Paradigm's live shows have resulted in 3000 new fans buying the album after shows at college campuses. Do these college students know something we don't? Anyone with a an ear for rock and a musical conscience would recognize that a sound described as "Gwen Stefani flirting with Radiohead" is unique.


This is the sound of things coming together. Well, truthfully, it’s not. It’s the sound of someone typing. Hoping to come up with the right descriptions and exaggerations to make Paradigm’s bio stand out. I could trot out music magazine adjectives: earnest, heartfelt, passionate, professional, moving, authentic. But the thing about adjectives in band bios is that you can’t trust that they’re true. Band bios are tricky things. On one hand, you’re reading it, so you believe that it has something to offer. And by the same token, we’ve written one. We believe that it can help. And while all that’s true, you can’t believe everything you read and we shouldn’t rely on this bio to do a thing for us.

There. We’ve said it. It’s good to be honest with each other. But where does that leave us?

Ideally, you should listen to the album. See them live. Tell me it’s not true. It would do a lot more for you than reading these words. But if we’ve got to start with words, we might as well trust each other, at least a little. There isn’t a better place to start.

Back to that sound – the sound of things coming together. That’s Paradigm’s latest record: Thirty Stories High. Paradigm’s had it all working for years now, that’s nothing new. Fronted by a female vocalist on par with anyone in the industry, and with hooks and melodies to spare, they’ve been playing songs the way you’re hearing them on Thirty Stories High for years. Think Gwen Stefani on a first date with a more muscular Coldplay. Their previous release, Standing In Line, has sold 3,000 copies, received airplay on over 60 college radio stations, as well as Sacramento’s KWOD-FM 106.5, and been supported by a tour that’s covered 19 states. They’ve played shows with Maroon 5 and John Mayer. Their talent, songs, and dedication are nothing new. What was new was the commitment to make, and completion of, a first-rate record from a production standpoint.

To that end, Paradigm tapped producer-engineer Joe Zook (who has previously recorded Anna Nalick, Marc Broussard, Remy Zero) to come alongside them in the process. “Joe’s vision massaged our songs from ‘good’ to ‘undeniable,’” says singer Shannon Curtis. “He came with fresh perspective on the music and was able to draw out the best in each of us in the studio. My experience with him was amazing – I felt challenged and rewarded by what we created.”

The quality of the performances and songs on Thirty Stories High isn’t a revelation or surprise, so much as it is a release – not so much a new start, as it is a culmination. The care and dedication that’s been in years of rehearsals, songwriting, and touring was coming together in front of their eyes – their open soaring choruses, layered guitars, and driving energy had been realized on a circular piece of plastic 1/16 of an inch thick for anyone to hear.

While Thirty Stories High is a beautiful record and a nice piece of production, it also isn’t a sham. They’ll back up every note, chord, and beat on that record and prove it night after night on the road because it’s what they love to do, just like they have been for years. Believe it. Listen to the album. See them live. Tell me it’s not true. And get in while the gettin’s good. Sooner or later, somebody’s going to realize what’s here. It might as well be you.



Written By: Curtis, Stratton

Tangled in your arms I lie Between fear and love tonight
It isn’t safe for me to stay or give myself away But I don’t let go
Cause this feels like heaven It terrifies my soul
It feels like love and I won’t let go

Underneath your tragic spell I so willingly fell
Underneath your tender eyes is the power to take my life
Still I won’t let go

Cause this feels like heaven It chills me to the bone
It feels like love and I won’t let go
It feels like heaven the irony we hold
It feels like love and I won’t let go

Love is on it's knees in agony
Come lift me up
Into complete Surrendering

And I won’t let go
Cause this feels like heaven Where fear is overthrown
It feels like love and I won’t let go
It feels like heaven take me I will go
It feels like love and I won’t let go


Thirty Stories High - June 2005 release, single "Heaven" was one of 15 rock finalists in the 2004 International Songwriting Competition

Standing In Line - Singles "Last Night" and "If Only" were added to over 80 college radio stations in the winter of 2002. Sold 3000 copies while touring 100+ college campuses nationally

Set List

Last Night
Hazy Shade Of Winter
If Only
The Sooner The Better
You Are
Truth About A Lie
Saddest Hour
Want To Be
Not The Only One
If I Cry

Covers Include:
Hazy Shade of Winter - Paul Simon
Message In a Bottle - Police
In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel
Today - Smashing Pumpkins
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House