Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Combine the vocal elements you love from your favorite artist from Drake to Tre songz, from Usher to Neyo. Now imagine them woven together in a unique and innovative package and you ill have artist Pappadon. From hip hop to Rnb to Pop this artist has the full package and is ready to deliver...


The Uniquely innovative writing style of Pappadon comes from his vast experience as a performer from touring as lead backup for Latin Salsa singer Legend Vega ot singing lead in the Techno/Pop/Rock band Xisle. His sound has been heard across the globe catching the attention of artist such as UK Rapper Sway Da Safo who remixed his single "Tonight" calling him a breath of fresh air. Pappadon is becoming teh definition of artistry succesfully crossing music boundaries gaining him the nickname "Genre Jumper". He was recruited by A&R Rene Drinkuth of NGU MUSIC GROUP (Germany) to join thier writing team where further sharpened his talents creating a style of unique r&b/pop blend. In 2011 he linked up with home town native and producer Rylo Green to release his first above ground solo project called "Almost Home" which reflects the various moments of his musical journey.


Gypsy Music ep 2010
Almost Home 2011