The best band you never heard of!


With a high-energy stage show and a sound ready for radio, PAPERSTREET is an act that entertains and impresses. Comprised of former members of national acts Fear Factory and Cool For August, and regional act Cornbread, these musicians have a history of solid performance. Their combination of rock and power pop blazes a trail that is easy to follow.

PAPERSTREET formed in 2002, beginning with bassist Andrew Shives (Cool For August, Fear Factory) and drummer Brandon Faulkner (Cornbread, local session player). They wanted to start a band that exemplified the musical abilities of all it's members. Brandon brought in Justin Cooper for the guitar position. Then with bass, drums, and guitar filled, PAPERSTREET began writing and looking for a front man.

Newcomer Luke Daly filled the remaining position. But after one and a half great years with Luke, they had to part ways late in 2004. After a few weeks off, PAPERSTREET started holding auditions.

In the next weeks the band was introduced to Chris Reece. "Chris came to his audition and blew us away." Chris' voice and ear for melody was what the band needed. His dedication and drive for success matched the band's energy and direction.

With the components of PAPERSTREET reassembled, they spent the next couple of months writing songs for demos to reintroduce themselves to the rock world. In early 2005, PAPERSTREET debuted their improved sound and new singer to rave reviews.


Everything is Alright- 2005 Debut

Set List

30 minutes to 1.5 hours of original material