Parachute Musical

Parachute Musical

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Piano driven indie/pop from Nashville, TN. Toured and ate bad food nonstop over the past 4 years (it's fun though). Our awesome fans helped us raise $17,000 in order to make our upcoming full length, which is produced by Jim Wirt (Jack's Mannequin, Incubus, Fiona Apple). It will be out this Summer.


Parachute Musical isn't what it used to be. Since it's conception in 2003, the Nashville-based, piano-fronted indie rock quartet is building a better city with perfect song-craft, highly energetic performances, and a hearty work ethic. Since the sold-out show for their sophomore release, Everything is Working Out Fine in Some Town (2008), these charmingly handsome brunettes have been touring the U.S. coast to coast for four years now and have built up quite a loyal following in the process. It's the good looks really, though.

D.C. natives Josh Foster (vocals/piano), Tom Gilbert (guitar/vocals), and Ben Jacoby (drums) deposited themselves into Nashville just a year before releasing Everything is Working Out, and work out it did. The guys settled in place after discovering Tennessee music man Andrew Samples (bass/vocals). Foster's soaring voice and detailed compositions are the perfect home for Gilbert's unique, artistic style on guitar, and Samples' driving bass sparks a fire under Jacoby, setting ablaze a well-matched rhythm section.

New songs are now pouring out of them! In 2010 and into early 2011, Parachute Musical put out three single releases, "No Comfort", "Little Did You Know" and "New Love".

The new sound is a step ahead in the right direction. Foster's lyrics remain heartfelt while the music becomes stronger. It is original and well-rehearsed; they're so tight you'd swear they were all wearing girdles. These guys are having fun, no doubt about it, and there isn't another band in Nashville more ready to be taken seriously.

Look out for Parachute Musical's third full length album to release in Summer 2011. The record is produced by Jim Wirt (Jack's Mannequin, The Rocket Summer, Incubus, Fiona Apple) and was completely fan-funded after the band raised $17,000 via


No Comfort

Written By: Josh Foster

There are days when I think about you and days when I don't
So I guess I'm getting better I guess, I'm getting better all the time
And I know I don't write good love songs but I can hope and pray
That you're as happy as I am now... Are you as happy as I am now?

I got a proposition for ya' babe
And you probably can guess what I'm gonna' say
It's not a chore or a task that's out of your hands
It's a yes or a no that your already well aware of

I understand, I understand what you're tryin' to say
And I get, I get the points you're tryin' to make
But I couldn't give a shit not even if I tried
If this was a love, if this was a love there would be no other options

I get no comfort here at all
I get no solace in the fact that I haven't seen your face in a month and I
Get no comfort here cause'
All I built were castles made of paper decks that never stood a chance

But there are days when I think about you and days when I don't
So I guess I'm getting better, I guess I'm getting better all the time

I tried to catch a breath on common ground
When everything I said didn't make a sound
Lets call this what it is our bitter end

Drop Me A Line

Written By: Josh Foster

Don't elaborate on everything I already know
Just give me a motive, a reason why you'd do what you did
Or don't care, not an ounce of regret
Over the things you said and all the things you did... I'll be fine alone just

Drop me a line every now and then and
Don't even try to pretend that we never
Had our ups our way high ups that we
Never thought would come down

Calling all reporters I got a fire I just can't beat
It started with an old flame who quickly made me obsoluete
Give her the things she wants or she'll burn you right up
Consuming of course all the, all the things that you love... I swear you're better off alone

But she'll drop you a line every now and then an she
Won't even try to pretend that we had our
Had our ups our way high ups that we
Never thought would come down but they were already there

I'm sure you'd swear that you never
Meant any harm or knew better

But you drop me a line every now and then and you
Don't even try to pretend that we had our
Had our ups our way high ups that we
Never thought would come down but they were already there... Singing they were all ready there, I know.

Back The Same

Written By: Josh Foster

i'm not finding words that could greet my inner mind set i'm eloquently in distress and i'm eloquently such a mess and i'm over things that help me fake some phony type of intellect i'd creep and crawl right out my chair and raise my hands in the air just to let you know that you're on my mind and my heart can't swing that motion but we can try to fake like friends but we'll end up back the same i know it and i'm not counting time yet cause i'm young enough to waste it i'm laughing at my lack of trust and all i love and work so much my pains expense my countenance is over driven over working i'm dumb enough to speak my mind but smart enough to not let you know that you're on my mind and you've been that way for a long time and we can try to fake like friends but we'll end up back the same i know it

One More Song

Written By: Josh Foster

i don't have anything to write about anymore my words have become boring and too plain for stories or films i feel so unfulfilled cus i'm always fixing something but it always seems to break and i can't win i can't stop i'll take it from the top take me back to ten i remember ten to be a very good back then a time of best friends and not having to worry one little bit about my kin but these days it seems i worry only on the latter and it tends to fill up my head and clatter i'm finding my own way out of here and i'm only taking one on my way you can mentally sit on the fence all day but i'll have the time of my life no one will take that away from me anymore i'm right i'm right i know i'm right so hear me out cause this is my turn to speak or scream i'm gonna say this from the top of my lungs clear as i can but as clear as i could would never produce the effect that i want so stop and listen good i won't write one more song about what happened or what went wrong i'm moving on because it's time for a change a change in my life i'm ready to just let this go and leave you by yourself for awhile till' you finally know how hard it is to be alone


+Kill It Cut It Down [full length] - Summer 2011
+New Love [single] - February 14, 2011
+Little Did You Know [single] - August 3rd, 2010
+No Comfort [single] - January 8th, 2010
+Seasons Greetings [EP] - December 2008
+Everything Is Working Out Fine In Some Town [full length] - June 2008
+Parachute Musical [full length] - 2005

Set List

Typically 30-45 minutes, can fill up to 60+ minutes if necessary.