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" Loves Paradox"

Lately, the Foo has been listening to a bit more rap and hip-hop than usual. Which is a good thing cause Foo likes rap but, does not usually listen to to much of it - which in itself is kind of a paradox. Ah, Foo makes a good segway into Paradox - a classy rapper from Foo's home town of Raleighwood, NC. Although, Foo does not immediately hear anything paradoxical in this rapper. So a quick look at his resume will tell you that he's had it rough growing up but, somehow has managed to stay positive and focused. A message that is obviously conveyed in his music. His featured single song is called "Hold on" featuring a singer named Riley Jade, a beautiful singer with great delivery and some nice harmonies.

"Hold on" takes you through a neighborhood crumbling down around him, filled with "drugs to the gangs to the crimes". Paradox has got a great use of language and it's refreshing to hear every single word as clear as day. There is some powerful imagery in this song. "We gotta hold on, in a tug of war with death" is as strong a start to any song Foo has heard - thumbs up for that one. The second verse delivers a string a positive ideas to balance out the first verse, raising children to do the right thing, holding on throughout the hard times. Paradox even drastically changes his tone to match the song, a great technique that keeps the listener drawn into the story.

So, on point Foo covers the audio as well. This track (Hold on) sounded pretty good. Overall, the quality is very good - some nice studio gear was used to make this recording. The beat is simple and the bass drum has got some great tone. Foo thinks that since this song is a bit downbeat, it might sound really great with a live drummer and bass player. None, the less the beat doesn't take anything away from the mix the way it is - just something that Foo thinks would make the track sparkle. As far as the mix goes, no big gripes here, Foo likes big drums and care was taken not to get anything else lost in the mix. Even Jades singing tracks are mixed nicely with harmonies and well placed doubles, often tastefully switching for a just the right moment. A nice trick to balance out the different dynamic mic techniques that have to be used to pull that off.

Paradox has got some great writing skills and a long list of good titles he's working with for his first album due to drop before the end of 2009. Foo looks forward to some more Paradox tracks here on LiveAudioMag and hopes Paradox will slip us some mix tape tracks and maybe even something little from his upcoming project. Oh, the Foo also hopes Paradox will not forget us when he gets large and in charge - stay positive and thanks for the music!

FooStats(out of 10):
Audio Quality: 8
Originality: 5
Spicey factor: 7
Chops: 6

Total: 26

Paradox - (FooManChoo)

"Hustle Mill's Radio Selection"

Hustle mill has selected Paradox's songs "Get It Now" ft. Derty Den, Bonis B and "Breakfast In Paris" to played in rotation! -

" Song Selection"

Paradox's song "We Gotta Hold On" ft. Riley Jade, D-Swift was selected to play on friday from 7pm-10pm -



Singles Include:
Vibe Muzik ft. Lace
Get It Now ft. Derty Den, Bonis B
Breakfast In Paris
We Gotta Hold On ft. Riley Jade, D-Swift
When We Come Thru
Dear Mr. Hood



Born Josh Crews on November 29, 1983 in Portsmouth, VA, Paradox grew up with humble beginnings in Franklin County, North Carolina. Paradox, as defined by Webster, is a self-contradiction or something that is true and false at the same time. Paradox is a breath of fresh air balancing hitmaking with substance and entertainment! He epitomizes lyrical realism with relative concepts. Paradox is a perfect blend of mainstream and underground hip hop and soul! However, Paradox aka T.R. Truth(THE RAW TRUTH) is the blending of contemporary music with and innate gift of story telling. This unique style is embedded with real-life messages and undeniable depth. Dox is not just another rapper here to brag about money and club life. He is an R&B/Country song writer as well!

Paradox had a rough upbringing, which blessed him with a positive outlook on life. Thus, the name Paradox, which is an acronym for Persevering, Against, Raging, Agony, During, Optimistic, Times(x), is fitting. He has an incredible ability to paint mirrors for people through his music in such a way that the listener is able to visually reflect on the issues of today. His focus is to inform the youth and uplift communities so that these issues can be rectified. Paradox’s influences are Joe Budden, Kanye West, The Game, Kool G Rap, Scarface, KRS one, Ludacris, Jeezy, T.I., Jay-Z, Nas, Jadakiss, Common, Alicia Keys, Chrisette Michelle, Cold Play, and the list goes on…

So simply put, Paradox is a soul-giver to the streets, which is why numerous mixtapes he has distributed around the Wake and Franklin county areas in North Carolina have created a street buzz. His content's comparable to Nas’, his punchlines grab you like Ludacris', and his mic presence and swagger is comaparable to Jay-Z's. Paradox has a distinctive stage presence that captivates the crowd. His music is live, fresh, and energetic enough to fit in the music market of today while still keeping a fresh distinction from other artists’ styles!

Paradox has his sights on dropping his first original album, entitled Who Is Paradox?, in the 1st Quarter of 2010, With hit records like Breakfast In Paris, Vibe Muzik, and Something That I Like catering to the club/radio crowd, songs like When We Come Thru and Get It Now catering to the urban streets, and concept records like Dear Mr. Hood, We Gotta Hold On, and If 2pac Had A Son. The balance of his work is sure to satisfy any fan that enjoy music from the roughest hood to the riches suburban community. All in all, Paradox will be a household name in years to come because artistry will never die in the world of music! For more on Paradox’s music go to myspace or