark and ominous presence, they kicked off with a huge noise. The whole band was ridden with energy, especially vocalist Jack, who easily switched between glorious falsetto, bassy growling and pained screaming. Effect-ridden guitars sailed in a dramatic and emotive post-rock fashion. The bass lines could be enhanced with further depth and development, but there was such a wall of sound that it was barely noticeable. They were impeccably professional, down to every tee. Three very skilled musicians played as a unit, and I was highly impressed. I will definitely be seeing them again, and without a doubt, they stand out as the pre-eminent band of the evening by a long, long way.
- Leeds Music Scene

"HevyPetal ('Draw Your Own Holes' album review)"

Ok, so we are going to something that we never do here at ...we, or indeed I will be writing this review in the first person narrative. Those that have been followers of HP from the beginning, will know that’s how the site began life. Just one person with such a passion for new and exciting music, that the overwhelming desire to write about such talent has lead to what the website is today.

PaperPlane have resurfaced the very feelings and raw passion that began my HP journey and as such, I have decided to break the mould (and the structure of HP, much to the annoyance of the rest of the team I am sure) and revert back to my original format: to get lost in the music and let the words flow. That is what PaperPlane have the ability to do and the sole reason I fall in love with the underground music scene time and time and time again.

So who is this band that have their hooks so firmly in me? Despite what your ears may believe, they are Jack Bennett and Kristian Arak on guitar/vox and bass respectively. They currently do not have a permanent drummer and use rotating session drummers (Callum Connell/George Webster) who of course are doing a sterling job. Enough of the padding, let’s get down to the more pressing matter at hand: The music itself.

Kicking off the full length album Draw Your Own Holes, is recording play back which seamlessly leads into first track Stacks. Rich yet simplistic guitar and basslines lead you nto a false pretence of sorts, before hitting you with an extremely powerful tool – Jack’s vocals. At times deep and meaningful, others melodic and almost angelic but always mesmerising. From the moment you hear ‘....and we all fall down’ the one thing you can’t deny is the fact that you will be left intrigued and thirsty for me. Especially when the track hits its crescendo of high octane guitar lines and melodically gorgeous basslines.

Under The Influence is more of an upbeat number, which could EASILY be played on commercial radio and have the likes of Fearne Cotton and Zane Lowe wetting themselves with excitement at claims that THEY have found the next big band of the UK. ‘Be yourself and don’t be anyone else’ is the epitome of a clap along in any environment.

Now I could sit and dissect every fragment of every track on this outstandingly good album, but it really is one of those occasions whereby you really do need to hear it to believe it. So, what I propose is a snippet of the’ best bits of one of the best albums to ever grace my life’, how about that?

The album continues to showcase the astounding talent in songwriting, both lyrically and instrumentally.....and this is all before you reach Runway. Oh my fuck....Runway! Possibly one of THE best songs I have ever heard. No if’s no but’s, just an amazingly constructed song, catchy as fuck lyrics, beautiful melody and an impressive vocal display. With no exaggeration, this track has been played well over the hundreds. ‘Dance alone, scream like there’s no one home. I’m holding your hand, together we stand’. I rarely say this, but dare I say – this is simply perfect.

Ok, so the album has had its highlight, its one amazing track, it must be a steady decline from here. Wrong motherfuckers! This album gets stronger the further you listen and the more you listen. Eyes Closed slows it down a notch and could be likened in the vein of Damien Rice in the verses at least. A very strong and powerful number, especially when it reaches nearer the end, which is extremely emotive and heart wrenching . It also contains my favourite lyric of the entire album....’Give me the strength to fight my demons’. Just stunning.

Pray is another track not to be overlooked (not that any of the tracks on here could be, not even the interlude). Starting off with Jack’s lighter side of his vocal range and a calm drumming, it soon develops itself into a layered work of art, that unfolds before your ears.

Crash Status is another exemplary contribution to an already boastful album, and as if things couldn’t get any better we are treated to the gorgeous vocal collaboration of Jack and a female guest vocalist (Miss Kate Gardner). We are also lucky enough to hear more of the harsher vocal’s from Jack. Is there nothing this man can’t do?

Ok, brace yourselves......... And In The End, I’ll Build A Time Machine . You know I briefly mentioned Damien Rice earlier, well this track ups the Celtic feel and then some! We have orchestration people and it works absolutely beautifully. Wait, wait there’s more (not to ruin the surprise or anything) but there is a children’s choir on this bad boy as well. Orchestration, choir, bang on the money instrumentation and soft vocals.....and gut wrenching screams. Indulgence never sounded or felt so good!

I think you all get the idea, how highly I regard this album. What I will say is, I have now had the pleasure of seeing PaperPlane perform live twice. In fact after seeing them the first time, I simply HAD to have them play my recent birthday party (alongside Take The Seven and Mallory Knox). The album is breathtaking but to see them perform live, is another experience entirely. They are awe inspiring, jaw dropping, totally mesmerising and completely captivating.

With Christmas just around the corner and the New Year looming, if you are going to make one resolution, make it to see PaperPlane as much as you can. I can categorically say without any doubt, you will not regret it......your only regret will be that you missed out on such a phenomenal talent for too long.
- HevyPetal


PaperPlane - 'Draw Your Own Holes' 14 track, DigiPak-Cased Album.
Released 30.07.2011, independently distributed, Unsigned.
Available Digitally from; iTunes(UK/Europe/U.S/Australia/N.Z./Canada/Mexico/Japan) Rhapsody, MySpace Music, Zune, Amazon MP3, Napster, Spotify, eMusic, MediaNet, Thumbplay, Nokia.

Tracks Played on BBC Leeds, BBC Manchester, North Manchester FM (Including first ever Unsigned Album of the week with 'Draw Your Own Holes' in history). Venues across Yorkshire. Halifax Phoenix FM. BCB radio, Bradford. Bradford Trinity College Studio Performance (Acoustic) USA, Baltimore, Maryland - College public performance. Canada, Calgary, Ontario CFBU FM & London Café Toronto.



PaperPlane are a unique 3 piece outfit from Halifax in West Yorkshire.

They have been described as one of the most fresh and promising young bands to come out of the UK in recent years.

Their sound has been described as raw, full of emotion, akin to Brand New and early Kings of Leon. But they are so much more than that.

Live, the band exudes a presence that is over whelming, and way beyond their years, leaving many speechless. They combine the energy of Enter Shikari, with the sensitivity of Radiohead, the unpredictability of Nirvana and the sheer spectacle of Biffy Clyro.

Their debut album ‘Draw Your Own Holes’ has received glowing reviews from all over the UK. At the albums launch in July 2011, they played to 500 people at The Royal Victoria Theatre in Halifax. The album then won them the first ever unsigned album of the week on North Manchester FM.

Later in 2011 they sold out The Manchester Club Academy, went on to tour in Sweden, played a rammed show in Stockholm (a gig where the band sold out of their merchandise even before they set foot on stage!)

Most recently, the band played as part of the Centrestage competition final at the O2 Academy in Leeds to around 1400 people.

They are currently promoting the album, which has been self released, touring all over the UK and causing a bit of stir in venues up and down the country. In these times, where some music has become so predictable, PaperPlane have come to shake things up a bit!

Leeds Music Scene ‘…a dark and ominous presence, they kicked off with a huge noise. The whole band was ridden with energy, especially vocalist Jack, who easily switched between glorious falsetto, bassy growling and pained screaming.’

HevyPetal ‘Now I could sit and dissect every fragment of every track on this outstandingly good album, but it really is one of those occasions whereby you really do need to hear it to believe it. So, what I propose is a snippet of the best bits of one of the best albums to ever grace my life, how about that?’

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Bookings/General – (link hub)
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Twitter - @PaperPlaneUK

Jack Bennett (singer/guitarist/songwriter)
Mobile – 07595736292
Landline – 01706 818919
Personal Email –
Twitter - @PaperPlaneJack

Kristian Arak (bassist/songwriter)
Mobile – 07557686405
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