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Paradigm Indifference Syndrome

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"This band is quite good"


Please note that this isn't remotely serious. Obviously. - Our dad



Bridge to Point Light (Summer 2009)
The track listing was:
1. Mistakes in the Future
2. The Leaves of Osaka
3. Singular Failure
4. EMP
5. Distance Between
6. Poseidon's Wasteland
7. Moths and Insomnia
8. Lights in the Storm
9. The Gap in the Wall
10. Only Life
11. Without
12. Walk with the Dead
13. A Handful of Darkness
14. Bridge to Point Light

A few copies of this album were handed out to select friends. Two copies of the album were "special editions", featuring difference bonus tracks.

Death and Innovation (Summer - Autumn 2009)
This album is currently a work in progress. It is a concept album, about two things, "death" and "innovation".
There will be two parts to it, the first being called "Death", which has the following tracks written so far for it:
Death (So Far)
Youth On Fire
If They Wake Up

The second part is "Innovation", which has the following songs written for it:
Sunrise by Candlelight
Traditional Wisdom
Smoke in my Eyes

We are also planning an EP to go along side Death And Innovation called Interludes and Innovation, where the ambient songs we couldn't fit on the main album would appear. These tracks include:
The Arcadian Skyline
Genetic Drift
Clinical Immortality
Doesn't Shine Anymore
West Of The Sphere

So far, these have not yet been put up on the internet in full. We will soon freely release:

Only Life EP (Autumn 2009)
This EP will contain some of our favourite tracks we have written so far, inducing "Only Life", which will be submitted to the International Song Writing Contest.
1. Only Life (Competition Edit)
2. Lights in the Storm
3. Pyjama Party in Space with Brian Eno
4. Innovation

Other tracks which have been either written or recorded, but are unused so far, include:
Don't Curse Your Shadow (Dobbin)
No Service For The Damned (Dobbin)
A Lighter Shade of Black (Dobbin)
The Devil Knows Your Postcode (Philip/Dobbin)
First (Philip)
Strobe (Carl)
Elanor Goodman's Psychedelic Space Trip (Dobbin/Philip)



Less a "band" and more a "project", Paradigm Indifference Syndrome is a set of three brothers who write and record music together.