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"13th annual Hott 100 Unsigned Artists"

Given the rise of female singer/songwriters on the indie scene, this year's alphabetical list of Southern California's top unsigned artists has more spice to it than ever. With the industry stuck in transition mode, this list of hotties could contain the music biz's next breakthrough stars. This list gives bookers, managers. music supervisors, and a&r reps the opportunity to contact Southern cCalifornias hottest acts. PARADE!!!! - Music Connection

"PARADE - review by Bernard Baur"

This act's name fits the music perfectly. Listening to their set is a lot like watching a parade in that each song is unique yet folows an overall theme. And, that theme is loud and clear in gutwrenching passion. The edges, however, are softened a bit with harmonies and melodies reminiscent of the Cranberries, giving the songs a polish while still retaining their rawness. Lyrically intriguing and muscially enthralling, Parade's material celebrates the real essence of alternative rock.

Solid but simple, Parade is not a flashy band. Instead, their musicianship serves the songs, giving them just the right vibe and feel for the candid and sometimes shocking lyrics. Pimentel loses herself in the music excorsising her soul while singing her heart out.

Parade is a new band on the local scene, and they seem to be doing all the right thingts. Their songwriting is strong and their performance is intense. They are an act that presents quality music and holds great promise. - The Music Connection

""Fantastic *****""

"This gives a new defintion to spectacular. This album in wonderful...cant wait to hear more!!!! Keep them coming because your songs just keep getting better. Beautiful Possibility: 10/10: absolutely magical...the beat drives the song. Its just amazing. Whatugonnado: 10/10: The harmonies and melodies are just fantastic. This song seems to be a favorite among listeners. Keep going Lisa Parade!!!!!!!! - Three Days Grace


Every song on this album is well written, catchy and each offers something for both the average listener and the accomplished musician. Lisa Parade is an incredilbley talented musician and songwriter, equally proficient on drums, flute, horn and probably other strings instruments. She gives quite a performance. And....what a great band!!!! A delight to hear accomplished players making great music without comprimise. This album rings true from start to finish. Listen and you'lle see! - Lou

"Parade "Out of the Funbox""

Out Of The Funbox
13-song CD
This CD is a hard to review. I like it, but who am I? Self-assessment gets menial when confronted by good music. Imagine burning through your workday in a not-so-bad-somewhat-okay mood, and you take the T to work. You’re on two Red Bulls (the 12 ounces) and the hustle-bustle of the station has you pepped up for once, not depressed. The female vocals with harmonization plunge through your ears as you miss the train to Park Street. I hear parade down the windy hallway annals of Tremont. The production is tight but loose, like my T pass in my wallet. I’m trying to describe the “places” this melodic, well-crafted, alternative music put me, you see. I can only write what I know. And I choose to describe locations rather than compare Parade to other bands. So fuck you. They’re really fine. Can you lend me a buck so I can get a coffee at Dunks? I’m so cold. (Mike Loce)



2007- Beautiful Possibility (EP)
2006- Out of the Funbox (LP)
2004- My Day Anyway (LP)
2003- Cant Wait (EP)



When you come to our shows, your never know what to expect. Yes, you hear your favorite PARADE songs, but, each show is an event creatively orchestrated. The live show is continually devolping to constantly keep you coming back for more.

Lisa P was born in Quincy Massachusetts and grew up in lots of places around the USA finally ending up back in Boston. She comes from a rich musical backround starting with saxophone in the 4th grade, "The Amazing Roma Band" in High school , and a big Italian family that still play music all the time.

After HS, she joined a funk band called Flunky (later called Superhoney) and they played while people danced all night long. They played with George Clinton, Maceo Parker, G Love and many others. Flunky made two albums.

Lisa P learned how to play drums because she wanted to be part of the intense world of Boston Hardcore with her band Big Wig. They played with lots of bands including Def Tones, Powerman 5000, Tree, and tons more. Big Wig made their record with Brian McTernan (Thrice).

Lisa P started writing songs with her bike messenger friend and became part of the Boston Punk Rock scene with her band HEIDI. HEIDI played with Rancid, Bosstones, Stone Temple Pilots, Cypress Hill, Darkbuster, J Mascis, and again, tons more. HEIDI recorded her demo with Scott Reibling (Letters to Cleo and "Scotty Doesnt Know".

When HEIDI got signed to Warner Brothers out of Boston, Lisa P left her band director job in Randolph Massachusttes (go Big Blue) to be part of the very unsavory and unmusical world of the LA music industry. They made an awesome record with Bob Marlette but when one record executive president replaced another record executive president at WB, HEIDI got dropped.

Lisa P got another teaching job and started writing songs on her crappy four track in her Hollywood Oakwood apartment. She became a singer and learned how to play guitar because by then she was pretty much sick of lead singers. (Dont do drugs kids) Lisa P met Brucie and they started putting musicians together around these songs. This music is the result of that....

"Out of the Funbox" was produced by LisaP and Jackie Subeck (one of the founding foremothers of PARAde) "Beautiful Possibiblity" is the title track off of The Lisa Parade's new EP, produced by LisaParade and Bob Marlette ....stay tuned as there is more to come....To contact us Visit our Call. 818-337-8066 Email.