'Fresh Passionate Alternative Rock', is the only way to describe the Irish based trio 'PARADOX'. These guys are a commanding force in the New Music Arena, taking the listener on a musical journey filled with Expression, Truth and Integrity'


PARADOX, A Powerful Alternative Rock outfit, officially formed in Cork Ireland, in the spring of 1996. Having extensively played the local circuit, establishing a large fan base, and fine tuning their sound, PARADOX venture to the USA in early 2000 where a Recording contract with a Los Angeles based Independent label, was secured. Having recorded a truly original 12 Track album, entitled 'Circle of Growth', PARADOX returned to Ireland, to make preparations for it's imminent release, playing Electrifying live shows, both in Ireland and the USA, in turn increasing their fan base, and launching their self-created website, just mere examples of the bands own hard work, enthusiasm and dedication.

PARADOX are a combination of three unique individuals, with distinctive musical backgrounds, each member contributing their own personal style, taking you on a musical journey, filled with passion, truth and expression. Brothers Pete & Mike Mac are solely responsible for all the performances on both 'Circle of Growth' and 'Sacred'. Pete is responsible for all Guitar work, Bass and Vocals, on both albums, while Mike performs all Percussion, Drums, Backing Vocals, with the addition of Keyboards and Piano on the 'Sacred' – The Album. They also participate on all production aspects of both albums.

PARADOX constantly remain in the media's eye, by means of International airplay, Radio interviews, Newspaper coverage, Internet coverage and Independent television broadcasts, with their debut video for the single 'Infinite', to their latest single 'Lame and Languid', from their latest release 'Sacred'. PARADOX have been described by Critics, Magazines, Newspapers, and faithful fans from the shows as being one of the tightest bands in their class, and with every show they perform, increasing their ever growing fan base.

PARADOX have now progressed, both musically and personally to a new level of expression, veering away from their previous punk rock/grunge sound of ‘Circle of Growth’, to a more melodic Alternative sound, that the band have been thriving to achieve since their creation. This sound is captured on their second full-length release, entitled ‘Sacred’.

PARADOX continue to work on a full time professional level, in a bid to ensure they reach their full potential, and considering their blend of Unique Fresh Alternative Rock, these guys are sure to be a commanding force in the New Music Arena.


Lame & Languid

Written By: Pete Mac

Can you listen to how I'm feeling
I've got to take it slow
Give me lessons on how to breath in
I think I don't know
Is it time for me, Is it time for you
Tragedy, won't let me through
I'm the one who cares, Are you feeling down
Humanity, won't let me be
I'm left behind

Give a listen to how I'm sleeping
A grey caressing glow
Give me strength, too faint to feel it
You were way too slow

I confide alone
And I can't find my soul
When I've just begun to let go

Am I weak or high, I'll be sick inside
Only time will tell, how I'm feeling
Will I laugh or cry, will I live or die
Only time will tell

©Paradox 2004

Corporate Pollution

Written By: Pete Mac, Mike Mac

Well it's a sweet system with no solution,
Breathe in Corporate Pollution.

Standerise what is all the same
Analyse what is all in vain
Paralysed by Authority
A pretty picture society where do I stand?

But it's a sweet system with no solution,
Breathe in Corporate Pollution,
A mind prison of self illusion,
Breathe in Corporate Pollution.

Advertise what we must obtain,
Compromise for financial gain,
Patronise the minority,
A pretty picture society we're doomed, consumed....

Your government wore your patriotic stars,
I ask what for?
Your government swore your patriotic scars,
I ask what for?
What For?

Starve the System!

©Paradox 2005

Pretend Friend

Written By: Pete Mac, co-writer Mike Mac

The air we breathe sometimes can be stale
The lives we lead sometimes will be failed

Statued tall alone we must stand
I thought you saw enough to be my friend
My friend?

I'm seeking low and watching to the end
Alive and bored, failing to pretend
I said hello, what is true must stand
The lies unfold inviting my revenge

And then you fail your weak insight with what you say
And then I close up what's inside when I'm the lonely one
When I'm the only one who feels
When I'm the lonely one
Am I the only one?

Statued tall alone we must stand
I thought you saw enough to be my friend
Fractured fall but you don't understand
I thought you saw enough to be my friend
My friend?

©Paradox 2004


Debut Paradox album... Recorded in two weeks at Master Groove Studios in Los Angeles Ca. and released on a US Indie label, 'Circle of Growth' defines the bands earlier sound, A raw mix of Grunge, Punk and a few melodic acoustic ballads in there too like tracks 'Infinite' and 'Shame for my name'. Brothers Pete and Mike Mac are solely responsible for all performances... Pete performs Vocals, Guitars and Bass while Mike performs Drums and Harmonies... The album was recorded December 2000 and released Spring 2002...
'Circle of Growth' is available at

'SACRED' 2004
'Sacred is the latest Highly Anticipated Full-Lenght release from PARADOX. Featuring nearly 60 minutes of Awe-Inspiring Alternative Rock, as well as an Enhanced CD-Rom, 'Sacred' promises to be nothing short of Fresh, Passionate, Driving Rock at it's finest...'
'Sacred' was recorded in 2 parts, 6 tracks recorded January 2003, the following 6 January 2004. All tracks were recorded at BPM Studios, Cork Ireland and mastered at Xarc Mastering in Dresden Germany. 'Sacred' has recieved rave reviews on both sides of the Atlantic and is widely available on the likes of Amazon, CD Universe etc. also recieving much airplay on many FM and internet Radio stations in Europe and the US. Brothers Pete and Mike Mac are yet again play all instruments on Sacred. Pete plays - Vocals, Guitars and Bass while Mike plays Drums, Harmonies with the addition of Keyboards and Piano on this album.
'Sacred' is a major progression from the bands debut album, veering away from their previous Punk Rock/Grunge sound to a more Melodic Alternative Sound that the band has been thriving to achieve since their creation.
'Sacred' is available at

Tracks with the most radio airplay and mp3 downloads...
'Lame & Languid'
'What You Were'
'Pretend Friend'
'Downward Spiral'
All taken from the second Paradox album 'Sacred'

'Shame for my Name'
Taken from the bands debut 'Circle of Growth'.

Set List

Set list!

Angel of Fate
What You Were
Sunburn Daze
Pretend Friend
Shame for my Name
Lame & Languid
Idle Mind
Downward Spiral

Covers are very rare...
On occasion 'Silverchair' with 'The Door'