Papi Chulo and Ruthless

Papi Chulo and Ruthless

BandHip Hop

That we are just kids that grew up with a dream, and we started out with nothing but now that we worked to get some equipment and now were ready to be heard.--Papi Chulo- and Ruthless contact at


We started rapping when we were young and people thought we were wasting our time, but now that we have grown up, and seen the bad and the good, we decided to follow our dreams no matter what anyone else said, so we saved money bought equipment, started recording songs and ready to be sign, and ready for anybody--Papi Chulo, and Ruthless


Changes by Chulo feat Ruhtless

Set List

Right now on our new Cd titled VIP we got 2 songs done VIP by Ruthless and Changes by Chulo feat. Ruthless