pop/folky/indie/rock + post punk/power pop - something like that maybe. Melodies are always in the center of our soundscape. Paradors include likeminded musicians from Sweden, Canada & England,


I'm Jesper & i live in Sweden. I had a bunch of songs on the excellent site "Garageband" (R.I.P) and i found a Canadian band that i really liked & as theire singer "Scott Cryer" also liked what i was up to we decided to do a album together. Nick Marsh (UK ex Flesh for lulu) joined us and a whole bunch of local friends & here we are now!


Lady Godiva

Written By: Jesper Eriksson

Lady Godiva

Sweet little cougar on a skateboard to school
i'd never seen anyone so naturally cool
captain Smith & pocahontas, we became friends
and we stumbled thru the desert hand in hand

straight out of school soon to work in a bar
your modest ambitions would soon take you far
last thing i heard you've been seen with the prince
of the swedish royal family

I was looking for clues at the sceene of the crime
built a complex alebi just to buy time all i had to offer
a basic mistrust of the world, was not good enough
lady Godiva you sure picked a name
botox galore made your way into fame
but did ever ride naked thru town
to distract a king from he's sword?

If i could turn back the time.....i would turn back your mind
maybe i stoped drawing the same old picture again & again & again


MAG songs - album debut 2012-09-01