loud, hard very passionate rock n roll. we don't try to sound a certain way, we just play what comes out.


influences? we like alotta of stuff. 70's punk/ 80's hardcore/early 90's alternative/ the classics...beatles, stones, stooges, velvet underground, mc5. what sets us apart from other bands? we play purely from the heart. we are not trying to be pretty, cool rock stars, we dont care about image, we just come out and give all we have every show we play. no band in the harrisburg area loves playing music as much as we do. bill and chris have played together for 13 years and derek came in a year ago and we started papertongue. we have been a band for a year now, and have a decent amount of stage experience. i think we have played 54 shows this year. from baltimore and new york to the good old york and harrsiburg clubs. whether we are your type of music or not, people seem to enjoy our show


papertongue--self titled we released in jan 07
sycophant liberation--we released in sept 07
i think they play some of our stuff on some local college radio stations, not sure about streaming airplay

Set List

we are an original hard rock band. so usually we play one set. occasionally we through in a cover.... mc5 "kick out the jams" nirvana "breed" we've played 20 minute sets to 90 min sets, whatever the show allows. a typical set list would probably be ........ tomtoms/we know/daddy's got a boner/ jailhouse jed/ papertongue/ good question/ breakfast in bed/ fiftyfifty/ on the table/ new testament/ sticky/ severe i's/ loanshark