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Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France | INDIE

Nantes, Pays de la Loire, France | INDIE
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"Listen. Buy. See."

k, Ok I’ll go with pronouncing the last syllable of Tigre as Grr (even if that’s how it should be said) but only because the racket that comes from this album is super, instant and energetic and vibrant and clever rock. I can’t think of many things better than an album making me want to see the band that made it live. I want to see them live because I get the impression it’d sound great and be hyper-kinetic.

An album of great, clever riffs, energy and no room for contrivance, pretence or affectation…but they don’t sound French, which is a shame.

Papier Tigre has managed to get over the anxiety of influence, write what they wanted and this album is the incredibly pleasing result. An album that conveys urgency without anxiety and manages to have a third dimension.

Listen. Buy. See.

Christopher Carney -


Maybe the least Gallic-leaning band in France, bass-less Nantes trio Papier Tigre are instead more interested with intricate post-hardcore that wouldn’t
disgrace the Dischord label. Where many lesser Yankophile pretenders pile up the angular gui- tars and forget the songs, there are no such prob- lems here. The beguiling breakdown of ‘Health And Insurance’ takes care of that in one swoop, display- ing lyrical delicacy and musical dexterity close to breathtaking. And though at times Papier Tigre can count themselves rather lucky Fugazi aren’t espe- cially litigious fellows – ‘Indoor Islands’, in partic- ular, could quite easily nestle on Ian MacKaye and co’s ‘The Argument’ album – the comparisons in this instance are highly complimentary ones.

FOR FANS OF: Fugazi, Enon, Oxes - Rock Sound

"Papier Tigre"

There are some records that you just want to blow you away. Records by awesome live bands. Records with all the right influences. Records from unlikely places. Papier Tigre's The Beginning And End Of Now is one such record. They really deliver live; their jerky dual guitar interplay and personality-packed drums making for fun dancing. Their record collections seem impeccable too, with their sonic mixture prominently featuring the likes of Fugazi and Q and Not U and the vocals heavily recalling Quicksand-era Walter Schreifels. And they're from France - hardly the first place you think of when someone mentions credible arty indierock, giving them a pleasing underdog air.
The arrangements are fantastic. Creating a DC Hardcore sound without a bassist in a similar manner to Brighton's Epideme, there are stunning moments of mathy wtf as rhythms bounce off and around eachother, lopsided drums, chunky guitar stabs and fleetfingered arpeggios working together like a beautifully complex machine.
Do give these guys a shot, especially live. They've got a lot of talent and a lot of potential. -

"It’ll wake you up, we promise."

Papier Tigre are a band with drive. A trio of French indie punk-rockers, their sound is clean and sure and gloriously loud. New album The Beginning and End of Now is just the stuff to wake you up in the morning.

It’s the tribal drums, maybe, that give their tracks that extra push into sonic urgency. Without a bass player, they have to work to give their sound weight – and they do it sharply and with panache. With strong rock vocals and competing guitars and pedals, each track has a kick and verve its own.

Hailing from Nantes, France but singing in English, judging from sound alone, the band could be from the States. It’s Rage Against the Machine style musical angst with a fresh twist (and without the politics). The influence of punksters Fugazi, Q Not U and The Ex can be heard in their approach, but ties can be drawn to more contemporary acts like the Chinese Stars and Liars too. Make no mistake, though, this is guitar-led stuff.

Papier Tigre has been working at its punky magic since early 2006, and they released their debut album in April 2007. The trio – Eric Pasquereau, Arthur de la Grandiere and Pierre Antoine Parois – have been playing guitar and drums together for years, collaborating with each other in projects such as Room 204, The patriotic Sunday and Argument. This second album looks set to establish Papier Tigre as one to watch.

The band has shared the stage with such indie greats as Battles and is currently on tour in the UK: this is a band that promises to be brash and loud live. By all accounts, they rock the stage as much as they do the disc. They’ll soon be heading back to tour France and Europe before heading over to tour the States – so catch them live while you can.

And if you don’t make a show, well why not set The Beginning and End of Now as your morning alarm call? It’ll wake you up, we promise. -


'Recreation', 2012
'The Beginning And End Of Now', 2008
'Papier Tigre', 2007

4 way split (2x7") with PAPIER TIGRE, MARVIN, PNEU, ELECTRIC ELECTRIC, 2010



PAPIER TIGRE (pronouce “Papyeah Teegrr”) is a 3 piece band comprising of Eric (guitar & vocals), Arthur (guitar & percussion) and Pierre-Antoine (drums). 'Recreation', their third full length album, will be released in Europe on March 1st, 2012 by Africantape and Murailles Music. Their new material has been recorded at Steve Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL by John Congleton (Explosions In The Sky, Baroness, Bill Callahan, The Roots, St. Vincent, …). PAPIER TIGRE understands that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, danceable energy. Their music is firmly entrenched in the tradition of inventive, challenging punk but combines elements of experimental pop compositions and aggressive math rock as well.

In the absence of a bass guitar, their sound is built around pounding tribal drums that propel each song forward with ruthless efficiency. This urgency is underlined by the distinctive vocals of Eric, his strained yelps acting as a rallying cry to the guitars, which occupy the space between voice and drums and make it their own. Whether working together or against each other, the interplay between the two instruments is explosive. Brittle melodies seemingly scrap with vicious riffs, before the two suddenly come together to deliver the coup de grace.

They have already released two albums on indie labels Collectif-Effervescence (France) and Wangba Records (China), a self-titled debut album from 2007 and The Beginning And End Of Now from 2008, later released in Brazil on Monstro Discos. In September 2010, to support a tour they did together with their friend bands Electric Electric, Marvin and Pneu, a 4 way split 7” was released with a brand new song from each band. They recently signed on the acclaimed labels Africantape and Murailles Music for the new record.

But above all, PAPIER TIGRE is an impressive live act and a somehow tireless touring band. In about 5 years after they started from scratch, they played more than 400 shows in 23 different countries including China, Hong Kong, Japan, Brazil, the USA, Canada and of course all the way across Europe. In the UK, the band appeared at 2008 All Tomorrow’s Parties by invitation of Explosions In The Sky. Building up a fanbase through nothing but great songs and hard slogging might seem peculiarly old-fashioned; but for PAPIER TIGRE it’s simply what they do best.