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The best kept secret in music


"SAGU Newspaper Article"

Dallas Hip Hop Alliance
By: Jessica Parham

Are you a hip hop fan, but are frustrated with all the trash in secular hip-hop these days? Perhaps you, like me, have searched and found only "cheesy" Christian hip-hop. Are you afraid that you are forever doomed to listen to contemporary Christian music? Take heart, hip-hoppa, there is a solution and you won't lose your soul.

There is an organization here in the Dallas area called the Dallas Holy Hip Hop Alliance that exists for people like you. The DHHA is a growing network of Youth Groups, Hip Hop artists, churches, Venues, Street Team Members, Promoters, College Campuses, Radio Stations, Radio Show and a growing number of fans and supporters.

The mission of the DHHA is to bring Dallas' Hip-Hop artists and fans together by connecting them with other local hip-hop artists, fans, and youth groups, and to give them a place to find out the latest news, shows, events, and have discussion.

SAGU student Jeramiah Giehl, also known as Emcee paraDOX1, is the founder and promoter of the DHHA. "It is my desire to effectively promote Holy Hip-Hop in such a way as to make a market and create a fan base that will infuse the Dallas party scene with positive conscious underground and Christian Hip Hop," says Jeramiah. "paraDOX1 utilizes a unique blend of East Coast and Underground Hip Hop along with blending soulful Hip Hop lyrics with a passion for street ministry and impacting Hip Hop culture combining socially conscious lyrics with spiritually filled lyrics."

Jeramiah's website gives insight not only into Jeramiah's ministry, but also provides links to the sites of other rap and hip-hop artists in the area and elsewhere. Jeramiah adds, "I believe that the greatest need for Dallas is Christ. And I believe the greatest avenue to impact Dallas with the message of Christ is Hip Hop music in the Deep Ellum area of downtown Dallas.”

Maybe you are not a hip-hop fan and don't know what all the fuss is about. “Hip-hop is one of the fastest growing and most influential styles of music today. Even rock n' roll has been infiltrated by hip-hop by incorporating rap and Dj scratching into their music. Just as the Apostle Paul studied the works of contemporary poets and philosophers to communicate the gospel message, hip-hop music is one way to effectively communicate the gospel to this generation and the next,” adds Jeramiah. For more information on how to get involved with the DHHA, visit their website at www.dasouth.com/dallashha - The Lions Roar

"Mic Rippaz Interview"

Where are you from? How Old? Martial Status?
I'm from Oceanside, California, 28 years old and single but in a commited relationship.

Tell me about your album or soon to be one?
The project I am working on is going to be my first solo project titled 'Emcee paraDOX1 - Don't Bust No Glocks' its going to have six original tracks plus a poem 'Have You eva' writen by me read by Triple S and a freestyle with some local underground cats so a total of 8 tracks. I have the entire project written, right now I am recording the vocals, plus working on final touches such as CD art work and a couple remixes with some hot local tallent to add as bonus tracks. It's mostly and underground hip hop album with a party track and a rapcore song that I am actually singing the hook. Get ready! I am going to release it independently late March, its the second project under my independent label, XDC Records.

What do you wish to achieve in your album?
Simply I want to be faithful to use God's gifts in my life to reach those to whom Christ has called me to minister to. That may sound cliche but my goal is to find an effective Christ centered way to make music that is relevant and cats in the hood can relate too. I don't want to be boxed into only reaching the choir or backslidden church kids. I feel a passion to reach heads that have come from where I have been or are currently locked in struggle. I want heads to connect and relate to my life, my past and my pain and find out why I called on the name of Christ to find strength. Really I just want to help heads flip the script on the world and become champions in Christ.

How did you get your name?
As webster would define it a par-a-DOX is 'a tenet contrary to received opinion, an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises." While talking to a few unsaved friends about my life and testimony I felt that many aspects of my past and current life do not make sense to the natural mind and appear to be a paraDOX. Plus I am a very eclectic person. It is the simplicity of the Cross that confounds the wise. It appears to be a paraDOX that Christ's death would bring life and it is this illogical philosophy that we proclaim as the truth that sets men free. I add the 1 to the end of my name because there is another MC who calls himself parodox and I wanted to emphasis my reliance on Christ the 1 who makes my life come together and the paradox that is me make sense.

Who is your favorite rapper?
Um, thats a hard question, I respect alot of rappers who have pathed the way for me to do what I do and have influenced my style, secular and some Christian. I have to say that the most influential in my life has been Kj52. Kj took time to respond to my emails and remembered who I was when I meet him in person even spelt my name correctly. I asked him how to get into Christian hip hop and he sent me an email that included an article he wrote and that he was working on putting on his website on how to get into Christian Hip Hop. I also really appreciate the inspiration I have recieved from uncle Dj Maj.

How do you think Holy Hip Hop is reaching people?
Well, hmm... interesting that you would ask that. I think is having a deep impact in the lives of many also I think its time for Christian Hip Hop to take over. Many secular labels are starting to fall under, like Sony I hear is struggling and secular Hip Hop is starting to become a little lack luster due to its push towards a more pop style approach. The most influential style of music right now is Hip Hop music, it has been the music of passion. Hip Hop started with cats like Clive Barker aka Dj Kool Herc, Grandmaster Flash and others who were Islamic as a positive artistic expression for the black community however when hip hop became popular it got taken over by greed and worldliness. Gospel Hip Hop is an influential movement poised to take back the streets, redeem the culture and start a new counter-cultural 'Jesus Movement.' I see two veins right now, one thats reaching the church effectively encouraging, exhorting and inspiring the body with such artist as Cross Movement and others. And others who are reaching into the clubs and streets to bring heads in using the elements of Hip Hop culture with such artist at La Symphony, Tunnel Rats, DeepSpace5, Enock (formerly of the Crossmovement). There seems to be a rift but I think we need to span the rift and work together. We are one body and the finger can't cut of circulation from the wrist because it doesn't look or sound like the finger. However that is what we do and as 1 Corinthians 11 says that many are sick because they don't recognize the body. Christ is the head, but we are the body, the physical representation of Christ in the earth. God has his pastors and his evangelist. Some are called to strengthen the church others are called to go into the streets, to the hyways and and byways and compell them to come in. I'm not sure where I fit in that scheme, I am working on a remix of the song 'Heart of Worship' as a Hip Hop Praise song and a song titled 'DOXology' that's straight fundamental Christian Creed however I have songs like Down on the Ground Again," that are straight forward and about real life struggle that I believe will really connect with lost and hurting folks. I think if cats like Eminem can take peoples real issues and pain and capitalize on them from a negative perspective and get fame for shock. Christians can take those same real issues like struggles with suicide or the pain of living in the ghetto and we can come real, honest from the heart and bring the flipside, christ side redemptive cause through our music and lyrics. You know what I mean? Anywho, this is something that you can tell I have a deep passion for so let me hold me tongue and not get to preachy. Oh woops. I guess I already did. My bad. I just think time is now for us to get revolutionary with our message, ministry and music.

How does it feel to be looked up to by so many young people around the world?
Its an honor to have a few heads that respect and look up to me. Actually its kinda amusing that God would use me and that others could look at my choatic life and recieve inspiration and encouragement.

Is it hard to deal with?
Nah I'm not that popular or influential right now. The notoriety I have I do give to God and trust Him with my gifts, influence and talents. I don't have a huge following and I've only signed two autographs so I'm not Mr POPularity, yet. I just pray that I will not become prideful because we know pride becomes before the fall and we are too take head when we stand "LEST WE FALL." So pray for me to stay focused and humble.

Where do you see your self in your music in five years ?
Doin' my thang for da Lord, plant a Urban/Hip Hop church in the Deep Ellum region of Dallas, release a couple influential albums, win a grip of souls to da Lord and be smack dab in da middle of Gods will.

Whats you favorite food?
Paella, if you don't know you gotta find out. ~ http://www.sergioaragones.com/images/paella.jpg . I spent six weeks in Spain on a missions trip a feel in love with their food and the country.

How long have you been a christian?
I got saved August 30, 1996 at a Wayman Mitchel Crusade at the Pier Ampitheatre in Oceanside, California. So what's that, I'm like almost 8 years old in Christ now.

How did you start your rap career?
My first hip hop performance ever was in October 18, 2002 at a Mars Music open mic competition put on by CMT in Dallas. I performed a song titled 'Down on the Ground Again' that I wrote the night before to a beat I remixed of Corey Red 'Party Right' & Mary J. Blige 'Your All I Need.' I didn't win however I did recieve recognition for my writing abilities. Not long after this I hooked up with this crew SoulFire at a Kj52 concert. We did some ministry together for a while, we did some shows in community centers, youth detention centers, clubs, apartment complexes and churches. We also released a CD and recieved second place in a battle of the bands. Right now I am rocking mics all by myself. God has placed it upon my heart to start the Dallas Holy Hip Hop Alliance to unify the different movements in the Holy Hip Hop community in Dallas to unify and collaborate our efforts to become more effective and prominate in the context of modern culture. Through the DHHHA the vision God has placed upon my heart is to provide support, promotion and accountability for Holy Hip Hop Artists and to provide support and help to Urban Youth Ministries and Urban Renewal Projects, the DHHHA was incoporated to make an impact in the lives and culture of those affected by Hip Hop music and culture. - MicRippaz.com Magazine


Emcee paraDOX1 - the DOX is in... LP {its coming... October}
Emcee paraDOX1 - Don't Bust No Glocks EP {coming May 2004}
SoulFire Ministries - Fired Up


Feeling a bit camera shy


1 : a tenet contrary to received opinion
2 a : a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true
b : a self-contradictory statement that at first seems true
c : an argument that apparently derives self-contradictory conclusions by valid deduction from acceptable premises
3 : one that possesses seemingly contradictory qualities or phases

While talking to a few unsaved friends about his life and testimony paraDOX felt that many aspects of my past and current life do not make sense to the natural mind and appear to be a paraDOX. Plus he is a very eclectic person. It is the simplicity of the Cross that confounds the wise. It appears to be a paraDOX that Christ's death would bring life and it is this illogical philosophy that we proclaim as the truth that sets men free. paraDOX add the number 1 to the end of my name because there is another MC who calls himself parodox and he wanted to emphasis my reliance on Christ the 1 who makes his life come together and the paradox that is paraDOX make sense.

paraDOX’s first experiences with hip hop occured in elementary school {back in 1983} watching kids break dance on card board boxes listening to Old School hits like the Furious 5 and Grand Master Flash. Initially paraDOX1 fell in love with Hip Hop. The DOX developed a love for east coast crews like; BDP, Erik B & Rakem, EPMD, 3rd Base, Black Sheep, Onyx, Redman, Methodman, Erick Sermon, Kieth Murray, Gang Starr, Nas and DMX. paraDOX also enjoyed some west coast and underground cats like; Jurassic 5, Black Eyed Peas, E40, Warren G, DPG, X'Zibit, Dr Dre, Snoop, Bone Thugz & Harmony and Eminem. Since returning to his passion paraDOX has been influenced by such artists as; SoulJahZ, Raiderz of the Lost, Dj (uncle) Maj, KJ52, Grits, 4th Avenue Jones, La Symphony, Deepspace 5, Tunnel Rats, Listner, Mark J, Pigeon John, Enock, Nuwine, Manafest and Mars Ill.

paraDOX1 has always had a passion for writing, poetic rhythmic expression and a desire to perform since the first time he heard hip hop music. He never acted upon this desire other than talking to a few friends about it, writing lyrics, rapping in the shower and doing the occasional Karoake to Xriss Xross.

Growing up in southern California being of the caucasion persuasion was rough along with struggling with having an alcoholic and abusive father. As tough as life was things started to change when he started taking Tae Kwon Do with instructor Dan Allegro at Family Karate Oceanside. During this time he found a father figure who taught him discipline and structure that was lacking in his life which began him on a path of transformation. On August 27, 1996 he meet Jesus Christ as his personal savior at a Wayman Mitchell healing crusade in the Pier Ampitheater in Oceanside California at aprox. 8:30pm.

At that time when he got saved no one at the church he attended or Christian bookstores knew of any good Christian Hip Hop so paraDOX felt like he had to give up his passion for music and focus on worship and training for full time ministry. After attending bible school majoring in Church Ministries with a minor in Pastoral Ministries. After attending bible school for a year and a half he moved back to southern California due to financial reasons. paraDOX got involved in ministry at his home church, Oceanside Famliy Fellowship, where they got a bunch of kids saved off the streets from his old neighborhood. One day at a tri-city youth outreach coordinated by Emcee paraDOX1. God gave paraDOX and to use Gospel Hip Hop music and break dancing to connect with some kids, after spend over two hours with a twelve year old kid who had dealt drugs, witnessed people getting shot. Through this event God showed him how he could use Holy Hip Hop to change lives.

At this point God started to laid it on his heart to write holy hip hop music that would minister to people who were into hip hop and yet didn't sound so Christianese that non Christians would not listen to it. paraDOX passion is to write music from the heart that's from a real life perspective that communicates a changed life thats in relationship with a true and living savior about real issues and pain from a renewed mind paradigm at the same time being moved by a deep passion to bring the elements of praise and worship into the Holy Hip Hop music culture.

paraDOX's first solo hip hop performance was in October of 2002 at a Mars Music in Dallas at an open mic competition put on by CMT. He performed a song he wrote titled Down on the Ground Again. It was a song he had written the night before to a beat he remixed of Corey Red "Party Right" & Mary J. Blige "Your All I Need." He didn't win because most of the artist were rock or country. However he did place well & recieved recognition & praise for his music & writing abilities.

Not long after really getting back into writing Hip Hop again, he ran into a couple who were trying to get a hip hop