Paradise Vending

Paradise Vending


A singer-songwriter-ish rock band with an inclination towards noise. Tall and bookish.


These are songs about small towns in the middle of the night, car crash and divorce, radio towers and getaways... All that Ever Wasn't was recorded above an appliance store in downtown Columbia, MO by five guys who’ve gotten to be very good at what they do. This is, at it's heart, a big boozy pop record and maybe the best you've heard in awhile.

Chris Canipe is the voice, written and otherwise, of The Paradise Vending. In 2001, he and Lou's band, The Sultans, ended a 3 year run with the release of Vs. Texas, a very well received record which charted high on local college radio and even topped one local Super DJ's end of the year list. Former Ditch Witch guitarist and local studio owner Barry Hibdon entered the picture soon after and The Paradise Vending were born. Travis MacFarland and Jeff Gilchrest round out the line-up on keyboards and drums respectively.

All That ever Wasn't is the first release by The Paradise Vending. It was recorded in the band's residence, Barry Hibdon's Red Boots recording studio in downtown Columbia, and it took a painstaking two years to put together. Somehow over those two years, Chris moved to Austin,TX and then moved back, and Emergency Umbrella Records came to be.

Emergency Umbrella: What began in 2001 as an ambitious band collective made up of 20 some bands has since become the six band cooperative record label we call Emergency Umbrella Records. The EU roster includes, The Doxies, Kingdom Flying Club, Billy Schuh and The Foundry, Trebuchet, Firefly Alliance and of course, The Paradise Vending. EU has put out seven records since it's redefinition in the Spring of 2003 and there are plans for at least 2 new releases in the fall of 2004. Learn more at


In April of 2004 Paradise Vending released their debut album, "All that Ever Wasn't" on Emergency Umbrella Records. (

Set List

Typical set: 40 - 50 minutes.

Sea of Tranquility
Pop Song
Big City
Long Drive Home
Fever Dreams
Farm to Market
Living End
Minneapolis St Paul
End of A Marriage
Open Fires