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Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF

Perth, Western Australia, Australia | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Popped Veins"

"Entitled In My Veins, the record is a quick combo of rock jabs, pop hooks and somewhat poignant lyrical uppercuts."

"Papertrail seem to have found balance in all applications of their music. While their lyrics are definitive to make sense, they are also colourful enough to ignite one's imagination, and, similarly, while their music is rockin' enough to have a bit of bite it is also poppy enough to kiss it better afterwards."

01/03/07 - X-Press Magazine, Perth

"Energetic Acoustics"


Acoustic pop-rockers Papertrail are all set to release their debut EP ¬In My Veins this week and bassist Paul Speering is happy with the fact that all the band’s hard work is finally beginning to pay off. The band formed two years ago when uni-mates Paul Petropulos on vocals and guitar and fellow guitarist Jason Chin recruited Speering onto bass duties and, after a recent period as an acoustic trio following the departure of the old skinsman, completed by the appointment Luis Burrows behind the drum kit. So with a new line-up, the band is ready to turn some heads with the recently completed EP. “We recorded it in two stages,” Speero begins about In My Veins. “It’s a half a do-it-yourself job and half of it was done in the studio. Late last year we did some recording with Brandon from Distillery Studios and we tracked a few songs there and then after that we started doing some recording at home. We all recorded onto our computers and did all the mixing and stuff ourselves. It’s a pretty stressful process. It’s very time consuming and the band has to agree on all the little things but you do get a good level of control and you end up getting what you want. You can really try a lot of things and you don’t have to worry about paying someone by the hour to try them. I found it to be quite a really good learning experience. You spend a lot more time getting what you want with the do it yourself style. We’re pretty happy with the end product.”

Down time following recent Speero surgery has allowed the bassman to focus what seems like the entirety of his time into putting on the ensuing CD launch featuring supports Spoonful, Chelsea Lights and Love You Not in their own acoustic mode this Saturday at the Rosemount, a process that has been helped along with the confirmation of the RTRfm Fresh Blast grant. “The actual Fresh Blast package is a pretty awesome thing,” Speering says. “We put the submission in and we said we’ll see how it goes and we won’t hold our breath, but then I got an email from Peter Barr just over a week ago saying we were successful and that changed things, we were able to do a few more things and get to change our posters as well. We think it’s a great opportunity to get our music to a wider audience. It’s huge for a band like us who don’t have a huge budget, now we don’t have to worry where the money’s coming from. We can just go out and play our music which is what it should all be about really.”

Playing their music is what it is all about, and Speering says that sometimes he gets a bit excited when spreading the word. “We were playing a The Castle one night and I sometimes get a bit dramatic and start jumping around the stage,” he reveals. “Not that our music lends itself to that sort of thing, but I proceeded to kick the acoustic guitarists lead out of the amp, not once but twice during the same song. Also when we were playing the Cockburn City Band Competition in January last year, my amp decided to expire halfway through the last song, I just picked up the drum shaker and continued on and finished the song and we got a rather rapturous round of applause from the audience which was really cool and we ended up winning the crowd prize. And anytime someone will come up to you after a show and say that they liked it, it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside.”

01/03/07 - Drum Media, Perth

"Papertrail- In My Veins"

Papertrail released their debut EP last week and its an effort well worth a listen. 'Throw Me A Line' is a solid pop/rock song and 'Walking In My Sleep' is a positively upbeat number. The professionally recorded tracks 'Sinking Ships' and 'Pea In A Pod' don't sound any different in quality than the home-recorded ones. But, songwise, 'Sinking Ships' is the best track on the disc, it exemplifies the four-piece's knack for penning strong melodies and writing good lyrics, despite the depressing subject matter. Keep and eye out for future Papertrail material, I say.

08/03/07 - Drum Media, Perth


EP- In My Veins- 2007



Papertrail were formed in the Perth winter of 2005 with long time collaborators Paul Petropulos and Jason Chin securing the rhythm section services of Paul Speering. Having fashioned their own distinct sound with a series of live performances and recording experiences, Papertrail are a band driven by a unique acoustic rock sound who perform their original and revealing songs with spirit and energy. Papertrail’s influences include: Coldplay, Something for Kate, Death Cab for Cutie, Blur, Oasis, Dave Matthews Band, Eskimo Joe, Crowded House, Counting Crows.

As frontman and guitarist, Paul Petropulos sings with emotion and soul, while creating the band’s unique acoustic tones. Jason Chin adds a magical touch on guitar, providing a melodic accent which elevates and colours each tune. Bassist Paul Speering provides a creative undertone that rides the melody with groove and intent, while drummer and recent addition Luis Burrows provides a unique and driving force on drums, completing the instantly recognisable pop/rock sound of Papertrail.

Papertrail have played at some of Perth’s best venues, including the Rosemount Hotel, Swan Basement and Mojo’s, along side the likes of Dave Mann Collective, One Horse Town, Superengine, Freya Hanly and Love You Not, just to name a few. Papertrail won the Audience Prize at the Cockburn Battle of the Bands 2005 and had the opportunity to perform at the 2005/06 Cockburn Community Concert series.

In March 2007, Papertrail released their debut EP "In My Veins" and several tracks have already received airplay around Perth.