Paradise Fears

Paradise Fears

 Vermillion, South Dakota, USA

Exploding out of the vibrant Midwest pop rock scene is the hottest, youngest thing since Beiber. Wiith a unique, refined, lyrical, driving, synth-pop sound, Paradise Fears brings an energetic live show that will make you laugh, cry, cheer, and most importantly, dance until you can't feel your feet.


Paradise Fears is a six-piece pop rock group from Vermillion, South Dakota. After recording their debut EP, “The Secret to Dropping Out,” these high school seniors quickly tore through the Midwest in 2009, turning heads and stopping hearts all along the way. 2010 will feature the release of their second EP, “Make Them Believe,” produced by Jordan Schmidt (Motion City Soundtrack, All Time Low). Soon to be known for an energetic live show (think N’Sync meets a UFC Cage Match), this pop punk ensemble is often compared to the likes of Taking Back Sunday and Mayday Parade. Born in the heartland and bred in front of a microphone, the future holds promise for the PF boys: so mothers, warn your daughters.


Fall On Me

Written By: Paradise Fears

she said you’re going insane / just promise you’ll drop my name / when you drop off the face of the planet / you took me for granted / now i’m finding my way home alone / leaving you swallowing silence for two / just blame it / all on me / fall on me / now / tell all of your friends / all that remains / to be said / three little words and the end / you can take it all back / and watch this all fade to black / your problem / you claim it / just turn your back and blame it / speak low if you speak revenge / dangerous game called pretend / hands to the matches / now we’re throwing a spark / stuttering lies to keep the truth in the dark and i’ll / keep breathing because you’re chocking my out / and i’m sick of being in your shadow of doubt / but that’s what i get for mixing pleasure with pain / so i’ll turn clock back / and wait for the rain to / fall on me / now…


"The Secret to Dropping Out EP";
"Make Them Believe EP"

Set List

While our bodies prefer a high-energy 45 minute set, we can play for up to two hours.
We play entirely original material (save the occasional Lady Gaga cover). This weekend's set will include:
Fall on Me
Tiger Song Segue
Hear Me Out
Waste of Time
Just Dance (Lady Gaga cover - I wasn't kidding!)
Now or Never
Encore: Vice Versa