Paper Street Company

Paper Street Company


Paper Street Company is an alternative/rock/pop band from Chicago with the energy of Fall Out Boy, Thursday and Rise Against, mixed with the poppy sensations of Dashboard Confessional, Radiohead, Jimmy Eats World and Incubus.


Paper Street Company takes pride in their consistency, song writing, and their ground breaking stage show. Being involved with festivals, benefits, as well as over 225 live shows since 2004, Paper Street Company has the drive, the passion, and the smarts to be not only successful in this business, but to be a household name.

Paper Street Company's music is much like Ed Norton's character in the movie Fight Club. There are different sides to their music. In some songs their endings have much softer and mellow tones with gentle vocals while in others, they come at you hard with crunching guitars and a darker ambience lyrically.

The Indie Music Review ( recently said of Paper Street Company, "Lead singer Brendan reminds me of a young Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), not only in his stage presence, but in his strong vocal range and depth, and in the way he interacted with the crowd." and "Steve, Joe, and Matt each played their instruments with energy and enthusiasm and were dynamic in the way they complemented
each other musically and with Brendan's vocals. Even though the venue and crowd was small, Paper Street Company showed their love of what they were doing by playing as if they were playing for thousands. That impressed me very much. What I especially liked was that I could understand the words Brendan was singing, which isn't something you can say about a lot of local bands out there."


A Yearbook in Advance EP, 2006
Underneath the Skyline EP, 2004
Perfecting the Art of Casual, full length LP due out Fall 2008

Set List

Set usually last anywhere from 35 to 50 minutes. All original songs.