Paper Street

Paper Street


Paper Street has hit the ground running and is ready to take on the world, one fan at a time. Formed around a mantra of drink a few beers, and rock the fuck out, the band combines a wide array of influences to create a truly unique sound that is rooted heavily in balls-to-the-wall blues rock.


Forged in the fires of Mount Riffenrock, Paper Street return to this plane of existence to bring fiery, sonic Rapture to your ear drums. The Gods of Rock smiled upon the earth, and gave mankind their only 3 sons:

The Voice, whose human form is known as Shane Saunderson. “And lo, Shane did sing to the women of the land, and their undergarments did fall to the earth.” (Grohl 16:3)

The Beat, known to man as Jesse Gainer. “..And Jesse struck down upon the stretch skin, creating a thunderous exaltation. There was much wailing, and ringing of eardrums, but the people knew that it was good.” (Lombardo 4:12)

The Low End, referred to by those who dare speak his name as Shaun Arsenault. “And the Bearded Tree who was The Lord spoketh to Shaun and did say ‘ Wail excellently, my Son, and growth much facial hair.” (Flea 5:2)

In short, brothers and sisters, Paper Street is not merely a Montreal based rock and roll trio with influences such as Bionic, The Black Keys, Danko Jones and the likes; they are manifest destiny.



Written By: S. Saunderson

The power of love is enough to move me.

To place me onto a stage and make me scream.
To dive me into the crowd and make them scream.
To bring the crowd onto the stage and make us scream.

The power of love is the power to move.
The power to move is in the music.
The music is amplified love.
The love is in the music.

Come bathe in amplified love.


Weapon of Choice, Independant, 2007

Set List

Typical full set list ~ 1hr

Can't Stop Won't Stop
Dance, whiteboy
Come & Gone
Can't Say
Treat Me Right
Here's to the Day
Mother Marches On
Let's Get it On
Black Whiskey Blues

Currently covers:
"Let's Get it On" - Marvin Gaye