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New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Papertwin - Sleeptalk"

In the dead of the night I hear your voice quietly mumbling. You are comfortable in your dream and I can tell because your voice is soft as if we are having a conversation. You aren’t being chased by some unknown force or falling from a great height. You are just pleasantly having a calm chat with the spirits of the night. You never use names or any sort of description so I never know who your co-stars may be. Perhaps you are just there alone in your world spinning in a bright sun thinking about what the next day has in store for you. Either way I am enchanted by your sleeptalk.

Papertwin who you may remember from the single release of Coma/Cross are back and have fleshed out a full five track EP. The Porcelain EP includes those previous two singles as well as three new works that all have that freshly updated New Wave sound that they established in their previous releases. Today I am featuring Sleeptalk which opens the new EP. Simple guitars and steady percussion open the track and allowing it to take you by great surprise once that bass kicks in. A world of sound opens up out of those first few simple elements and a strong vocal floats perfectly over them. Currently you can get the full EP for free through their Bandcamp for the next few days after which Sleeptalk will continue to be free and the other tracks will be up for only $.99 each. Also if you happen to be in the Brooklyn area be sure to catch them out live at Cameo Gallery this Thursday. - Good Pop, Bad Pop

"Papertwin "Brisk, Alluring Electropop""

Electro-pop, by its programmable nature, too often breezes into the world in a digitized rush of symmetrical beats and swooping synth lines. How much happier the ear is, however, when it hears a song that begins like “Coma” does, with its well-constructed intro, full of purpose and asymmetrical motifs. There are three basic sections—the opening, bass synthesizer section, a shorter section with a guitar, and then the last, longest section, with the deeper-sounding guitar that brings New Order clearly to mind. None of these sections is the same length. And within each one, the melody lines are strong but irregular—they hook your ear but without telegraphing where they are going, each, also, lasting different lengths of time.

This is a long-winded way of saying they had me at hello. When vocalist Max Decker opens his mouth and that haunted, slightly roughed-up, slightly reverbed tenor comes out, there’s no stopping this song. New Order, yes, is a big influence, but Papertwin emerges with its own take on that formidable sound. The combination of brisk, dance-club movement with precisely conceived instrumental lines is alluring, and the understated chorus—with a half-time melody that floats behind the beat—is both gorgeous and elusive. So elusive, in fact, that the band fiddles with it the second time through, so we only really hear it twice in the four-minute song. Another example of this song’s hidden good work is the new synth melody introduced in the song’s coda (3:05). Most songs are coasting by then. It’s a subtle touch that makes the subsequent return of melody lines from the introduction all the more satisfying.

“Coma” is one of two songs on Papertwin’s debut digital single, released last month, and both available as free downloads on the band’s Bandcamp page. Thanks to the band for letting me host the MP3 here. - Fingertips music


Hace tiempo que no escuchaba algo de new wave mezclado con buenos sintetizadores y un poco de pop, y esto es lo que nos trae Papertwin el cuarteto natural de New York, en verdad son muy buenos estos chicos.

Les detallo algo sobre el nuevo material de esta banda que se formó por el 2010, el 18 de Enero pasado salieron 2 canciones llamadas Coma y Cross, y que me imagino son las primeras 2 canciones del futuro álbum de la banda que al parecer tendrán sonidos bien electrónicos a lo pop. Ahora les dejo Coma que les aseguro la querrán bailar. - Indie Music Rock Exclusive Tracks From PERÚ To All The World

"Papertwin – Psychedelischer Elektronikwave"

Darüber, wie viele interessante (und gute) amerikanische Bands aus Brooklyn, NY, stammen, hatte ich mich ja schon des öfteren gewundert. Nun kommt mit Papertwin eine weitere Combo hinzu – das Quartett steht nach eigenen Anbagen auf Shoegaze, Britpop und Electronica, und in ihren nun kostenlos bei Bandcamp erhältlichen eigenen Songs ist von alledem etwas dabei, aber auch 80er Synthiepop und Wave. Vor allem «Coma» ist echt sehr schön geworden! - Coast is Clear


Brooklyn based new wave four-piece Papertwin creates electronic music inspired by both brit-pop and shoegaze. Let the words of Papertwin’s own Max Decker speak for themselves:

When growing up, children act as a conduit for all things they experience. A product of their environment until aware enough to form their own ideas about what their senses are telling them. Music exists in that moment when things are passing through you and you take them and conceive your own idea of what your world means to you. Halls filled with synthesized sounds and computerized machinery. The muffled sound of damp air. - No Fear of Pop


Papertwin just sent these tracks over with little info aside from that they're off of an upcoming EP that may or may not be called Coma/Cross. Either way the songs are pretty rad, burgeoning with synth-pop goodness and less enthusiastic vocals. Hopefully we'll hear the rest of said EP soon. - Get off the Coast

"Papertwin: Coma/Cross"

He sat quietly at his desk pretending to listen to the teacher speak. In his hands was the second page of plain white paper. Slowly and carefully he folded the sheet with the kind of care a young girl would use to fold an important love note. Each crease he flattened with his textbook making sure that the end product would be perfect down to each detail. He planned to release us out of the second floor window once the bell had sounded after everyone had left the room. Soon both me and my paper twin would fly freely in the spring sun.

I received a pair of New Wave tinged singles from a Brooklyn artist called Papertwin in my box yesterday with very little other information other than they would be featured on an upcoming EP. If these two tracks are any sign the full EP release will be something to keep your ears open for. While they do hint at New Wave sounds they are very modernized with updated electronics. A heady mix of synthesizer and beats make up the base for both tracks and the vocal work on both is great. Coma is slightly more upbeat with a piano playing along with each sung word and gives off a slight New Order vibe.

Cross is a more mellow affair that rides along on an almost tropical rhythm that is injected with headphone ready twists and tripped out surprises before dropping into a stronger throbbing beat and adventuring into outer space with its beeping outro. That solid vocal is featured in both and has peaked my interest in the EP as I think it will yours. Currently both tracks are available for download via Bandcamp so head over and have a little preview of what is to come.

Other Papertwin info found here - Good Pop, Bad Pop

"The New Sound From Across the River"

These days everything seems to be labeled “post-something-you’ve-never-heard-of.” Kurt Vonegut was “postmodern,” Mika is “postgay.” So we guess Papertwin is “postgrunge.”

Papertwin, the four-member band that has been taking Brooklyn by storm, blends Brit and American pop with more experimental electronic sounds. The talented ensemble has been booking music halls and bars consistently for the last year while keeping a low profile but a growing and devoted fan base.

And in the recent guerrilla releasing style of Robyn, Papertwin has dropped two bodies of work in 2010: an untitled EP in June and Siam this month. We have found the band’s albums to be the perfect soundtrack for those evening when you find yourself throwing on your vintage army coat over your favorite plaid shirt and skinny jeans and hopping on the L train to dance the night away at Sugarland.

Max Decker, who sings lead vocals and plays the synthesizer and guitar, is joined by Francis Cardinale, Joel Morales, and Nick Shopa who back him up with additional acoustic and electronic sounds. The band which has both straight and gay members (we’ll let you guess) came together in 2009 and we think are just as fun to watch as they are to listen to.

So crank up your iPod and join the sexy new post-grunge movement fueled by Papertwin. - The Showt


Coma/Cross 2010
Porcelain EP 2011



"The combination of brisk, dance-club movement with precisely conceived instrumental lines is alluring."

"Papertwin emerges with it's own take on that [New Wave] formidable sound."

Papertwin came together in 2009 after having met each other as students in various schools in Vermont and New York.  Before becoming a four-piece, the band was initially conceived by Max Decker (guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) and was quickly joined by high school friend Francis Cardinale (drummer, programmer).  Together they recorded demos but the band wasn't able to take form until third member Nicholas Shopa (synthesizers) came onboard after meeting fellow classmate Francis at an audio engineering school in New York.  Having lost their early bass player who moved out of the country in December 2010, Papertwin took a short break from live shows in order to locate a new bassist, as well as write and record a handful of new material.  In February 2011 Papertwin welcomed their fourth and final member, Justin Michael Miller (bass, synthesizer), and resumed performing live in Manhattan and Brooklyn.
The sound of Papertwin contains elements of New Wave, Brit Pop, Dream Pop and Shoegaze but cannot be pinned as any one of them alone.  The heavy usage of synthesizers informs their sonic foundation while Decker's translucent, crystalline vocals etch a distinguishing clarity to their sound.  Often known for creating an airy, cloud-like atmosphere, the rhythmic presence of electronic drums bespeckled with bombarding fills points more clearly to the eras of 80's synthpop and 90's industrial.  The band currently resides in Brooklyn, New York and books shows regularly in the area.  As of June 2011 they are shopping their self engineered EP to labels, and seeking professional management and PR.