Paradisiac is a band that combines space rock with classic rock influences. We are passionate about creating innovative music that is strange yet accessible for those who love all music genres. Paradisiac's music will make you think, make you laugh and make you raise your glass and sing along.


Paradisiac rose like a phoenix from the ashes of Lansing's ragged music scene. After breaking up with his first band, The Fuzz, frontman Daniel Veale teamed up with his friend and electronics guru Mike Roy and later convinced guitarist-turned-drummer Dale Foster to join their motley crew and give Lansing a much needed hit of adrenaline. Even though they are a three-piece band, they have a sound that will fill even the largest arena with their gritty guitars, infectious bass lines, voracious drums and unique vocals. Their music influences range from Nirvana and The Pixies to Tom Waits and Ween. Paradisiac is a band dedicated to making weird rock that even your parents won't hate. With the release of their self-produced debut EP, The Plague, Paradisiac is ready to cram their gear into a rented U-Haul and run up a bar tab on your girlfriend's credit card in a town near you.


EP - The Plague. Yes, all the songs on our EP have been played on the Impact 88.9.

Set List

The Plague, Megaman, Heart Attack, Get Right, Heroine, El Diablo, Holes, One of Those Days, A Million Miles, The Wolf, I'll Take Care of You, Man From Mars (all Paradisiac originals)
We only play covers if we need the extra time... our typical set lasts for 80 minutes but we can play for 3 hours if you ask us nice!