Paradigm is exploring the boundaries of American music. Funk, Jazz, Soul, Rock: these are all just ingredients in Paradigm's recipe for cooking up the ill beats.


Hailing from New Jersey, Indiana, New York, Maine, and Tennessee, the members of Paradigm came together in 2005 while studying jazz at the University of Louisville, and in a short time, the group has already wowed audiences throughout Louisville. Jazz is the common ground for these musicians, each of whom is constantly in demand in the Louisville area for freelance work and various other musical projects. Paradigm’s focus, however, is on songwriting and improvisation, which exhibits more soul/funk/experimental rock-based influences. The sound of the group ranges from gospel to trip-hop, with the essence of jazz at it’s very core. Paradigm constructs set lists with deep consideration and detail, and is guaranteed to keep audiences guessing and dancing hard all night long.

Influences range from John Scofield, Radiohead, Medeski Martin + Wood, The Roots, James Brown, Charlie Parker, Derek Trucks Band, and the Miles Davis Quintet.

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Paradigm (available 2006)

Set List

Can vary from 3 to 10 songs depending on how the band is feeling that night. If the case is 3 songs, get ready for a wild ride of improvisation and musical mayhem.

Setlist example (from 11/04/05 at Elmo's, Louisville, KY):

Freak Nasty
Grover Meets Miles in the Afterlife
Rhythm Police
Another Day
My Hands Wave Goodbye
Come Together*-->
The National Anthem**-->
Paper Back Sunday-->