The Parachutes

The Parachutes


We just want to do something original. Something that makes people's ears perk up. And smile. And other good things of much virtue. Yea verily.


Were a band. (more on that later:)


chutes and ladders "EP" (Self-Released)
Through Your Window "EP" (Self-Released)

Set List

Normal Set: [Roughly 1 Hr]

1. Thoughts of the Modern Runner
2. Walking at 12 am
3. Dawn The Destroyer
4. Wind Chimes
5. Became a Patched-up Cut
6. Put Your Headphones On!!
7. Ghost of the Sun
8. Canadian Rapping
9. Youth Parade
10. Through Your Window

Other Originals:

11. Hold yr Secrets Close
12. Private Crusade

Typical Covers:
1. "Air Fortress" as arranged by The Advantage
2. "Mega Man 2 Elecman" as arranged by The Advantage
3. "Holland 1945" Neutral Milk Hotel
4. "Race for the Prize" Flaming Lips